Insect Suit

Insect Suit Final

Featured in
Kamen Rider which the suit is themed after:
Speed Booster gains Clock Up extension.
Finishing Attacks
Rider Kick, Horn Attack
Power Source
Kabuto Zecter
"Rider Transformation Command Confirmed: Kabuto. (Kabuto Zecter Pre-transformation Noises) Insect Suit ready. (Rider Form post-transformation beeping noises)"
―Suit Transformation announcement
 The Insect Suit is a Rider Suit upgrade for Samus Aran that appears in Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations. It is themed after Kamen Rider Kabuto's Rider Form.


As most of the Rider Suits, the Fusion Suit acts as a template for the Insect Suit, with the suit gains entirely a light black color while having light armor coming from Kamen Rider Kabuto's Rider Form. The most distinguishing feature of the Insect Suit is its rhinoceros beetle horn, which can be used to ram the target with it.


As most non-modular Rider Suits, the Insect Suit lacks the Arm Cannon and Morph Ball. The suit compensates with close quarters combat (CQC), as with most Kamen Rider's standard forms.

When paired with the Speed Booster, it allows Samus to emulate the ZECT Kamen Riders' ability called Clock Up, all while the perception of time around Samus will freeze, allowing her to travel in near light-speeds.

The Insect Suit also allows Samus to emulate Kamen Rider Kabuto's Rider Kick finisher, she mostly uses the flying side kick variation instead of the roundhouse kick, which is used by the actual Kabuto.

Upon transformation, robotic whirring sounds from the Kabuto Zecter during pre-transformation are heard before ending with the Cast Off to Rider Form robotic beeping noises. The activation command is "CAST OFF"

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