Vital statistics
Type Alternate reality.
Location Unknown. Achieving entrance to Meta-reality is difficult.
Inhabitants Rogue thought patterns.


Meta-reality was first discovered and successfully reported G.F.S. Surveyor. Many other ships were lost in the early days of the Human exploration of space, due to a failure in the drive transmission. It was discovered that an inoperative FTL drive would do one of two things. It would either completely destroy the ship, causing it’s fiery ruins to drift through space, or it would commit to a multi-dimensional jump. Before the reasoning behind this was discovered, many ships would go missing without warning. When the reason was discovered, many ships signed up to explore this new frontier of space for large amounts of cash. Only one returned, the G.F.S. Surveyor. This ship managed to make it into Meta-reality and come back. Unfortunately, the crew did not. The crew was found dead, through multiple autopsies, it was discovered that there were physical beings that could harm people in meta-reality. Then, the ship's logs were decrypted. It turns out that what the crew documented was the fact that your own ideas can be implemented into thought patterns that would then take physical shape and try to kill others. Apparently it is a bad idea to have a crew of more than one in Meta-reality. The logs did not state how to get out of Meta-reality though, leading to more lost ships. For now, the exploration of Meta-reality has stopped, although accidents do occur now and again in which a ship enters Meta-reality. The only known beings to be able to enter Meta-reality and leave with their lives are the Wise ones. It is unknown how they survive, but they are uncooperative in revealing information detailing Meta-reality.


It is impossible to map Meta-reality.


The only inhabitants of Meta-reality are Rogue thought patterns. They are living ideas created by one's mind that have singular personalities. Some are sentient, some are not. Most are beasts that take an emotion like fear or anger and turn it into something tangible. They are usually aggressive but some are not.

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