Mutated Kriken
Tallon IV
After the events of Metroid
Height & Weight
6'5" and 57.36 kg
The Archie
Main Weapon
Scythe hands, twin lazer pistols, crystal cutlass
Alt Form
Human Kodi
Galactc Federation Valkyrie

Kodi is a mutated Kriken who's also Valkyrie's boyfriend, a gunslinger pirate and a friend to the Galactic Federation.



As Kriken Form

Raised as an orphan on Talon IV since his parents gave birth to him there, Kodi wasn't used to the environment. Sylux's species soon invaded, and killed Kodi's parents. Enraged, Kodi fought back, and won. He then grew up on his own and then found a X Parasite. Not knowing what it was, he touched it and it then copied his DNA. But he then learned to use the pasrsite so he could become human isted of a Triskellion. He then found a crashed gunship, and he then repaired it. Soon after, he then left the planet and found himself on Aether, where he met Valkyrie. They fell in love and soon he helped her leave the laboratory.

Powers and PersonalityEdit

Aswell as his regular scythe hands, Kodi can fly for a short period of time. He is an expert marksman and is capable of quickly destroying Metroids. When he manipulated the X parasite, he learned the ability to shapeshift, although he likes his human form the most. He is quite cool headed, fun to be around and loves adventure. He will get angry If you hurt one of his allies.


Kodi as a human.

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