Kotaro Minami
Minami kotaro 2015
Species Cybernetically-enhanced Human
Homeworld Earth
Parents Soichiro Akizuki (adoptive father)
Gender Male
Height 197cm (Black), 198cm (RX)
Weight 87kg (Black), 88kg (RX)
Main Weapon King Stone/Sunriser, Revolcane, Vortech Shooter, Bio Blade
Alt Form RX: Robo Rider, Bio Rider
Affiliation Showa-era Kamen Riders
Voice Actor Tetsuo Kurata
Kotaro Minami is Kamen Rider Black, as well as Kamen Rider Black RX, the epynomous main protagonist of both two series. Ever since the presence of Kamen Rider Decade consequently continuing in crossover movies, there are two Kotaro Minamis who are independently Black and RX. In Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations, Kotaro Minami is the emissary of the Showa Era Kamen Riders, and is the one who showed Samus Aran the way to their world, where she ends up taking refuge there and gave her the mission to assemble all Kamen Riders to her side.


For the background and history regarding this character, go to Kotaro Minami at Kamen Rider Wiki.

Boss BattleEdit

Kamen Rider Black
Race Cybernetically-enhanced human
Gender Male
Attacks Rider Punch, Rider Kick, King Stone Flash
Weakness Screw Attack
Location G.F.S. Ragnarok
Status {{{status}}}
Reward Kotaro joins the party
Featured in Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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  • Kotaro is the only Kamen Rider originating from the Showa Period who joins with Samus's party, despite the fact Kamen Rider Black RX ended at the advent of the Heisei Period.
    • Coincidentally, the very first Metroid game was released a year before in Japan, and two months before (in North America) Kamen Rider Black aired. 
  • Kotaro Minami as Kamen Rider BLACK, alongside Wataru Kurenai as Kamen Rider Kiva and Tsukasa Kadoya as Kamen Rider Decade who represent Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations are the three of the six bosses who can outmatch Samus in a battle, the others being Ridley and Mother Brain in the prologue and epilogue of Super Metroid respectively, Dark Samus from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and an SA-X and the Omega Metroid from Metroid Fusion. While Decade is one of the first Kamen Riders to successfully defeat Samus during their first and second encounters (not counting Faiz, Blade, Kabuto, Drive, and Ghost), Kotaro is capable of overwhelming Samus by just dishing out hand-to-hand fighting before finishing her a Rider Punch and Rider Kick.
    • Kotaro is the only Showa Rider who can be fought as a boss.

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