Metroid: Avenger is a collaborative effort between Wikitroid admins RoyboyX and The Exterminator, and non admin TerrorDactyl and TheLichLordDaleJones.


  • Samus Aran - The Bounty Hunter known for destroying the Space Pirate bases on Zebes twice and vanquishing four civilizations, she is now being pursued by the Federation for destroying a science station.
  • The Exterminator - A former X clone of Samus, the SA-X, now enhanced with Phazon. He brainwashes the Space Pirates and commands them in a bloody battle with the Galactic Federation.
  • Dale Jones - A rogue and adventurer, Dale Jones always seems to end up where the action is.
  • Roy Dane - This is Admiral Dane's 16-year old nephew, with Phazon-blue eyes and blonde hair, and armor that is the same shape as the Fusion Suit, but with a dark blue over light blue color scheme. He was once a Federation Marine, but his uncle is strongly against this as he considers it child-labor. Roy now posesses all of Samus' upgrades, but they are all downloadable data from the Federation (the same as Samus' upgrades in Fusion), and he also posesses some other weapons.
  • Terror - A dragon that bears resemblance to Ridley, with Pure Phazon-blue eyes, wearing Orange Phazite armor. Unknown if it is sentient. All that we know, is that it has mind control capabilities.
  • Ron Green - Head Engineer of Typhus Squad, Triton Platoon. Confronted Terror on the Asteroid that is plumetting towards an unknown target. GF Marine class with Demolition Trooper class weapons. Owner of a PED in secret. Useless, however, since he has yet to find phazon. He is highly intelligent, with combat traing in all forms used since the Earth Wars, as all of the Typhus Squad has. He is the Elite Engineer of the Federation.
  • Typhus Squad - Elite Squad of GF Marines sent to investigate several happenings in the Asteroid Field that is the remains of SR388 that involved people going missing. They too have gone missing, with Ron Green being the only survivor. Made up of the elites of every class, all armed with all weapons available to the Federation. They were to investigate these disappearances with a new weapon, however. They left all of their weapons on their ship and pressed on. This weapon was the latest prototype of Sylux's gun; the Shock Rifle (see Elite Armour), suit; Elite Armour, and alternate form; the Mandible. The members of this Elite compilation are:
    • Lt. Ron Green, Elite Engineer - (see Ron Green)
    • Lt. Derrick Everet, Elite Spy - Known for infiltrating a Kriken Planet, and opening an opportunity for a GF Offensive.
    • Lt. Will Covern, Elite Sabotuer - Derrick's assistant, he allowed for Derrick to safely enter enemy territory.
    • Lt. Paul Pyle, Elite Heavy - Defended Norion as a PED Trooper. Highly Skilled with all forms of Heavy Artilary.
    • Lt. Ricky Green, Elite Demolition - Brother of Ron Green, he has always been the best at clearing paths. Best Friends with Will Covern, this tandem was at the Battle of the Homeworld, and opened the path for Samus Aran to proceed. Now they wear Elite Armour, as all members of the Squad do.
    • Lt. Harry Quin, Elite Strategist - Leader of Typhus Squad. Has always been intelligent, although his tactics are sometimes risky, he has never lost a man.
  • GFMC Task Force Achilles - The task force that Roy worked with before Terror killed them all.


The Exterminator: Origins Edit

Move. Only one thing crosses my mind. Find. Food is needed. Quick. The floating jellyfish are gone. Eat. Must rebuild species. Found. A frog has been detected. Attack. Frog is now victim. Found. Strange two-legs detected. No. Orange two-leg killed host. Attack. Orange two-leg is now victim. Spread. Do it slow so two-leg may suffer. Absorb. Two-legs have lots of knowledge. Take what you can. Give nothing back.

Not good. Metroid cells have been detected in host. This is strange. Metroids are gone. Host had no metroid cells at the time of attack. Retreat, brothers, to the armor. Thick shell can repel off the Metroid vaccination. No! Agonizing screams fill the link to our bretheren. I feel each death as my own. I am barely aware of the armor being moved. As I recover from the shock, I discover the humans are taking us to Biological Space Labs. Brothers when the humans are unaware, we will attack and destroy them for our lost siblings. It shall begin tonight...

The Exterminator: The SA-X Edit

The plan worked. The bomb destroyed our container and set us free. The strange armor that Samus wore is now mine, along with all of her previous weapons. Lucky me has ice beam, one of the best weapons against the part-metroid Samus. Since she did infuse her blood with metroid DNA, then she can absorb us. But how did they get the DNA? There has to be metroids here if the Federation kept its DNA, so I will go and find the metroids, exterminate them, and remove Samus. Brothers, destroy anything that might help the Hunter and try to reproduce. We'll begin in Sector One.

The events of Fusion take place here.

Our efforts to stop Samus are futile. Despite our numbers, none of the other 12 Omega Warriors were able to destroy the Hunter. Gah! She has absorbed almost everything we tried to keep from her, including the recent Wave Beam. I now stalk her instead of fighting directly, searching for a weak spot. There, her back is turned! Aim for her back, steady, steady,.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How? Is it possible?! It's unbelievable!! She has led me to the Metroid's hideout. Finally, we get our REVENGE!!!

Suddenly, everything goes slow: me destroying the cases, Samus fleeing the scene, a stray shot opens a hole, and a brilliant flash as an explosion destroys the Metroids and I slip through the hole and into space: unconscious and injured.

Samus: Evasion Edit

Since the destruction of the B.S.L. Station, the Federation has stayed on my tail. It wouldn't be that hard if I had my old ship, but it got destroyed about 3 months ago. The blasted piece of junk I now use was supplied by the Federation, and was installed with a tracking device in case of "emergencies." Thanks to that, this is my first break in 5 days of avoiding capture. I am now in the Haat System, which is about 89 lightyears out of Federation Space. Since we've landed, the onboard computer hasn't quit blabbering about 14% fuel supply and 57 unread messages, all of which are Federation warnings. Right now, I am searching for the tracking device while the Etecoons and Dachoras play. Then I hear Adam screaming about approaching ships...

Dale Jones: Eliefa Edit

Eliefa. An industrial world of epic proportions. The Galactic Federation's greatest, some might say - but then those people haven't been to Eliefa. A den of villainy and vice, a planet with a stark divide between the rulers, and the labourers. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, the Galactic Federation didn't care much about anything on Eliefa as long as they were getting their resource quotas. In the urban centers and in the underground camps Federation officers and crime lords could be found alike. A dozen different species worked in nigh slave-labour and lived their entire lives in the shadow of crime and the Federation - both equally unmerciful, both equally unforgiving.

This was my kind of place.

Roy: Invasion Edit

We were stationed on a forest planet called Eliefa. It's a key planet for the Federation; this is where our metals are all mined. There's been alot of people go missing tonight. We were supposed to guard this crucial facility. At first, I though it was pretty dumbassed; who would attack us this far in Federation space? We were told to go to bed hours ago, but none of us have. We want to know what's going on first. We've seen nothing, though. Even sonar can't pick it up. Hold on... I hear noises consistent with those of the disappearances! I've gotta warn the others! We can't lose another! I dashed for the mess hall, but was cut short by something grabbing me. It roared and flew higher and higher. Luckily, I shot it right in the neck, jolting its nerves to drop me. I had to warn the others! But it was too late. Seeing I alerted everyone to its presence, it flew towards camp and blew fire, killing everyone.

The Exterminator: Phazon Edit

I lay on the ground curled up in a tight ball, wishing for the world to end. No amount of pain is comparable to this. I have just witnessed the death of my bretheren, all 54,627,843,689,845,752 of them. Life is cruel; it takes what you love most and pains you to death. I can't get up, can't move, can't life is waning. I curse all Metroids, the Federation, and Samus Aran as well as those who have sided with my enemies. Although I am dying, I wish for nothing more than to see them suffer as I have suffered, to avenge the fallen and right this terrible wrong. As I cling to this new thought I feel my strength begin to flow in my artificial veins, restoring my broken soul and erasing all fatigue. With small, careful movements I finally stand and take my first step to the new determination that rages within me and burns my flesh. Somewhere, sometime, somehow I will find Aran and do to her what she has done to me. I shall not fail.

I have wandered this planet for days and have not encoutered any form of life. Occasionally, the rocks will give off strange readings of radiation, but nothing more. Nights are violent here with the powerful winds and lightning, so I must find shelter before the morning star sets. This time I found an extremely long cave, filled with twisting tunnels and dark catacombs: the perfect spot for me to rest. Today's hike has winded me, bringing me down to the floor with heavy eyes. Soon the ceiling starts to blur and time itself seems to have frozen...........scratch, scratch. Huh?.......Nothing, just my imagination. I'm not surprised, I've been waiting to go crazy for quite some time..........slither scratch. What the blazes is that? Quickly scanning the clearing reveals nothing suspicious, but still doesn't ease my queasy gut. I'll investigate more in the morning............................crack, thwump. Okay, I know I didn't imagine a rock land two meters away. Something is in here that's not supposed to be, but I still can't see anything. What if--a drop of blue liquid lands on my arm and answers my question. Up on the ceiling is a deformed-looking biomass directly above me. It has a strange blue glow that seem to enamate from its veins. Then everything happened so fast I didn't have time to react: the blob of goo fell and landed on me, pinning me to the ground; my blasted alarms started blaring about the high amount of radiation concentration; my suit energy, or what was left of it, started to drain fast; and I felt a strange tingling on my free arm and shoulder. Whatever twisted lifeform this is, I will NOT be bested by it. This cursed thing has already knocked out some of the weapon systems, leaving me with only 1/4 of my missiles and the plasma beam. Since I'm face down, I can't see where I shoot, but I shoot anyway. Most of my shots hit empty air or the blue veins, none of which proved helpful. One bullet, however, hit one of the strange crystal growths. The foul beast pulled back a little, just enough to get myself on my back. Now I have no mercy on those overgrown warts, shooting any that happens to be in my face; each direct hit provokes a sickening, gurgled roar that I have no clue where they came from. In a few more seconds I have my top half free, so I start to work on the bottom half.


I froze, which was a stupid thing to do, but I had to. The voice, illusion, thing, came from the monster on top of me. Please, stop. I don't know what to do: I feel like I need to kill the creature but I want to hear the strange voice again. Release me, and I release you. I did what it said without a second thought. This thing's voice reverbrated throughout my body, subjecting every part of me to its will. But I didn't care, I simply wanted to hear that beautiful voice again. Help me. I need help. I couldn't resist it. What it wanted is what I wanted, because I wanted this amazing lifeform to be happy. For some strange reason, I felt like I needed to please it. Come closer. No arguement there. I walked to the blue blob, my foot inches from touching it. I started to surround me, but I didn't care; I was simply awed by what it was asking. Me and you are very much alike. You want to bring back your species, I want to spread my beauty. You want to kill the ones that killed you, I want to kill the ones that killed me. You possess amazing gifts of skill and weapons, I possess extraordinary power. If we combine, we may fulfill our wants quicker than alone. My question to you is, will you do it? My fake heart was beating faster than a Pygmy Thrumming Bird's wings. So much indecision ran through my mind, but there was no time to think. I put my foot in the glorious blue puddle in front of me.

