The Lacarions are a bipedal race of sentient reptiles native to the planet Lacaras Prime. Typically standing at around seven feet tall, this bipedal race is sparsely covered in feathers, especially around the neck and along the back. Originally used by their distant ancestors in mating displays, they have now greatly shortened from generations of disuse. They have a four fingered hands, including the thumb, and toes, and a long, stiff tail used for balance. They are omnivorous by nature, and typically dine upon a large array of different foods found within the planet-wide jungles.

In the beginning of their history, after forming tribes which differed greatly from their original solitary existence, they built the great city of Aldaos Zul. For a time it prospered, until other city tribes were discovered, and a bloody theological-based war was fought, and many warriors were lost.

The Chozo eventually arrived on the planet, and through their teachings they eventually ended their war-like ways and followed the path of peace, uniting their tribes and advancing quickly. Their society thrived, until a strange object crashed into the planet. A massive organism, it began to absorb its surroundings, and eventually released a plague-spreading spore that targeted the Lacarions who fought against it

As their race seemed doomed, they were able to contact the Chozo, who came to their aid and were eventually able to seal the beast, though the damage had been done. The city was eventually abandoned, though many more spread out ones eventually arose, all of which were in harmony with the forests around them.

Currently, the Lacarions have devised a system in which, though they live simple lives, they still wield their vast array of technology which has made its way into the new societies.

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