Kynor-Tech is a massive intergalactic producer of various weapons used throughout known Federation space.


With origins going as far back as nearly 200 years before the formation of the Galactic Federation, and is one of the largest companies to currently exist. Its major productions include primarily various firearms, and through this has gained numerous military contracts. Its weapons, though primarily made for the Galactic Federation and other governments in order to supply their military forces, their weapons have fallen into more seedier hands and other various manipulative organs.

The company is ruled by a board of three advisors, and their actions themselves are regulated by the a Councilor. They regulate what contracts they will fulfill and which weapons projects they will fund and continue to produce and/or modify.

Weapon Models ProducedEdit

Annihilator: A powerful semi-automatic pistol that fires short, controlled bursts of laser fire. Rather easy to maintain and use, it is slowly replacing the more outdated Torrent-class pistol sidearms once commonly used by the Federation Police forces.

Pulse Shotgun: A second-generation weapon of an older era, this shotgun is capable of firing supersonic pulses that, when fired close to biological targets, is capable of causing heavy damage to internal organs, resulting in rapid failure of systems followed by death. Though not as effective against cybernetic, silicon, and other more unique life forms, and having been outdated by more advanced models, it is still commonly used.

Decimator: A powerful energy laser capable of firing a sustained beam of energy capable of penetrating even substances consisting of maldium. Weapon is considered to heavy and large to be properly wielded by most organics, and is usually attached into various tanks, mechs, or ships.

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