Roy: AttackEdit

All of my squadmates are gone... Terror, the monster, killed almost all of them. Those that are still alive were heavily wounded or will be soon. I rushed to the cockpit of my commander's ship. I grabbed a powerful, dangerous weapon. A Zero Laser, provided by the Federation, which I should only use in an emergency. Well, this was an emergency. I had to concentrate for this to work.

As I raced out into the area, Terror was circling the air, breathing fire seemingly randomly, only to be confirmed that they were aimed at my friends when bloodcurdling screams followed. I aimed carefully, concentrated as hard as I could, and then fired! It used up all of my suit's energy, but I could recharge it in my ship.

A direct hit! With Terror's energy half-sapped, he began crashing to the ground. Unfortuanetly, it just slowed him down. I hightailed it out of there. The last thing I saw was Terror rip the head off of my commander and eat it. It roared at me, shaking is jaws. I shuddered. With one last move, I moved the ship in position and shot everything at it. It was dead.

The Exterminator: Reborn Edit

Wake up. "Five more minutes, please." You've been saying that for the last two weeks. "Two weeks? How long have I been out." Three months, give or take a week. "Three months?! What happe- Oowww! Flabbergast!! My head feels like it's been hit by a star cruiser." I suppose so. It happens to everyone, but you took it pretty hard. I had to fight roughly to get to every cell. "What are you talking about, and where are you? Where am I?" Well, if you open your eyes, you'll find your answers. With some effort, I managed to open my marble-heavy lids. Lets see, I'm on some planet with red clouds, it's sometime around mid-morning, and it's absolutely silent. Strange. Alright, I'm gonna try to get on my feet. Uuhhnn, my limbs fell like lead. Duh, you're wearing a space suit. Of course you're limbs are going to feel like lead. "Can it, buddy. I could blow easily right now." Where is this jerk anyway? You'd think you could see someone on a rock as smooth as a flatcake. Heh heh. You're not looking in the right places. "What do you mean?" I asked, scratching my helmet. Odd, he sounded close but he wasn't there. "Alright, look sonny boy: you better show yourself or I'll kick your-" Whoa! While I was throwing out my threat, I pointed my hand in a random direction, revealing a glowing blue arm. Even stranger was the fact that last I remember, this arm had no covering and the armor was orange. You're worse than I thought. You are right about your arm, but do you not remember what happened. Don't you recognize me? My voice? "No, not really. Am I supposed to know you? Are you a friend, adversary, or just some random freak? Explain yourself before I blow your head off. I don't care if you're the president of Zeccharnine, you'll regret this if you don't tell me who you...are......." Sudden memories flooded back in an unimaginable force. The cave, the biomass, the voice. I finally recognized the voice, but it was different somehow: it had a gruff edge to it instead of the cordial tone I remember. I looked at my hand again, noticing the similar blue glow that, whatever it was, had. I went back to the memories, trying to figure out what happened, when I ran into something different. Something was in the back of my mind, some alien presence yet part of me at the same time. I reached farther to try and discover what it was and why it was there. STOP. This time it wasn't a plea, it was a command and I instantly obeyed. Try as I might, I couldn't shake off the pressure the one word forced on me. Before you do something you shouldn't, I need to lay some ground rules. "Ground rules? I don't need rules." Don't talk out loud; it makes you look like an idiot. And yes you do need rules. What you were about to do could've killed you. You already have enough Phazon in your system right now, don't overload it like you were about to do. In fact, I wouldn't try going back there for another month, at least until the glow left your arms. However, you're always welcome here. Half my mind left, half my soul left, half my sense left. I nearly went mad until I found where he went, then I drove full force with my mind there. As soon I went there, my reseanoning and thought process came back, and sweet wave of relief came over me. Good grief. This is going to get annoying after awhile. I snarled. Anyhoo, while you were unconscious I used you to build a ship that will allow us to leave this planet. Today is the day we can begin our journey to find Samus, rebuild your species, and spread Phazon to the universe. But are you up to it? The choice is yours. I didn't do much thinking, since there wasn't much to think about. I knew what I wanted more than anything. "Let's go!"

The Exterminator: PiratesEdit

The following events took place over the course of several weeks. They knew they would have to find a different form for the SA-X to ease suspicion in public. They intercepted a coded message from an unidentified ship and traced it close to Space Pirate boundaries. The transmitter was Sylux, a forgotten bounty hunter with an unknown ID. They took his form and ship to disguise themselves when they entered the Pirate Homeworld. A short skirmish occured, but ceased when the Pirates saw a similarity to the newcomer and their old leader, Dark Samus. (The SA-X had retained Samus's suit shape but aquired Sylux's colors, as well as having Phazon in him.) Many decided to join him, but those who remembered the Dark Times formed a rebellion and attacked. The SA-X crushed them with his superior weapons then set out and killed all who questioned him. Due to this act, they renamed him The Exterminator and followed his instructions. They formed an army and prepared for a final, bloody battle with the Federation.

The Exterminator: Phazon's StoryEdit

I once asked Phazon how it came back when it was destroyed. He said that the Federation had revived him after they destroyed Phaaze. They had done studies before it was destroyed so they could try to control it after the mother supplier was destroyed. They were downloading the final data when Phaaze's destruction stopped them before they could finish. Even though only one chemical was missing, it was the most important: the chemical that kept phazon stable. They tried thousands of formulas, none that proved successful. Then, during the final moments of Zebes, they picked up a stealth message between two pirate command centers that mentioned a highly radioactive substance: neurohelic trioxide. When they substituted this in place of the thymine in deoxyribonucleic acid, it resulted in a stable form of blue phazon. For further study, they shipped phazon to the B.S.L Station, placing it in complete lockdown. But before Samus arrived, they sent it to the nearest uninhabitable planet. When the pod landed on SR227, the locking systems broke as it crashed into a cliff. Phazon hid in a empty cave while it waited for a victim. It waited for three days before it met with me.

I respect Phazon more every day, and it makes me sick thinking of what happened to Phaaze. When I look out my window, I think to myself, Soon, it won't have to be like that anymore. We can start over and make a new empire. One of my generals, Shaakti, tells me of another rogue pirate in the lobby. "Send in the interrigation experts," I told him. I took last look out my window before going down to the lobby, the corrupted valley behind the glass still fresh on my mind.

The Exterminator: RebelsEdit

The pirate was severely beaten in the torso, head, and groin area. He lay on the floor trembling; immobilized by a sedative. "Sit him up," I ordered. Two pirate guards came and lifted him into a chair. "Why do you desire to ruin this world with your petty attempts to kill me?" I asked him. A gurgled laughter rose from his bruised chest, "Heh heh heh... ruin this world? I am trying to save it. You weren't here last time this planet was corrupted and ruled by a corrupted. We nearly died from lack of Poison. Only a few hundred thousand survived that era out of millions; women and children died in an instant, men were cut down, all were helpless. We had barely managed to rebuild our cities, and now you come to destroy them!" He spat at my feet and the surrounding passerbyers gasped. I looked back at him, "Destroy your people? Ha! I provided them with a wealthy future and healthy homes. I tried to be generous, but some of you refused. Because of you and the other rats, the people's new life has been postponed! Until you give me the whereabouts of the Pirate rebel's base, more shall become sick and die!" The sedative was starting to wear off, and he moved his hand to a hidden pocket, pulling out a suicide capsule. He put it in his mouth as he grinned, "Never!"....All that was left was a pile of ashes in the chair.

I started to think about the words Phazon told me a year back, Many will refuse you. Some will hate you. Others will try to overthrow you. If you can't convince them to follow you, kill them before they kill you. No matter how hard I try, only a few tribes will accept me. Despite my hard efforts, only a handful of rebel groups have been exterminated. We must try harder if we are to- "Master, I have great news!" I look down the walkway and see Shaakti running down with a huge grin. "We have found our target ship, and the precious cargo is onboard!"

Dale Jones: Castor Dane at Eliefa Edit

Something spooked the Feds. I've got more than a little common sense, so I rightly came to the conclusion that whatever spooked the Feds should probably spook me. The rumor going around was that it there was some sort of attack on a Federation-controlled facility. I'm a man who prides himself in being informed - a little information buys you a lot in the Galaxy nowadays, so I set out asking questions. Apparently the Fleet Admiral's runt nephew was apart of all of this, but no one could identify what was doing the attacking. The Federation was keeping the site locked down and not even the grunts who frequented Eliefa's degenerate sectors had a clue what was going on.

When Fleet Admiral Castor Dane and a number of fleet elements appeared in the sky, I decided it was past time that I left Eliefa. I don't tend to get along especially well with the Federation, and I'm pretty sure I have more than a few outstanding warrants, so I decided to depart posthaste. I kept my gunship outside strictly Federation-controlled territory, meaning outside of the cities and populated centers, in the forest. My usual stays in Eliefa weren't longer than a few months, and a state-of-the-art cloaking system that I bought off of some Jovian paramilitary group kept unwanted eyes from finding my ship. It's a good thing, too - in a chaotic galaxy only that ship has some element of stability for me.

Roy: ReinforcementsEdit

A week or so later, many Federation Troopers, Marines and other members of the fleet came. They collected the dead, and my Uncle Castor talked to me.

"Look, Roy, I know you enjoy this. Being a Federation Militia, and all. But, I really think it isn't safe. After all, you're sixteen and have a lot more to do in your life." he told me.

"But I have to avenge my parents! They were killed by Space Pirates, and I must not let them kill anyone else."

"Roy - "

"I don't care what you think of my safety, uncle! I'm nearly an adult! I can make my own decisions!" I ran away, not wanting to talk to him any more.

As I sat on a rock, close to tears, I wondered, why did my parents have to die? Why did my uncle, who cares too much for me, have to take me under his wing? I would have preferred living a life like the famous bounty-hunter, Samus Aran. I wanted to find her. I needed to.

As I ran, I wondered, did I have a crush on her? And, would she like me in any way? I was much younger than her, and I didn't know what type she was. I just blew the thought off. There were bigger things to think about.

Roy: EscapeEdit

When I had finally outsmarted the Marines that pursued me, I took a breather.

Where do I go, I asked myself, where do I go.

I decided I'd walk to a remote, relatively unguarded area of the sector. There was a stream there. I could go there to cool off and come back or I could just stay there until I was found again.

A group of four Marines was passing by. I dived behind a boulder, trying to avoid them. As I did, I overheard their conversation.

"Wonder where that neph of Dane's went..."

"My suspicions are that he's hiding..."

"Duh he's hiding! He's trying to avoid losing his militant status!"

"Poor kid... all he wanted to do was kill Pirates..."

I choked on that last sentence. It was true.

When they left, I proceeded onward.

The Exterminator: RaidEdit

We've been in Hyperspeed for 19 hr. and 26 min. The Pirates are anxious; this is their first big raid in a long time. We have now arrived at point of intersection. Two EMW Fighters are moving ahead to lay the Electro-Magnetic Wire, which will pull the Federation convoy out of Hyperspeed. Now that we have new methods of boarding other starships, there is less risk of failure.

PA: "Warning, Federation ships approaching. Warning, Federation ships approaching. Warning, Federation ships approaching."

"Activate tripwire. Boarding Pods, prepare for launch. All personnel, find the Main Data room. Let's go!" I looked at our infrared scanners to make sure the wire was up. Here we go."Sir, Post 1 has confirmed Federation passing. "Post 2 has-" "Post-" "-4 confirmed-" "-3 has confirmed."

