Kim Irene is a new character featured in Metroid Avenger 2: Revenger, who is a comrade of Ron Green. She is Tallor Tartarian and bears strong physical resemblance to Samus Aran due to the fact that she merged with the spirit of the late bounty hunter, who killed herself at the end of Metroid: Avenger.

In Revenger, Ron searches for her when he is looking for a package he ordered. Just as they are about to leave the bar, an assassin strikes and attempts to murder Kim. Ron pursues the assassin, but not before the Marines intervene, mistaking him for the murderer. He gets away with Kim's body and hides. It is revealed that she faked her death, before she reveals her merging with Samus. Both escape from Daiban, and return to their base, where they learn that Ron's brother Ricky had been kidnapped by Ron's corrupted friend Roy Dane, bringing him to Eliefa. Ricky dies in Ron's arms. Enraged, Ron confronts Roy, who attacks him and takes his clothes as a disguise. Irene then chases after him.

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