The battle was horrific. Death, blood, and weapons plastered the surface. The ground was hardly visible; the bodies eaten by what was once thought to be harmless Splinters. The odd explosion and scream could be heard. One soldier in particular was vicious; he hated the very bacteria that lived on the pirates body. He was fighting, a pirate thrusted it's sycthe toward the soldier's neck, but he dodged and it stabbed the pirate behind him, killing it. Then the soldier sweeped the other pirate and jumped on it. The pirate kicked him off, but then Hunter come behind the pirate and sucked it's life dry. The soldier thanked him and ran off. Hunter felt like he was being watched.

Meanwhile the commander (formerly luitenant Smash) was concocting a plan to rid this sector of the galaxy of these pirates by detonating the city's bio-shock device, which would destroy all life on the planet.

In a far away galaxy, a ship was dormant just floating through space. It was Samus's ship. She recieved a distress signal and she began traveling to ski-4h.

Hunter was searching the area for pirates, when suddenly four shadow pirates attacked him. He couldn't see them, but telepathy allowed him to sense them. Then he lunged at midair and suddenly stopped. Then orange veins appeared without a body, and purple electricity traveled from them into Hunter. The veins were fading until he stopped. A body dropped out of thin air and the other pirates ran away. Hunter thought to himself, Where are you, Samus?

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