"Now!" The Boarding Pods launched toward intersection point. Starlights flash as Federation ships are being pulled out of Hyperspeed. Boarding pods 1, 5, 6, and 7 made successful attempts, the other three either missed or the laser drill malfunctioned. The rest of our fleet proceeded to attack the Delta-Class Fighters that surrounded the G.F.S. Theseus. The Federation Fighters had strong weapons that took out 10 of our ships within the first 30 seconds. Half of our Class-A fighters were down, Class-B only lost two, and Class-C was nowhere to be seen. Our ships were being hit by the Delta's radar homing missiles. "Bloatirious, activate the RJD." The radar jamming device helped somewhat, at least so that we could pick back up and return a few good volleys. The Theseus was taking heavy damage, and had already lost most of her weapon systems. A bright explosion lit up on side of the battle, most likely a collision was the cause. "Jenki, fire the Spider Missiles." About 50 green-lit missiles headed toward the battlefield, destroying the 11 remaining fighters.

An escape ship exited the Theseus. "Let it go! We're going to take what we need and get out of here before more come." On the Theseus, I looked at the massive damage in the halls. Not one room was free of both Federation and Pirate corpses. We arrived at the Data Room, the only section that wasn't damaged was the computer wall. I hacked into it's firewall, destroyed it, planted a virus, and downloaded all of the data. When I was done, I nodded to our bomb specialist. We quickly left the scene.

Only small bits of rubble was left after the photon bomb exploded. I turned my attention back to the computer and scanned the files. One in particular interested me: "Samus: Wanted. Last Known Location: Eliefa." Something else about a child named Roy Dane was next to hers, oh well. "Siieth, set course for planet Eliefa."

Ron: Encounter Edit

Sgt. Ron Green, Head engineer, Typhus Squad of Triton Platoon

Log access granted. Welcome back, Sergeant Ron.

Log #254-2 90 DAY, 23 HOUR, 6 MINUTE A.D. (After Deployment) I know I entered a log earlier today, but there has been some weird stuff happening in camp tonight. I wrote that I would be going to bed after I finished log, but I haven't even taken my armour off yet. There's been strange shadows everywhere in camp, as if something is flying above us. We've been using infared lasers to try and find what it is, based on the angle of the moon's light and the shadow, but everytime we fire the infared, there is nothing where the perpetrator should be. I've been on edge all day. Our squad is missing four men, all of which reported seeing it, shortly before losing communications. All I know, is something is out there. And whatever it is, it's not friendly. Wait... I hear something. I'm going to get help. Just have to charge straight towards the barracks...(I ran as fast as I could, only to be grabbed by something.) Urk! (I screamed the lights out of myself) What the heck is that!? Must report! Must.........

(Computer: Power off... power...on....) ^computer off^

Samus: ArrivalsEdit

I was able to move the ship out of sight before they came. With the ship safely hiding behind a 350 foot wide tree that was 40 miles eastward, I was started to sneak up under the cover of a boulder. I activated my sound modifier and translator so I could hear their conversation.

"I'm tellin' ya, Johnny, I saw somethin' movin' right 'ere!" said the one on the left, who was slightly shorter than the right one. Johnny got an annoyed look and snarled back, "Just shut yer yapper, ya nitwit!. I looked at the blasted radar and didn't see anythin'. Now that ya dragged me to this stinkin' planet, show me where ya saw those blips. And they better be 'ere, Junior." My computer noted that Junior, the shorter one, took out a pair of J-16s, one of best binoculars you can get. He took a few turns around and, fortunately, found nothing suspicious. "'Kay, look, let's move west some and I'll betcha we'll find somethin'," said Junior. Johnny groaned a little and they both turned their backs and left.

After about a minute, everything went quiet. I was about to turn off my sound modifier when I heard footsteps behind me: running footsteps. I turned around and saw a flash of something green and white run past. Instictively, I started shooting and went on the other side of the rock. One of my shots hit the creature and it yelped as it fell. I decided to look and saw the adult Dachora lying on the ground with a white envelope in its beak. Its left leg was starting to bleed.

Samus: Adam's MessageEdit

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! You startled me and I..." I probably threw out a few hundred "I'm sorries" and explained to the Dachora I didn't mean to hurt it for a few hours, or so it seemed. Her head came up and she moved the makeshift bandage that I had wrapped around the wound to a more comfortable position. She looked back up at me with intelligent eyes; they were practically saying, "It's okay." She turned towards the envelope, motioning for me to read it. I took the small note out of the card, which read:

Samus, the ship that landed appears to have a similar design to yours. You may be able to get fuel supplies from it. Quickly go to it and see if you can get some of its fuel, as well as an energy cell if you can. But don't take too long. If you need anything, I just finished a short-wave radio device that can allow us to communicate, so I'll send an Etecoon when it's ready for download. Be careful Samus, this may be our only chance to escape. ~Adam

Of course! Why didn't I think of that?! We can take the stuff we need from these clowns, allowing us to escape. I looked for the Etecoon on the large grass-plain, but I didn't find--." Something tapped me on the shoulder. I turned and saw the Etecoon on the boulder holding a portable downloader. He looked at the Dachora and back at me. "I know, I'll tell Adam to get the other Etecoons so you guys can bring him back." It took less than a minute to get the radio downloaded, tell Adam about what happened, and for me to head to the ship. This may be our only chance to escape...

Back at Samus's ship

The radar is zoomed in for a 50 mile radius. Samus has now merged with the arriver's vessel. Two new blips just appeared on the west side, moving toward the vessel.

Samus: TrappedEdit

It was suprisingly easy to bypass the ship's security; the password was "JRSMELLS". For only two passengers, this is a very big ship; I found 3 cargo bays, 4 siderooms, 2 weapon pods, and the cockpit. After about a dozen hallways, I finally found the main computer so I could download the map. ... Good, Cargo Bay 2 has ship supplies. I was down there in 30 seconds opening the right crates. I found a case full of fuel cells and energy cells. Time to move out--Bang, swish, whir. Oh no, the ramp is lowering! I got to hide! I dropped the cases and hid, by the smell of it, in Junior's room.

........Quiet, everything's quiet. Maybe it wasn't--footsteps. Down the hall were faint murmurs. "I'm sorry Johnny. I was sure there was somethin' down there. It was only a false alarm." "Jus' shut it! Dat was the 5th false alarm this week, Junior!" "Sorry! Please stop, ya're makin' me nervous. Ya know what happens when I'm nervous." "Ya do it, and I'll smack ya to Phaaze's remains; am I CLEAR!?!" Fart, smack, oomph, thump. I couldn't help to giggle, it just too funny! Then I realized my mistake when I saw who they really were. When Junior fell, I caught a glimpse of a Space Pirate patch on his jacket. "Hey Johnny, did you hear that?" "Yeah, I did Junior." Both were blocking the door, the only way out.

Samus: EscapeEdit

The room was dark, but they had a flashlight. I had an idea. I entered Morph Ball mode. I would wait for them to get close enough, and then...

The flashlight shined on me.

"Hey Johnny! Get ova' here! I found sometin'!" "What is it now, Junior?!"

He came over. "Hey Junior, for once in your life you're actually right - " I wasted no more time, charging the Boost Ball to stun them and fleeing to the Cargo Bay. I picked up as many Fuel Cels as I could hold, plus one energy cell and ran for it. I got stopped at the door out of the bay by Junior, but I gave him a good punch to the eye and fled.

Johnny grabbed me by the shoulder, but I kicked at his chest and continued running. I finally managed to make it out of the ship. I never stopped running, even when I accidentally dropped a Fuel Cel. Aw screw it, I thought. One isn't going to do any harm.

I finally managed to make it to my ship. I first thrust the supplies in, then jumped right in and activated the blast shield to keep the two out. I loaded practically everything, and then activated the ship into high gear. That finished, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Ron: CountdownEdit

Sgt. Ron Green, Head Engineer of an Army of One Log access granted. Welcome back, Sergeant Ron.

Log #255-1 93 DAY, 1 HOUR, 13 MINUTE A.D. They're all gone... every single one of them... the Thing... it consumed them... now they serve it, but NOT Ron!! NO NO NO, NEVER Ron! Ron's got this WHOLE thing planned out, y'see? Ron is gonna distract Creature, and lure it all the way to the cave, while Ron sets up boulders on top of the mountain, and then when Creature walks under the trap, it gets its head hit! Then, while it is dazed, Ron, Ron, Ron, and Ron will rush it, firing everything Ron got. Ron's armour is in pieces, but who cares! Gun still works, so that means Ron can't possibly lose! Heh heh he.. HEH HE HA HA HAAAAA HEH ha.... IT WON'T GET RON!!!! HEE HEH HE HEE HAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Samus: EncounterEdit

I fled to a distant part of space. This was around Jigrad, the planet that I had stopped a siege on.

The planet I was entering was unusual. A small quarter of it was green-like, probably to preserve atmospheric qualities on the planet and featured forests and lush jungles. I heard that part of the planet was popular, in certain spots. I had been wanting to visit it for sometime. The other three quarters of the planet was rugged, industrialized, and home to some of the worst scum in the universe.

The Federation held an iron grip on Eliefa - if I was going to land undetected I would need a lot of luck. I activated my cloaking device and began the measured descent to the planet's surface. Suddenly, warning sirens blared in my ship as two Federation fighters appeared on my tail. I tried to shake them, but to no avail, and after turning off communications they opened fire, crippling this worthless junk ship and forcing me to make an emergency landing. I emerged from the wreck in my zero suit and began to run, as the smoke trailed into the sky, alerting the Federation to my exact position.

I didn't know how much longer I could run. The Federation was definitely going to find my position soon. I reached a dead-end. The Federation came faster and faster, so I jumped into the trees. They missed me. Good. The cliff in front of me had no way of climbing it, so I had to use the trees to get on top of it. I continued to run, until I reached a spring. The stream was clear, no fish or even seaweed. I drank some, and then lay down on one of the rocks. The rush from the waterfall was cool, and it felt good. After being in a humid ship for three months, relaxing was needed.


I knew someone lurked behind the waterfall. The X-Ray Visor that I possessed could not see past the water. Suddenly, someone jumped out of the waterfall, onto the boulders that I stood on. I held my gun up at the person, awaiting his move.

Samus: CaptureEdit

The guy in the suit and I looked at each other for a few seconds. My hair was flailing around in the wind, getting in my face and on my nerves. Then, knowing what he might be intending to do, I began to bolt! "Wait!" he called out. He followed me surprisingly fast. Must have some hard training, I thought.

Finally, he caught up to me. "Wait!" he repeated.

I turned around. "Step back or taste plasma." I said, raising my pistol. The implication hung heavy in the air. Neither of us moved for a time, but just faced off against each other.

"I came here, to... I was... looking for you," he stammered.

"To capture me?! I knew it!" I started to run away again, but he yelled out, "No! I was trying to find you!" I carefully turned around again. I considered that he was lying, but resolved to get more information out of him.

"They're looking for me too, you know." Said the man in the suit. "My name's Roy. Roy Dane."

"Dane, like the Admiral?" I inquired.

"His nephew. Wants to discharge me from the army, but I wanted to find you when I heard the reports that you had landed. I want to live a life of adventure, like you do Samus!"

Oh great, a starry-eyed pup. I thought to myself. At least he'll be a good bargaining chip if the Federation catches up to us.

