Chapter one: The AwakeningEdit


It's Happening, The great awakening. The awkening is when it is profisiced that the horrid Hunter will arise again, But with the Hunter somthing much worse will arise. This horror beyond belief is only known as "The Planet Devourer." The Hunter will arise to stop this horror, It says the space pirates will help the Hunter, but that is stupid. Why would we help the Hunter? It is not meant to b- " Sire, Are you getting ready for battle training?" My mom yelled from her room. "Yes mother." I Yelled back. "Great just when I was making my story!" But remember this, in the end, this will all turn out bad.


I opened my eye's. I had arrived at my destination. I jumped out of my ship land with a thud on the dull concrete. "So I see you've finally made it Zith." Sombodey to my right said. I wirled around, Standing there was my friend, $yro. "Its been 40 years!" He exclaimed. "Being in cryo storage for forty years, I'm itching for a fight! how about you?" I said, smilling. "Still hard to believe that were both only 16." he said, smilling back at me. "That and we can still be bounty hunters." I replied. "Lets go!" I yelled.

A small band of Space Pirates camped out in the forest. "So the city hired us to do this?" Gyro wispered. "Yah" I replied blankly, To focused on our mission to pay any attention to him. Climbing a tree behind the Sapce Pirates camp, I say "Now be qiuet" We swiftly and qiuetly jump down into there camp, just in the center. Gyro and me set to work, planting bombs all over the camp. We run out of the camp, just then two space run ot of there tents chasing us! I take on one Space Pirate while Gyro takes on the other. I uppercut him in the chest, then doing a back flip I kick him sqaure in the chin, I shove my plasma sword into his stomach. Blood spurts everywhere, all over me, grass, ECT. Gyro has alreaddy killed the other one. We walk away causallly and dentante the bombs.

Chapter two: The Impossible MissionEdit

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