Jake the Metroid Kid
Jake the Metriod Kid image
Jake Himself
Vital statistics
Title JR. Space Warrior
Gender Male
Race Metriod/Human
Faction Good
Health Health
Level Same as Samus
Status 879
Location Planet X

Jake Is a Kid


He Was Born On Earth But Turned Half Metriod When His Mother accedenally ate a Metriod Egg and She Died After Jake Was Born and His Conflection Smell and Other Things Prevented Him From Going To School So He Was Taken To Central Station For Experimantaion But Samus Found Him To Be "Helpless and Cute" and Samus Adopted Him as a StepSon


Jake Sees Samus almost Like a Mother So he Plays a BIG Role In Lots OF FanGames!


There Basiclly Is No Way To Beat Jake But Freeze Rays and Plasma Blasts Can Damage Him


"DIE SPACE FREAKS!" Two Sylobols "YAH-HOO!" "Samus... I love Metriods They Dont Hurt Me *metriod Bites Jake* .... Thats a Sign of Love...." "Hey Space Pirates Lookin' For Your Gold?"


No Games Yet

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