We began walking rather aimlessly, deeper into the brush and away from prying eyes.

"So," I said "you're a fugitive too?"

"Sorta. I'm not going to be arrested, but grounded and never be allowed to be in the military again." he answered.

As we continued walking, we noticed dim light, humming through the trees. Roy and I stealthily approached the source, and discovered a small gunship hidden in a clearing. There was a man working hastily on the top of the gunship, repairing something or the other. I turned to Roy and whispered;

"This is perfect! We can relieve this sap of his ship and get off-planet." The young cadet beamed.

"This is the kind of adventure I was talking about!" We stepped forth into the clearing and held the unaware technician atop the gunship at gunpoint.

"Hey, you!" Roy shouted. "We're here to commandeer that ship." The man atop the ship glanced up, noted the pair of intruders, and muttered something quietly to himself before descending to face his unwanted guests. He stood before Samus and Roy, perhaps some six feet tall. Thin but imposing, the man had an air of domineering about him, veiled behind an outward veneer of hospitality.

"The bounty hunter I know, but who's the stiff?" Said the man. I could feel the agitation resonating off of Roy.

"No questions, we're here for the ship." I said.

"We're a bit of a dual package. Dale Jones, by the way." He held out his hand for a shake, neither Roy nor I obliged. "Perhaps I had better explain what I mean by that. I've got a heart monitor linking my well-being to the ship's. If I go, she goes - and not quietly. Explosives, you know." He said, casually.

"It just so happens that I'm fleeing the planet myself. I wasn't looking to take on a pair of fugitives but I suppose I can make do, provided I get some sort of payment for my generosity at the end of the trip." He winked. "There's just one problem, I don't have the current Federation telecom frequency, and I'd rather not depart blind when there's an entire fleet overhead. I need the communicator from a Federation fighter if we want a decent change of making it off this world. I can keep up with this trial-and-error method here, and you go and see if you can find that communicator."

"How do we know that you won't take off without us?" Roy said, fiercely.

"Trust me," said Dale "if I find the frequency before you get back, I'm absolutely taking off without you." He laughed. Roy turned and looked at me.

"What other choice do we have?" I said. Roy and I began back out into the brush in search of a Federation vessel, but instead we found something quite strange. There was a plethora of light blue growths and patches on the ground and on the trees. Most were the size of a hand or footprint. "No," I said. "It can't be."

"What's wrong, Samus?"

I turned around. "I believe my old foe, Dark Samus, is here." As we continued on, the growths started to increase in number. As we rounded the next corner, we came face-to-face with a blue and black figure. It was a dark replica of me, but it was not Dark Samus.

"Who are you?" I asked as I lifted my Arm Cannon towards the mysterious figure and held my other arm in front of Roy. He threw me a glance that meant "What?" but I ignored him.

"Come now, Samus. Do you really have that bad of a memory? Let me help you," the apparition said. His helmet pulled back a little, just enough to see the face. My face. Ruined and scarred, but my face nevertheless. It was the SA-X.

"You! But you're supposed to be dead!" I said coldly.

"Thanks to those leeches on the BSL, I was able to escape accidentally. Good thing too, cause I wouldn't have found Phazon if I died."

I reacted in shock. "Phazon?! How?!"

"The Federation had cloned it for study..." The SA-X paused. I was really angry now.

I aimed my gun at the SA-X. "What is your intention, SA-X?!"

"The SA-X is no longer here. Call me... The Exterminator..." Then the SA-X, or 'The Exterminator' started cackling. I began to fire.

Roy did too. We fired everything we had into the Exterminator. We froze him and blasted him with the Plasma Beam. However, before I managed to freeze him again, he fired back with what appeared to be an enhanced version of 50 Cal. shots. Roy managed to get an opening and went around to attack from behind. It was a good enough of a tactic so I could close in and shoot some more. The Exterminator was getting aggravated, so I backed up some. I pulled Roy aside as he started to advance towards the Exterminator, he couldn't be aware of how dangerous this thing was. "Roy, back to the ship!" I cried. He refused to listen, and charged headlong towards our foe.

The Exterminator was shooting hard and backed Roy into a cliffside. I couldn't see Roy, but what I did see horrified me. The Exterminator drew back its arm and punched hard where Roy was! No, Roy...wait, there he is. The Exterminator missed! But the cliff was cracking where it was hit, and the cracks loosened some rocks directly above Roy. "Roy, look out!" I called. I started running to him. But Roy was too slow and the rocks hit him. "No!" I cried. I threw myself back at the Exterminator in an attempt to kill him. Almost there, Ugh! He slammed me back into a tree. "Aaaaaah!" I screamed at the pain shooting up on my left side. He was closing in, about to kill. Do it, I thought, do it and rid me of my misery. He was about to shoot, then he paused. He turned around, looked back at me, then huffed as he ran off. I didn't understand until I heard it - the sound of a ship low overhead.

Oh no.

The Federation must have overheard our battle. I thought. They must be here. Goodbye Roy. Goodbye strange man in the woods. Welcome to jail, Samus Aran. I had managed to roll over to a rock, and gradually pulled myself up, ignoring my left side, still tingling from pain as I stumbled over to the rock pile, clearing them away. I was surprised to find that it was not a Federation officer greeting me, but the pilot of the gunship, Dale.

"Miss me?" He said, grinning. He carried me, hobbling, into his gunship. After setting me down, he went back for Roy, whom he placed next to me.

Roy was out cold, with a huge cut on his head. I made sure he was alive, and then began to feel the swell of unconsciousness gripping hold...

Meanwhile, back on the Asteroids of SR388...

Ron: IneveitableEdit

Lt. Ron Green, Head Engineer of an Army of One Log access granted. Welcome back, Lieutenant Ron.

Log #257-1 127 DAY, 5 HOUR, 26 MINUTE A.D. Uuuuuuuuuuugh..... I... I-I don't know where I am... One second, I was grabbed by something back at camp, and now I'm... Like I said I don't know! Apparently from my previous logs, I had lost my sanity. Anyway, when I finally came to, about an hour ago, My armour was in pieces, my gun was welded to my arm, and my legs couldn't move. Apparently I got banged up pretty bad! How could I have been so stupid as to charge into such a monster! Anyway, today the asteroid started moving, or so I just noticed it. The asteroid belt of SR388 is barely visable. I know there is some form of propulsion, somewhere, but I don't know where. I'm in a dark cave, and the entrance is sealed up... Probably my own fault. Since my gun is out of order, and my legs are compromised, I don't think much can be done about that. Luckily, I can still pick up some GF signals. But they're probably the enemy now. I'm on my own in this mess. I guess all I can do now is wait for my legs to heal, then investigate the back of the cave. I would call for help if my comm link wasn't broken. Well, I've run out of things to talk about, so... I guess I outta get to fixing my comm. I'll report back when I have some more information. Ron out.

Dale Jones: Pursuit Edit

Pretty stupid of me to stop for the bounty hunter and the officer, one might think. I watched the two of them, nearly dead and slouched up against the wall, but I didn't see victims. I saw bargaining chips. I waited in my ship, but never took off. Soon enough the Federation had pulled in to see what all the commotion had been about - truth be told, I wasn't certain myself. They hailed me;

"Identify yourself."

I didn't waste any time. "I have two fugitives in my possession, the bounty hunter Samus Aran and a Federation officer by the name of Roy Dane. They're yours, if I'm given safe passage off of this planet."

There was a view minutes of silence. The grunt must have been scrambling to his higher-ups. Then a very different, hoarse voice came over the channel.

"We can make that deal. Send out the fugitives and you will be free to leave."

I laughed - the Federation had screwed me with this little trick before. "You'll get the boy, Dane, now. When I've cleared the atmosphere I'll jettison the bounty hunter in a life suit, and you can retrieve her." Another few minutes of silence.

"Only if we get the bounty hunter first." Came back the faceless reply. I silently cursed the officer for having half a brain, but I didn't have much of a choice in the matter. I grabbed Samus and lugged her off the ship, resting her on the ground. Now Federation marines began to descend to the ground, and I decided it was time to go. I lifted off and began my ascent into the outer atmosphere. So far, only two Federation fighters were trailing me - it seemed like they meant to keep their word. I walked over to the still-unconscious Roy and began to stuff him into one of my spare life suits, when it struck me that I had no need to keep my word. The Federation fighters wouldn't be a match for me once I cleared orbit, and I could probably wring quite a bit out of Castor Dane for the safe return of his nephew.

The fighters hailed me to slow down and jettison the fugitive. Instead I increased speed. Threats and insults came across the channel, and the fighters opened fire. The blasts grazed the ship, but we were soon up to speed and quickly leaving Eliefa's vicinity.

The Exterminator: The Hunters and the HuntedEdit

Blasted Federation troopers, they made me lose my chance at killing Samus! Since they have her in custody, I'll have to use brute force now to get her, which is not what I had planned. Our Weapons Development team hasn't finished our newest beam, so we may lose a lot of warriors.

--INCOMING TRANSMISSION-- "Sir, it's commander Shaakti. We have found several bounty hunters and are currently holding them in the Commons. I would like you to meet them, as they may help you."


"Put those two in the brig." Blasted bounty hunters, the purple and the rock guy refused to serve. I'll give them another chance, but other matters need resolving right now. Weavel, one of our own and a bounty hunter, has returned badly damaged. Kanden short-circuited as he entered the atmosphere, unfortunately, and died. Trace, one of the Kriken, is the only promising hunter. I have an idea that will kill the Hunter yet not draw too much attention to the Pirates.

"Trace," I began, "I hear you are quite a warrior. I also hear you have been banished from your tribe because of your last failure with the Ultimate Power. I am offering you a chance to rejoin your tribe, as well as revenge for the one who stole what was rightfully yours. You kill Samus, and I'll give you a whole system that you can conquer for your people. What say you?"

"How difficult will this be?" he asked.

"She will be defenseless, in a jail cell on the G.F.S. Artemis."


I watched Trace's ship head out to find Samus. Soon, this will all be over and Phazon will corrupt as he pleases. Denaebue, the head of Weapons Development, was approaching. "Sir, the Murder Cannon is finished." Yes, soon this will be over.

Samus: TraceEdit

After a while, we arrived on the Artemis. Roy was still unconscious. His hand was bleeding and in a cast. Soon after, Admiral Dane ran in. And then, he did something I never would have expected of him. He broke down. I actually saw it, Fleet Admiral Castor Dane, in front of me, had broken down over his unconcious nephew. I kept the giggle to myself.

Later, an ambulance came and drove Roy off. As I stayed, I heard the marines and Dane talking. "Charge her for destruction of two valuable specimen research programs, an entire space station, all specimens aboard, resisting arrest, police officer assault, possession of illegal weapons and kidnapping." He turned to me and said "Samus, I used to trust you, but Roy's family."

I got up from leaning on the wall, even with my handcuffs, and said "I didn't kidnap Roy. He found me on his own. I thought he was trying to capture me, but it turns out I'm his idol."

He then said "I knew he shouldn't have joined the military. You know, when he first heard of you, he was admiring you. You were the only person he talked about. I thought you were a good person to look up to, but now I see you're just a criminal."

"I can't believe you all," I said. "Did IQs just drop suddenly? Who is responsible for the creation of the Bottle Ship and BSL projects?" Rather than answer me, he slapped me across the face.

