Samus ran into the Docking Bay, having initiated the self-destruct system, to find the Bay totally destroyed and her ship gone!

‘What the hell?’ Samus wonders to herself, ‘Where’s my ship?’

Then, all of a sudden, an Omega Metroid appeared and slashes at Samus, causing her to go flying across the Bay and become very wounded. Then, just as the Omega Metroid was going to attack once again, the X that had recently flown out from SA-X returned and transformed into the SA-X form! SA-X then shot an ice missile at the Omega Metroid, causing it to back away and buy Samus some time to get back up but with one swift movement, the Omega Metroid hit SA-X and it turned back into the X.

‘It helped me? But why?’

Samus then quickly infused with the X, obtaining the Ice Beam and the Omega Fusion Suit. Samus, with the Ice Beam, then shoots at the Omega Metroid, hurting it ever so slightly. The Omega Metroid would try to hit her every so often but Samus was able to dodge those attacks. This pattern repeated a couple of times until the Omega Metroid was dead! Following the kill, Samus’ ship docks and Samus enters the ship.

‘How is it piloting itself?’

The ship flies off, leaving the BSL to crash into SR388 below……

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