Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human, Metroid
Health 300
Level Level
Status Status
Location Location

Metley is a character from the Metroid series. He is an ally to Samus and is actually a playable character in Metroid Prime: The Hunter's Return. He is a human raised by Chozos just like Samus.


Metley was once Met, a normal human on the earth-planet S4 300 in the Zebeth system. He was trained to become a federation trooper but he ran away and joined space pirates on a frigate ship headed for Bryyo, the Frigate Bryyo. He later was used for an experiment to see how good humans could fight if they were enhanced with Metroid(and Metroid Prime) DNA. However, unlike Samus, the Metroids became a part of his body. The Metroid became part of his back and enhanced him with extra senses such as the sensing technique that Metroids seem to have. Then, as a test, Met battled Ridley, which concluded with both of them falling into an acid pit beneath the testing lab. While in the acid pit, Ridley accidentally infused Met with some of his DNA, and Met became mutated into Metley, a combination of Ridley, Metroid & Metroid Prime, and Met. His physical and mental abilities enhanced greatly and Metley swore to defend the galaxy from evil.


Metley met Samus when Samus was on a mission to Aether. He did not tell her who he was immediately. Samus started to get suspicious of his identity, so he confessed his story to Samus. Samus agreed to let him help her.

Metley is, as mentioned before, is a playable character. He has a lot more attack and health than Samus, but his defense is horrible, making him the worst choice in a multiplayer battle. == ==


"Aw, come on!"

"Man, I hate these guys."


"Move! Move! Move!"

"That hurt."


  • Metley's name is a combination of Metroid and Ridley.
  • The way Metley howls after he falls into the acid pit in the cutscene of Metley's past is chillingly similar to Ridley's cry in other games.
  • Metley seems to have advanced hearing and sensing skills, as he can sense Trace (even if Trace is invisible).
  • Metley's Alt-Form looks more like Ridley's Alt-Form in the beta version of the game.
  • Strangely, Metley fell in the acid pit with only Ridley, not Omega Ridley, but Metley seems to have Omega Ridley's wings.

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