"You..." I thrust my cuff's chain around his neck and tried to choke him, until two marines rushed in and unwrapped them, restraining me and then thrusting me into an interrogation room.

Several Federation people, such as the colonel from the Bottle Ship, who I never liked due to his treatment of Dr. Madeline Bergman, as well as Chairman Lang, the representive of the Phrygisian species. They sat at a table while I stood up, still in cuffs.

The colonel began. "Samus Aran. You have been a great service to us in the past. You have taken out many dangers to the galaxy and helped to preserve it, but we see that with your actions on the Biologic Space Laboratories research station you are no longer considered an ally. Rather, Aran, a criminal."

"Admiral Dane claims you have kidnapped his young, only sixteen year old nephew Roy. I'd like to hear your statements on the matter."

Shaking some hair out of my face, I said, "Well, to put it bluntly... I believe that you are all just a bunch of tyrants. This is ridiculous, all the accusations being made against me. Remember what you used to think about me? Remember? All the fame I'd received from my Zero Mission. All the fame from subsequent missions on, up until the Bottle Ship and BSL. And all because you just wanted Metroids, Space Pirates, bioweapons and Mother Brains."

"Actually, it is in a way my fault. I brought back a little infant Metroid that reminded me so much of myself." I gave a small laugh. "It orbited around me, and I gave it to the Space Science Academy to study it. I thought that the energy restoring powers of the Metroid could possibly be used for the benefit of mankind. But then it got stolen by Pirates and right in front of me killed."

"And the fragments of Metroid that were still on my suit, you took, and you made a Metroid. You didn't realize that the infant, which I nicknamed 'the baby', had the genetics to become a Queen Metroid, and so you used this unexpected mutation as an advantage. You altered the Metroids to become unfreezable, and thereby caused Commander Adam Malkovich to sacrifice his life in destroying the latter Metroids, with me being left behind, a poor, heartbroken soul!"

"So don't you dare tell me I'm responsible for destroying your Mother Brains, your Metroids, your Pirates, all your stupid toys!" I picked up some papers, which to the looks of it were notes on the bioweapon projects and threw them about the room. "All this stupid stuff that you've made just proves that you're corrupt!"

"Do you realize how expensive both of those stations were?!" shouted Lang. "They wouldn't have been destroyed if you'd kept them colonies and not underground bioweapon breeding stations! That's what destroyed all those creatures, and your expensive stations."

"Look at it another way, chairman. Rundas, one of your own. He died during the Phazon crisis. I, him, and two other bounty hunters were infected with Phazon, and we all began self-generating it in our bodies. You made a massive mistake by not realizing if we were exposed to an overload of Phazon, then we would become mad with it and fall into Dark Samus' control. Do you not have remorse for a lost brother? Especially considering I was the one who had to kill him! Are you going to blame me for all their deaths?!"

I could see he agreed. "That was a mistake of ours, but not one that would warrant such questionable behavior from you." He looked to the other people and then said, "As I have just said, it is believed that you have performed questionable acts of criminalism." He motioned for two marines. "So, Samus Aran, with authorization from the Supreme Council, you are hereby under arrest for charges that I believe you are aware of."

I couldn't believe this. It was terribly ridiculous! I said that out loud, but the colonel just said to shut my mouth. I glared at him.

Soon after, I was given my Prison Attire, a black jumpsuit with flats, before I was brought to my jail cell. They locked me in and before leaving, said "Night, Samus..." I rolled my eyes. No choice but to go to sleep and think of things. Think of the Federation's corruption. Think of Roy.

"Soldiers, wait." I said. They returned. "I'd like to request that I can have the AI computer in my ship, as well as my pets, stay with me." Within minutes, the Etecoons snuggled close to me, and the Dachora laid itself under my arm, nursing to its infant. I plugged the disc-like eye of Adam into an outlet and fell asleep listening to his voice.

Later, I awoke to the smell of smoke. The ship on fire?! No. From an explosion. My cell door was busted open. It was now beyond repair. They'd have to demolish it and rebuild a new one. When I finally made my way through the smoke, I saw the shadow of someone I knew.


What was he doing here? I didn't think there was anything valuable here, but if there was, I wouldn't let him have it. As he approached some crates further ahead, I flicked on the lights. He turned around, and saw me with a curious look, such as if a father catches his teenage daughter attempting to sneak out her bedroom window to see her boyfriend or go to a party. I leaned against the wall, my fingers touching the glass covering the emergency axe, and smashing the alarm.

The siren started to screech. "What was that for?!" he yelled. "What are you doing here?!" I demanded. "I was sent to kill you... by The Exterminator..." I could hear footsteps, marines were coming. I broke the axe out and threw it at him. It sliced his head, killing him instantly. I ran over to the dead Trace, grabbing his Arm Cannon and whispering into his ear, even though he wouldn't hear me, "Thanks for doing me a favor. Oh, and, may I borrow something?" I then snatched the Imperialist, and stuffed it into my shirt, hoping my large breasts would cover it, and dived back into my cell and played dead, acting as though Trace killed me and then himself.

Three marines ran in. Two of them went to investigate Trace, while one of them investigated me. As he was coming closer, I grabbed him by the neck, whispered "Bang," into his ear and ran off after snatching his freeze gun.

The marines ran after me, but I evaded them by diving behind a heavy cargo truck and then driving it at them, running them over. I grabbed their bodies and hauled them out into space.

The announcer came on and asked a crew member to report to the landing site to prepare the hospital supplies. Killing several marines that noticed me, I found a locker with a hand scanner and used a marine to open it. Inside was my Zero Suit, so I quickly stripped off my Prison Attire and then put on the Zero Suit before activating the Power Suit. Before anyone got to the landing site, I morphed into a ball into the box of toys for the children's sector of the hospital.

As the ship headed to the hospital, I smiled to myself. When the cargo landed and was transported, I left when no one was around and began to look for Roy.

Roy: Bewildering PainEdit

The pain was unbearable.

I had no idea where I was. Everything was white. My left hand hurt terribly, I couldn't move it. My armor was off, too.

My other hand was not as bad. I held it up to my blonde hair, which was basically red, caked with blood. What the hell had I gotten into?

Then, my uncle came in. He loomed over me, looking disappointed. After a few more seconds, he just broke down. That's right. For the first time in my entire life, he had broken down. I had witnessed my uncle, normally as tough as Jovian Steel, breaking down over me.

Ah well. If he wants to, I'll let him.

I looked to my side and noticed two familiar toys. It was Bittie the Bear and Pokey the Pig, the only remnants I had from my home. My only friends, I had slept with them forever. They'd stuck with me when I was running away from the destruction of my home. They were my everything. I held them to my chest with my good hand.

Then, I noticed a dark shape in the ceiling. My uncle was too busy crying to notice. It was...


But how did she get out of jail? Stupid question, Roy. How stupid you are! Nothing holds Samus back. She winked at me and crawled out of sight.

Later, the generator came off. That meant all the medical equipment installed on me shut down. My uncle began to have a panic attack. However, the spare generator activated. Samus had grabbed me before the doctors came back. She lifted me into the air duct as I grabbed my animals and moved. She didn't ask me about them until we got to her ship.

"Aren't you a bit old for toys, Roy?" she asked. "They're the only friends I have left over from the attack on my home. My parents are dead." She looked at me, and noticed I was tearing up. "Come here." she held me, Bittie and Pokey.

The Exterminator: BreachEdit

"Denaebue, you have done excellent. I want you now to conduct studies on the history of Kanden, Noxus and Spire. Begin construction on a Volt Driver for the war," I commanded. He saluted me and then went off.


The sirens were screeching. "Sir, the hunters Spire and Noxus have breached security and are escaping!" "Send the squadrons! Don't let them get away!" I ordered. I rushed to the Weapons Complex.

When I finally reached the Weapons Complex I immediately grabbed the Murder Cannon and rushed to the Docking Bays. There, I saw two ships speeding away. Spire and Noxus thought they could escape, did they? Well they were sorrowly mistaken.

I stood at the edge, aiming my gun at the ships. The Murder Cannon would not fail. It would breach their hulls and kill them. The Diamonts and Vho will have lost great hunters, and members of their species.

I fired, but I kept missing! They were too fast! How could this be?! Adrenaline, perhaps. Ultimately, they escaped. Commander Shaakti returned. "Place tracking on the hunters Spire and Noxus. We must keep watch on them at all costs." Shaakti nodded and walked away.

I stood there on the edge of the docking bay, thinking about Samus and all the other hunters. Kanden would have made a great warrior, I thought. Jenki came up to me, and I asked him, "Jenki, what has become of the hunter Trace? He has not returned," Jenki shook his head. "Unfortunately, he was killed during his mission." he answered. "WHAT?!" I yelled, but not at Jenki. "I thought Samus was defenseless!" "She was, sir. But her cell was busted open and she threw an emergency axe at him." I sighed. "Thank you." I said. Jenki nodded and walked away.

The Exterminator: SlavesEdit

I had heard from Bloatirius that he had captured several prisoners from the Artemis. As I walked to greet him, I saw a group of four: a green alien that was glaring at Bloatirius, a fat and bald guy that was eating something despite the situation he was in, a man wearing the armor Samus posessed before the X infected her, and a girl that was holding a rabbit.

"Bloatirius, excellent work. Stay behind. I am going to question these people, and you will follow my orders when I give them." I said. He nodded.

First, I turned to the alien. "Ah, Chairman Keaton. My followers have told me much about you. It seems as if you were almost assasinated, but you lived. Because the hunter of course saved you." I turned to Bloatirius. "Take him to Cell Block One. He is too old to work. I shall instead have him gassed." "Yes sir!" Bloatirius shoved Keaton down a hallway, which lead to the block.

My attention turned back to the fat guy. "And who might you be?" I asked him. He looked up at me, but kept eating. "S-Samus Aran?" he asked.


Next, was the guy in blue armor. "I do not know who you are," I began, aiming my gun at him, "But if you do not reveal your name, I will not hesitate to kill you." He removed his helmet, and underneath I saw a man, with red hair and a thick red beard. "I am Armstrong Houston. I'm 39 and I am sort of a bounty hunter." I could see fear in his eyes, but he wasn't trembling like that fat guy.

"Hmmm... I like him. He'd make a good worker. But first we send him to the cell block." I ordered. Bloatirius opened a door and led Armstrong through.

Finally, there was the girl. She has long, dark hair and appeared to be quite intelligent. "And last but not least, you." I crouched. "Speak your name, girl, or I shall have you and your pet destroyed." It took her a few seconds to speak, but then a deep, quiet voice said "My name is Damara. I was born on Planet Jigrad, and as a child was nearly killed by your forces. If not for Samus Aran, I wouldn't be here right now." And then she muttered something under her breath that I wasn't able to hear.

"Hmmm... interesting. However, I did not exist at that time. A different group of Pirates attacked your homeworld." She looked at the floor, scratching her rabbit's ears.

"Explain the origins of your pet." I ordered. "This used to be Samus' pet. His name was Pyonchi. She left him with me while she went on her Zero Mission."

"Ah, yes... her infamous Zero Mission..." Looking at Bloatirius, I ordered him. "I see no need to send this girl to the work camps. She will be gassed." She turned pale.

Once that was done, I followed Bloatirius to the cell block. The gas chamber wouldn't go on for a few hours, so I walked in front of Houston as two guards apprehended him. However, in less than two seconds I heard grunts from the guards, and I whirled around and fired my Murder Cannon at him without thinking. No!

