warning:strong language used

On ski-4h, a race of unknown beings were living a normal life with nothing wrong, until suddenly the alarm went off incoming ships shit, these ships are of space pirate origin, we have no working weapons apart from our anti-matter swords' shouted their military defence commander Neo malish, he sent out an distress signal and prepared the attack force which he had two anti-matter swords attached to each arm and then deployed to the surface and the gates to Cyros(the capital city). The pirates landed who seemed to have several omega pirates and Hunter(the only metroid bounty hunter) prisoner although in good health. War raged the planet smoke and screams of dying soldiers and the pirates revealed that they were equiped with two hundred Ultionis cannons and they lined ten up to the main gate to Cyros in the planets core they raged through the city one soldier from ski-4h's army chased after them and had a duel. The pirate swiped and the soldier dodged, dashing into the pirate's chest with his sword, ripping him to shreds; but then a omega pirate attacked him from behind. He was crushed in the blink of an eye. The invasion continued. sir' said lieutenant Smash We're losing, it's hopless sir

Fucking 'ell,we'll all die here but our last stand will be me

Sir, I don't think thats wise, we need your command.

No,I will fight. You have served me well these years, but I will take the turret the space pirates left nearby on automatic. You are now in command

Thank you, sir. So he ran down to the cannon and overided it, shooting wildly into the pirates, killing one hundred pirates and an omega pirate 'die you terrorist bastards!' said the commander the pirates let loose an army of of splinters that overwhelmed him. He kept shooting but he was ripped to pieces and eaten gruesomely. Hunter then escaped.

to be continued.

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