Massacre of the Pirate Homeworld
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Vital statistics
Participants Samus Aran, Roy Dane, Ron Green, Galactic Federation, Space Pirates
Date Cosmic year - 2029
Location Space Pirate Homeworld and various asteroids in orbit

The Massacre of the Pirate Homeworld was the final battle between the Galactic Federation and its longtime nemesis, the Space Pirates. It began when the Federation was informed of it via a message capsule sent to them. They then announced that they were preparing for war.

The eventEdit

The event took place on the Pirate Homeworld and on the various asteroids in orbit, notably Z-SF761. The GFS Artemis invaded the homeworld and awaited the Space Pirates. What happened during the massacre is unknown, though it is known that many Space Pirates and Federation Marines were killed. The only event seen during the massacre is the invasion of Z-SF761 by Samus Aran, Roy Dane and Ron Green. They freed numerous prisoners that were held there, killed all of The Exterminator's best commanders, and engaged The Exterminator himself in a final battle. During the battle, Samus realized that due to the Exterminator being of X Parasite origin, he could only be killed by a Metroid. Samus herself posessed strands of Metroid DNA, and so she killed herself when two beams fired by both The Exterminator and Roy Dane collided. Roy finished The Exterminator off, with the memory of Samus' death permanently ingrained in his mind.

As the war ended, the GFS Artemis announced that it was going to fire a pierce laser at Z-SF761 to destroy it. Roy began to escape, though he was blocked off by The Exterminator, who was now an unstable Phazon energy being in Samus' likeness. Roy corrupted himself with Phazon and harnessed its power to destroy The Exterminator. As the rest of the Phazon on Z-SF761 died, Roy began to die as well. However, Ron and the rest of their allies quickly injected a vaccine into his hand to drain him of all Phazon. As they neared the docking station, Roy refused to board their ship, vowing to suffer the same fate as Samus. However, at the last minute, Samus' spirit contacted him and urged him to leave. He did so, and escaped just as the asteroid was obliterated in the blast.


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