Thankfully, he was alive, and his suit was in pieces. I couldn't really say the same for the guards however. "What?!" he cried out. "No! Don't you know that I can't recharge my suit's energy?! Now it's gone forever!" Underneath he had on a dress shirt, slacks and formal shoes, with a vest and tie. I grabbed him and lifted him off the floor by the vest, which ripped in half, so as he was falling I grabbed his tie and began choking him. "Listen to me, now." I said, unbuttoning his shirt and throwing it away. "You're going to cooperate with me, understand?" He blinked without a word, before nodding slightly. "Good." I pushed him into a bookcase, which held chemicals that struck the floor and exploded. I heard an anguished scream, wondering what his problem was, when he came out holding his head in his hands. I pulled them away and found he'd lost his hair. "Your loss," I said. I then dropkicked him in the head and ripped off his muscle shirt, what remained of his pants and shoes, before throwing him in a work camp shuttle.

Ron: RecoveryEdit

Lt. Ron Green, Head Engineer of an Army of One Log access granted. Welcome back, Lieutenant Ron.

Log#258-1 172 DAY, 17 HOUR, 42 MINUTE A.D. (I sighed) I think I can finally walk again. No luck with the Comm link; It's missing pieces. I fixed my gun and with the welder, I fixed my armour too. Good as new. My legs have healed, and today, I'm investigating the back of the cave. I'm going to try something new today; talking into my log as I walk. First time I've stood up in weeks (straining noises) Ugh... Ok I'm up now. Turning on Infared Scope. There we go, now I can see. (Walking noises) Sediment seems... natural... moisture level normal with that of SR388... Air pressu- *gasp* It can't be... No, it CAN'T be! MOSS!? Alright, I'm going deeper. This is strange. Wow, there's a Hornoad! Aw, he likes me. He's a big one too. Mass... 372 kgs... 4 ft. tall, 5 ft wide, 5 ft long... Leg length proportianate... I think I'll take him with me. C'mon budddy... C'mon. We can help each other. Hmm, let's see if you can help me... Whoa, he just picked me up! He has a soft back... Whoa buddy, where are you taking me! Hey! HEY! What's that? Is this your house? I've just reached the back of the cave. It's full of piles of grass that this guy's been eating. Well aren't you the smart one! Whoa- oof. He just sat me down. What a cute little thing! Don't worry buddy, I'll keep you safe from that creature. Perhaps you can help me dig out of here? (He tackled me over, and started licking me like a dog.) I'll take that as a yes! I guess we should get to that. C'mon Horn'! Ron out.

Ron: FreedomEdit

Lt. Ron Green, Head Engineer of an Army of One Log access granted. Welcome back, Lieutenant Ron.

Log#259-1 175 DAY, 1 HOUR, 11 MINUTE A.D. Huff... Today we broke through... The hole is... (gasp) The hole is big enough for... the two of us to... HUFF! Squeeze through... (Catches Breath) Phew, that was alot of work. Good thing Buddy here helped. I guess it's time for us to leave now, eh Bud? Alright, let's go. You first. Up.. UP... (straining) Up... There you go. PUSH!!! Ugh... There, now my turn. (Grunt) (Sigh of relief.) Well, I see light to the west. Shall we, Bud? Ok, let me up. Now go! Whoa! WHOOOAAAA!!! Hornoads can hop fast! WHAAAAAAA! He just leaped over a hill like it was a hurtle! We can see the light source now! GO, BUDDY GO!(noise of Buddy stopping) Good boy, buddy Good Boy! Oh my god...

Ron: DepartureEdit

Lt. Ron Green, Head Engineer of an Army of One Log access granted. Welcome back, Lieutenant Ron.

Log#259-2 175 DAY, 1 HOUR, 11 MINUTE A.D. Oh my god... I... I can't believe it... I've found the engine of the asteroid... All of the missing ships are here! Even ours! All going full throtle, pushing the asteroid! I have to stop this madness. But I can't do it in my current state. I'll need help. Maybe I can hijack one of these ships... Now what would be a good one. I could take our ship, but... A fighter would be faster... Not to mention all the cargo I may need to haul... I'll need a new rifle... Alright, I've got it. I'll take Fuel and Energy Cells from each ship and put them in a small gunship able to carry anything I need. I'll also pack some food and spare rifles... And get all my other weapons back enabled... Alright. C'mon bud, let's go inspect the ships. Ok, we're enterring the first one... Empty of any lifeforms, good. Ah, cargo is beautiful! 20 Fuel Cells, 15 Energy Cells, 30 Crates of ammo... 50 empty crates! Perfect! (I loaded the rifles into the spare crates and relized; I outta take this ship. It's small, fast, and full of cargo space.) Ok, this is perfect. 10 more ships to inspect. C'mon Buddy. As I inspected the ships, I am hotwiring the systems to shut off the engines when I leave. Loding up cargo from ship 2... Ok got it. Good, I found a cart I can attach to Buddy... Here, take this, buddy. Oh! Wow, you seem to like that... In your mouth, like that... Ok, moving on. Loading the cart... Ooh, this is new! Fusion Cutter, Energy Weapons, I'll take 'em all! -later- Alright, I've just finsihed loading the cargo, and I'm taking the ship to the cave. Fly low... Fly low... Ok I'm there. Buddy, come with me. We're getting food for you. Man this is a large stack... We have plenty of time, though, so. Alright, loading Buddy's cart. Done. C'mon buddy, this is the last load you'll be luggi- (Roar is heard in distance) Oh god, not him. C'mon buddy, we have to go! (Sensing danger, buddy ran for the ship, but at a slow enough pace he lost no cargo.) MOVE MOVE MOVE! (I sat at the controls and started the engine. I lifted the ramp and put on all shields. I put in coordinates for a random planet and left, in a hurry) ^nervous voice^ Uhhhhh.... Ok! We're gone, we're gone! (As soon as we were high enough I saw it. Terror was about 100 meters away, and getting closer!) Ooooh CRAP! (I immediatly jumped to warpspeed as we reached the nessecary altitude, heading to a planet I didn't even know.) ^sigh of relief^ We did it Buddy. We survived. (I then headed for the entrance hall, where the cargo had been neatly stacked. We then hauled it into the cargo bay, and grouped them by contents. After that was done, I raided the Upgrades group. My armour is at full legal power now. (I went back to te cockpit, intent on finding out where I was going.) ^beep^

Ron: VentureEdit

Lt. Ron Green, Head Engineer of an Army of One Log Access Granted. Welcome back, Lieutenant Ron.

Log#260-1 176 DAY, 23 HOUR, 58 MINUTE A.D. This trip has just reached its first day. Actually, in about 2 minutes, we should be going on day number 2. I always hated traveling between planets. It's so... so... There's no worldly way to describe it! Which is kind of obvious, because it isn't even a world! Anyway, I came up with a name for my new pet. His name is now Hoeg. Mainly because he reminds me of a wild boar; strong, fierce, and tamable. *sigh* This trip has sure been different with Hoeg around. He's a lot of fun. The other day, I showed him how to use a gun with his tongue! Heh heh heh, just kidding, but he does learn quickly. I taught him how to be quiet and how to sneak. He surprises me as a game now. Heh, he coul- AAAAAHHHHH! Hoeg! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! (I nudged his cheek and he smiled at me, with that cute eye squint hornoads have.) Good boy. Heh heh heh... Anyway. I managed to reactivate my comm link using parts from some spare armour. It was armour inferior to mine, so I took all I needed and tossed it away. I'm still keeping it though... Might need more parts. When I checked the computer yesterday, it didn't know where I was going, so I might either be going nowhere, or into one of the trillions of dangers in the universe. I sure hope the first is correct. That could mean anywhere; a deserted planet, or litterally in the middle of nowhere! What an adventure... (I looked at Hoeg and smiled, rubbing his head) *sigh* This is the first time I've ever like space travel. I have Hoeg and I have no idea where we're going. Perfect. Now instead of my adventure being spoiled by some Colonel or whatnot, I get to guess about the fantastic places I may be going... (An alarm goes off) What the heck was- Oh darn... 12. Sounds like I better rest up; the computer says we'll arrive in a few hours... Well, g'nigh'. C'mon Hoeg, let's go to bed... *YAWN* ^beep^

Ron: ArrivalEdit

Lt. Ron Green, Head Engineer of an Army of One Log Access Granted. Welcome back, Lieutenant Ron.

Log#261-1 177 DAY, 8 HOUR, 2 MINUTE A.D. We have the planet in sight. I was right, it was uncharted. The planet is so beautiful. It's a paradise of sandy beaches and flamboient corals. The corals are crisp and moist. This must be low tide. Wow, how amazing. Corals this big thrive thousands of feet below the surface! The water was clear also. It reminded me of home. Ah, the Carribean Seas... Such wonderful memories... I was born on Earth, unlike most humans. I had the luxary of being home. Mmmmmm.... Such wonderful days... The water here is... 78 degrees! Nice! There are no clouds in sight. The temperature is low enough to not evaporate the water, I presume. The moons look like coral as well! Such a wonderful planet. Wait... A ship! Terror's men have followed me! CRAP! (I ushered Hoeg out onto the beach. He didn't like it much; too gushy I guess. He's used to the rocks of SR388. I mounted up on top of him and pursued the ship; I was not going to die today!) After a long trek through the corals, I came across a GF soldier and some other person. I shot him immediatly, only to be incapacitated by a shot from the other person.

Hoeg woke me back up. My armour was unscathed; amazing. They started talking amongst one another and I got back up, hearing my name. I saw it was Samus Aran and some rookie I didn't know. I'm a fool. Apologizing, I listened to why they shot me and I told them why I shot them. Feeling in debt to them I said I would help, no matter what. That boy didn't deserve what I gave him. He was already banged up pretty bad. It was after awhile that Hoeg and I got used to the couple; they were very nice. Least, I thought they were a couple hehe. "Let me go get my ship, I have a medical bay and virtually unlimited supplies in it. Stay here." I ran through the corals, realizing it was night. The ground was getting moist. High tide was coming. They'll die if I don't warn them! (I hopped on Hoeg and we galloped for the ship. By the time we got there, there was an inch of water, and it was rizing fast. My ship was below the others; they wouldn't know the water was coming! I lifted the ship off and with some quick thinking, steered the ship over to their position, about 4 miles away. I picked them up with the tractor beam and flew them to their ship. "Samus, get in your ship and move it; the water is rising. High tide is coming, and fast!" By the time we had left (10 minutes later) the water had just reached the edge of the hill and seeped over to the other side. We found an island (really it was a mountain from where we had been) where I could safely land and treat the boy. Samus is glad I warned them. Now, I have to see what I can do for Roy, so I must go. Later. (beep)

Samus: RecruitEdit

We flew off to an uncharted planet, desperate to get away. Roy was lying on a bed behind my chair. "You okay?" I asked. "Uhhhhhh...." he answered. I assumed that was a yes.

He held his hand up, and dug his fingers into his hair. I turned around. He found the wound that was on his head. I put the ship on auto pilot and came over to him. I pulled out a bandage and wrapped it around his head. I then turned to his hand. It was already in a cast, but I knew it was soaked with blood, so I changed it. When I accidentally touched the cut, Roy moaned. "Sorry," I said.

When we were 10 lightyears out of Federation space, we came across the uncharted planet. As we landed, I lifted Roy onto my back and walked out.

We were on Widlan, which was relatively unguarded by the Federation. The place reminded me of Maridia, an aquatic location on Zebes. At that thought I sighed sadly. Zebes had been destroyed two years ago after I defeated Mother Brain. Zebes was where I was raised, before the Space Pirates invaded. That thought made me clench my fist.

The corals were beautiful, they were different colors. Pink, blue, yellow, green. Just as I was about to continue, I sensed movement. It wasn't Roy.

Out of the shadows came a shady man in red armour, just like Sylux's! And a giant beast behind him. A Hornoad!

He ran and took cover in what looked like a Lockjaw, and I pursued him as well. However, his beast had other intentions. It crouched down and I knew it was charging a leap! It was aimed at the helpless Roy on my back!

It charged..

I felt the the shockwave of the pounce. Roy was down, and I knew it. My enemy came out of Lockjaw and started running.

I pulled out the Imperialist and, with a loud cry of hatred, I screamed "SYLUX!" and shot him. I looked back at Roy and the Hornoad, and was surprised to see the creature licking him and barking like they were playing. Roy pulled out his Scan Visor and scanned the man that ran. "His name is Ron Green," he told me. "He's a... Galactic Federation Marine, assigned to... SR388?" "Supposedly a member of the... Typhus Squad?! That's as high as high can be!" When he heard his name being called, Ron turned around and walked over to us.

I aimed my gun.

He said, "Hey! I come in peace! I didn't know you were Federation friends!"

"We're not," I told him.

"I am," Roy said.

"Okay, then, I'm not," I said.

I told Ron my story, knowing it was a stupid idea and that he would probably have me arrested. Roy also added in bits of his story in mine.

"I want to help," said Ron.

"What?" I asked.

"I said, I want to help. If the Federation is oblivious enough to NOT know about this threat, than I want no part of it."

I looked curiously at his pet Hornoad, who was looking like he was ready to pounce me.

"Hoeg, what did I tell you about that? Some people don't like that," Ron said. The Hornoad stopped licking Roy. His face and hair was covered in Hornoad spit. Ew.

"Come with me," I told Ron.

All three of us, including Hoeg, walked back to my ship to talk. Then we noticed that one of the surrounding coral clusters in the water looked more carved by hands than nature. We went to investigate and found an entrance on the southern end. Inside was a tunnel filled inky black water, dark enough to where not even our flashlight beams could go more than a few meters before disappearing. We looked at each other with curiosity marking all of our faces.

"Ladies first," Ron said, gesturing at me.


We had been diving into the tunnel for what seemed hours, but my visor said it was only 10 minutes. Finally, we noticed that the walls started to curve, and we were soon walking. About 100 meters ahead was a hole in the ceiling that let in some light. I came out first and helped the others up. Hoeg just bounded out. Then we looked around the room.

What I saw was truly amazing.

This appeared to be some temple of a sort, complete with elegant statues and structures. Several gargantuan columns held up the tan-colored marble roof. Artifacts of various shapes and sizes were perched in the niches that adorned the 500 meter tall walls. Treasure of innumerable value littered the floor. Among the loot were gold, gems, precious stones, and rare materials. But the most beautiful thing was the designs etched into the floor, walls, and ceiling. Most were pictures that depicted heroic battles and worthy warriors or gods. Others seemed to be symbols important to whatever race that built this underground temple. All in all, this building was incredibly majestic, and I wondered what it must have looked like in its prime condition.

One section of the western wall had writing in it. The databanks of my translator files could not find any matches of the language, but it looked very similar to ancient Pirate glyphs. I broadened my translator's module and set it to the oldest known Pirate writing. What came up appeared to be some sort of prophecy:

"In time, the evil Avenger will be reborn from the destruction of a haven of science, corrupted with a dark poison. It shall create a cursed weapon that shall destroy the galaxy, should the chosen not prevail. Only a hybrid woman, a young runaway, and a pure-hearted warrior have the power to stop it.

"The Sacred Weapons must be combined to form the bane of shadow, which will annihilate the evil avenger. Find the twenty eight sacred weapons, and form them into one when the time comes..."

As the message ended, I wondered what the Sacred Weapons were. Was the evil Avenger supposed to be the Exterminator? And was I the hybrid depicted in the wall? That would also mean that Roy was the young runaway and that Ron was the pure-hearted warrior. I guess I should trust this guy, if he is in the prophecy.

The thing that bothered me the most was the writer. Even though the glyphs were similar to Pirate's, I have never seen such beauty in Pirate dwellings, even on their homeworld. Then again, I remember learning about an ancient race of Pirates that disappeared. In my training of becoming a Federation Police soldier, I did a research on the Pirate species. One of their 8 tribes, the Vong tribe, had mysteriously disappeared from the galaxy some 5,000 years ago. Most, if not all, of their relics went with them, never to be seen again. No one knows what happened to them. We only know that they were the first to build machines. Looking back at the temple and what it held, I could only wonder if they built this place...


Ron explained what had happened in his camp. He was attacked by Terror, a dragon who posessed everyone in his camp but him. Roy said he was attacked too. As we all exchanged stories, Adam said there was a transmission coming in. "No, please don't let it be Dane... please don't let it be Dane..." I whispered.

Actually, it wasn't.

It was a pre-recorded message from Federation HQ. From the GFS Artemis. The hologram showed a familiar person.

"Noxus?" I asked.

"Good, you remember me, Samus."

Noxus was a bounty hunter from Vho, of the Vhozon species, who had a particular attachment to ice. He was one of the six bounty hunters that I met during my Hunter Mission in the Alimbic Cluster, and one of two that I worked with to collect all the Octoliths, the other being the Diamont Spire. I hadn't seen them since then.

"I believe you encountered Trace earlier, and killed him. The Exterminator had found all of us and held us in his prison. Kanden had died when he entered the atmosphere, Weavel was badly damaged, and Sylux had been killed by The Exterminator prior to all of this. Spire and I refused to serve The Exterminator's forces, and when the news of Trace's death reached us, Spire and I successfully fled the asteroid Z-SF761. We tried to join forces with the crew of the GFS Artemis, however they mistook us for enemies and have imprisoned us in their jail. Spire is currently holding them off while I give you this..." The hologram flickered.

"Noxus! What's going on?!"

"Spire's losing! I have to stop this transmission!" The last thing I saw Noxus do was change into the Vhoscythe and begin spinning. As the last words were spoken, many Federation rifle shots could be seen flying by. "Help us ou-". The transmission ended.

"Guys, we've got to help them!" I set the ship into high gear, flying to the Artemis. Ron did the same with his ship, a ship he admits was not his.

Roy: Operation JailbreakEdit

Before we landed on the Artemis, Ron reviewed with us what the plan was. When we memorized it, we ran inside.

Samus was to wear her Zero Suit and distract the guards while I ran inside to the cells and Ron kept watch. The two of us were hidden behind a crate while Samus deactivated her suit and walked into view. She stood there and the guards took notice of her. I also did, peeking behind the crate gave me a glimpse of her. She reached behind her head and pulled her hair out of her ponytail.

Her beauty mesmerized me as the long locks of flowing, beautiful, wavy curls of hair fell down. They extended right to her shins. The guards were mesmerized by her beauty too, but never forgot her identity. She had her Paralyzer, and, if she needed, she could use her breast sigil to activate her Power Suit and fight back.

As it turns out, there were more guards around, only two ran after Samus.

"You there! Halt!"

I spun around.

A guard was coming up to me. He grabbed my shoulder quite hard, but not too hard, and demanded to know my identity. I told him my name was Reese and I was 18. "Where are you going?" he asked. "Nowhere," I said. I knew this guy. He didn't scare me. I knew he was softer inside than he looked.

"I think you're looking for the purple and rock guys. Get out before I get you arrested too." That did it. "Maybe." I suddenly kneed him in the ribs and grabbed his Slot Key. The Dachoras and Etecoons were also helping, so I told the adult Dachora to track Spire's and Noxus' scents. I then ran through the halls, hearing the intercom saying this: "Attention, all essential personnel. Two criminals are loose on the G.F.S. Artemis. The first is a white female, last name Aran, first name Samus, wanted for destruction of Federation property, countless specimens and kidnapping. The second is a white male, last name Green, first name Ron, wanted for alleged possession of illegal weaponry. Both suspects are considered armed and extremely dangerous."

I destroyed the speaker system, and then encountered Samus.

"Did you find them?" I asked. "No. You?" "No." We rushed through the halls, calling their names.

"Spire? Noxus?" I called one final time.

"Samus! Over here!"

We found their cells and unlocked them. They both came out and thanked us.

"What happened to your armor?" Noxus asked. "Surgically removed." Samus just said. I turned on my comm system and called Ron. In just a short while, he was waiting outside along with the Dachoras and Etecoons.

"I heard footsteps up here!"

Oh snap! The guards knew we were here. Samus fired a blast from her breast sigil and the Power Suit was activated. She had taken it off to talk to the hunters.

"I have an idea," said Noxus. He then morphed into his Vhoschythe, his Alt. Form and then began to rapidly spin around. Everyone got out of the way as he pummel attacked the guards. We rushed down the halls and into the gunship.

"So, the Affinity Weapons are needed to destroy the Exterminator?" asked Spire. "Yeah." I replied. "But Kanden died when he entered the atmosphere and Sylux was killed by the Exterminator. Thus, the Volt Driver and the Shock Coil are now lost. So we can't possibly kill him." We pondered these thoughts and flew away.

"Not necessarily..." said Ron. He took off his arm cannon and placed it on the table. "The Federation never gave up on that project. After Sylux stole the technology, they kept working on it. Ever wonder why my armour looked so much like his?"

We all looked at Ron. "Well, what does that have to do with the Shock Coil?", I said.

He replied boldly: "I have the latest version of it."

Everyone had a questioning look on their faces. How could he? Ron then put on his rifle once again. "I'll show you." He pressed a few buttons on his rifle, and requested for a target. Samus activated her training system. It released drones. Ron instinctively aimed right for one, and with a quick pull of the trigger, shot out a familiar weapon. The Shock Coil. We were astonished! All was not lost! This shock coil was dfferent though; it was red, and drained the power of the drone within the second it was fired, and when it hit immediatly transferred between the two drones. It was a miracle in the flesh.

The Exterminator: CorruptionEdit

I clenched my fist at what Jenki had told me. Trace was so stupid to have destroyed Samus' cell, it only resulted in his death. And theft of the Imperialist.

Denaebue returned with news. "Sir, I am sorry if I'm bothering you, but progress on the Volt Driver is slow. However, we have better news for you. Weavel has healed completely and is ready to serve you." I nodded. "Bring him to me," I said.

After a short while Weavel came in. "Sir." he said.

"I want you to take this Phazon seed and plant it in Planet Eliefa. This will begin spreading of Phazon corruption. Ensure its successful growth," I ordered. He nodded, and saluted me.

I watched as his ship flew off to Eliefa. I wanted him to corrupt that planet because I knew it was precious to Roy. Now, it wasn't just about destroying Samus, it was about destroying him too.

Samus: WeavelEdit

Roy said he wanted to go back to Eliefa to rest for a while and get a break from the Federation and the Space Pirates. However, when we landed, we couldn't believe what we saw.

There were Phazon particles in the air. Some of the trees had Phazon growths on them. Finally, the grass looked sickly. "No! It can't be!"

I thought there were no more Leviathans! If there was Phazon, however, I bet there was also Leviathans now. Either that or Exterminator had been back.

Roy ripped a big Phazon growth out of the ground, but it grew back. Even when he ripped out the roots, it grew back. "Roy, give it up. They're just going to grow back." I told him. Angry, he agreed.

We walked on. The Etecoons had come along on the hike, and the little one was getting tired, so I picked him up and lifted him onto my shoulder.

No sign of a Leviathan. Just growths and growths of Phazon. The waterfall where Roy and I had met was now filled with acid.

As we continued to walk, I saw a familiar ship. "Weavel!" I exclaimed.

"Oh yeah. When Spire and I escaped, we learned that Weavel was almost completely healed. We knew that it was only a matter of time before he traveled to another planet. But, the intention was not to destroy you, Samus. The Exterminator ordered Weavel to let you live, so that he could finish you off himself. The intention was to plant a Phazon seed into the Root Tree of this planet, and spread the corruption of Phazon." Noxus said.

"When I find this Weavel guy, I'm going to teach him he's a bad seed." Roy said.

Soon after, we saw Weavel just ahead. He suddenly morphed into his Alt. Form, the Halfturret, and ran away. All of us, me, Roy, Ron, Spire, Noxus and the animals sped after him. I made a spin jump to get over in front of him and block his way, while the others blocked his other escape routes. "Weavel," I called out. "You're trying to spread Phazon through this planet, but," - I looked to Roy - "Will we let you?"

"Not a chance in hell!" he said before swinging his Arm Cannon at Weavel's head. "Take that, space fodder!" The fight ensued.

I knew that Weavel posessed the Battlehammer, a lobbing weapon like Spire's Magmaul. The Volt Driver worked best against him, however I did not have it. Kanden had died, and so unless another Volt Driver was created, then Weavel would have to be taken down by physical force. I used Diffusion Missiles to spread a wave of ice that could freeze Weavel, and then the others ripped into him with their weapons. Soon, the armor exploded and his remains fell out. I was about to move in for the kill, however Roy pushed me aside and froze his brain with his Ice Beam, followed by a Missile. Within seconds, Weavel was dead. I snatched the Battlehammer from him and the rest of us celebrated.

However, it did not last long. "Get to the Root Tree and destroy the Phazon Seed!" It was night-time, but Roy was intent on getting to the tree.

All of us were tired. Including Roy. But we forged on. It was only a matter of time before the entire planet became like Phaaze.

When we finally reached the Root Tree, Roy asked how we should get to the seed. I remembered a vaccine created for Aurora Units, that I had even used, but I didn't know if there was one for organic life-forms.

Was there any hope for the planet's survival?

The Exterminator: MattersEdit

Blast it! Weavel had also died. But this time Samus had been assisted by Roy, as well as a Marine who used illegal weaponry and Noxus and Spire, whom were imprisoned on the Artemis but were broken out by them. They finished Weavel off, and took the Battlehammer. However, they were unable to purge the Root Tree of the toxins.

We had no more hunters left to send. Kanden was dead due to the atmosphere, Weavel and Trace were killed by Samus and Noxus and Spire were traitors. There were no more hunters.


Sylux. Oh no, I absorbed him. No hunters to send. But I had another idea. I called Shaakti.

"Yes sir?"

"Weavel was unsuccessful in his mission. However, there is one other option to stop Samus. That is to send a virus into her armor, which will render it unprotective. Then, you and the other guards must capture her and bring her to me, so that I can finish her off. Am I clear?"

"Yes, sir. Consider it done."


Jenki rushed in, pushing Shaakti aside. "Sir, I've seen an entity floating in the air! Tests have begun on it, and energy signatures are being searched for." I nodded.

This virus must not fail, I thought. It can't.


No! It has failed! Samus has disabled her suit so that it will run a virus check! It will remain inactive for 24 hours, so I must strike now, or else she will have restored her armor.

I decided enough was enough. I would teleport to her location, defeat her, kidnap Roy and steal the technology that Ron, their new friend, posessed.

A few minutes later, two of my guards came in and shoved a rather dirty looking boy onto the floor. His hands were tied, and he was shirtless. There was one exposed spot on his head that showed a huge scab. I recognized him! It was Roy!

"Thank you guards," I said. Then, I seized Roy by the throat. "Follow my orders, boy, or you will suffer deeply." All he let out was a choke.

Samus: VirusEdit

We had returned to Widlan to cool off. I gave Roy some time while I caught up with events on Z-SF761.

Soon, I found that Ron had returned. "Where've you been?" I asked him. "I was after some illegal weaponry to aid you guys out in the Darch Star Cluster. I looked for some clues in the nearby Federation Research Facility but..." he replied. "What went wrong? Spit it out!" I commanded. "The station's gravity generator has been knocked out. I'd need some Gravity Suit data to explore it, but I don't think-" "I have some," I replied. He looked astonished. "You do? But you're wearing a-" he asked. "Omega Suit. Yeah I know. I got this when I killed one of the SA-Xs and got the Ice Beam. Sure, I'll upload the data to you." I walked back to my ship to get it.

Suddenly, I felt my visor get scrambled. Almost as if I was shot by the Volt Driver. Kanden? Impossible! Spire and Noxus said he was dead! No, this... this...

This was a virus!

Was this sent by the Federation to disable my armor so that they could capture me? Or had Ron betrayed me? No. This had Exterminator written all over it.

"Samus! What's wrong?!" asked Ron. "Someone's uploaded a virus to my suit! I forget how to enable the virus scan!" Then I remembered. There was a code I could use to disable my armor for 24 hours so that it could run a virus check.

I typed the code.

JUSTIN BAILEY ------ ------

Magically, my armor was gone. The sigil on my Zero Suit was dim, that meant the suit was inactive. Ron rushed up to me. "Samus? Are you okay?!" "Yeah. My suit won't work for 24 hours though. It has to run a virus check."

That night, he came to me in a nightmare.

I was alone. The Exterminator had appeared and was beginning to talk to me. "Huntress..." I heard whispers. Then, bubbles of some sort of matter began to form. The Exterminator was here.

"Huntress... you have successfully murdered my soldiers Trace and Weavel. If you do not surrender, I will steal the last things precious to you..." Roy had suddenly appeared, and the Exterminator had him seized by the throat. "No!" But then Exterminator shot. I woke up.

My hair was virtually drenched with sweat. Ron sensed my nightmare and asked me about it. In it, I described how Exterminator had murdered Roy. It was too horrible. Ron comforted me and assured me that Roy wasn't gone.

However, when I went to check on him, his bed was empty!

Samus: JunkEdit

I rushed onto the beach, not bothering to change out of my underwear. Nearby a huge patch of coral was a few words sprawled in the sand:

"If you want your boy back, surrender yourself to me. I'll be waiting at Jukul."

They had taken him to Jukul! I had heard about that place. That was where the Ylla and their civilization lived, and was now used as dumping grounds. Apparantly the air was so toxic someone would die in less than 72 hours without proper protection.

My hand went right up to my face. Ron came running out, and put an arm around me. I stared at him sadly.

We went back to my ship, which wasn't quite that far away, and I explained the story to Noxus and Spire.

"Before we attack, I know where to get some extra help." I then set the ship to fly to Jamoru, where some of my friends were.

When we landed, I turned on my suit. "Who are we looking for?" asked Ron. "I have two friends here named Mauk and Kreatz."

Before I went on my Zero Mission, I had worked with them in various missions, such as saving a group of children on Jigrad during the Space Pirate rule. One of those children was Damara, who turned into an intelligent young woman. I had left my Rabbilis Pyonchi with her. I miss them both.

Mauk and Kreatz had returned to this planet, which was Mauk's home, to rebuild after the Space Pirates attacked. Do they have to do that to every single planet? I asked myself. Do they?

We walked, calling their names and looking every which way. Then I suggested that we split up. Me and Ron, Spire and Noxus. So we did.

After about 15 minutes, I had found both of them. "Boo!" I said behind Kreatz. That startled him and made him drop his work tools. "Heh heh heh."

He turned around and looked peculiarly at me. "Samus?" he asked. I removed my helmet and confirmed his suspicions. "Samus!" he cried before trapping me in a rib crushing hug. "Mauk! Come look who's here!" Mauk stopped his work, turned and joined the group hug. He made the hug crush me even further.

Then, when they finally let go, they asked "So what brought you to Jamoru?" my smile suddenly turned serious. "I need your help." I told them.

We walked back to the ship so I could explain what was going on. "Hmmm... so you're a runaway now, aren't you?"


I put my hands on Kreatz's shoulders, looking him in the eyes. "So, will you help me?"

"Sure, Samus. We're your friends. We'll help you find your boyfriend." Mauk was trying hard not to smile.

"H-He's not my boyfriend..."

When we were in orbit around Jukul, I put the plan into action. Once we landed, Mauk and Spire were to take one army, while Noxus and Kreatz took the other, and Ron and I searched for the work camp.

When we saw another army coming in to inspect, we hid in the shadows and waited for them to walk past. When they did, I pierced right through their brains with the Plasma Beam. Nice hit, Ron mouthed. I smirked.

Continuing on, we saw the entrance was blocked by a high frequency shield. I needed to scan an Interface Module, but then, I remembered an alternate method of activating one. During my struggles on Aether, I had encountered Dark Samus in the Sanctuary Fortress. She had smashed a module with the back of her fist to activate it.

So, sliding along the wall, I punched the switch and the shield was lowered. The Pirates now knew we were here.

While Ron fended them off, I ran inside the main chamber of the camps. Roy was in view, wearing only a pair of raggedy shorts, breaking down rocks with an axe, making the other slaves look bad. I gaped in awe at him for a few seconds. Despite his age, he had a really fit and toned body, equivelant to that of a 25-year old man.

Just before I could approach him, a creature erupted from the ground. A Griptian!

Wait, no.

It was a Pirate wearing Griptian armor, and I battled it very much like a Griptian. It rolled at me, but I stunned it, knocking it over and slamming it right into the path of a slave's axe. The slave screamed in shock at the mutilated corpse, and several Pirates jumped down into the fray.

I quickly Boost Balled over to the scene, knocking several down, and collecting a fallen axe to throw like a dart at the Pirates. Ordering the slaves to flee, I grabbed Roy (who held me like he never wanted to let go) and jumped atop the cliffs, heading to the main headquarters of the work camps. There I continued slaughtering personnel until the camps were derelict.

The gas then started up. This was the killer radioactive gas that was fatal in 72 hours. Roy held his breath, but I knew the gas would get him eventually. I quickly looked around for an air mask and found one attached to a dead Pirate. I gave it to him and then began coughing myself. Roy took his mask off and said as fast as he could, "I thought your oxygen systems were flawless?" I quickly shoved the mask back onto his face and said "There's always a way around it."

I lead him out of the gas while struggling to breathe on my own and then the two of us got back into my ship, before I launched a full-scale attack on the Gas Generator, sending a flurry of gas everywhere, but it quickly dispersed.

All of us took a nice rest.

The Exterminator: DestructionEdit

Well, as I would have thought, Roy was freed from the Jukulian work camps by my nemesis Samus. As well as Ron, Spire and Noxus, and two new friends of hers. I didn't know their names. But it didn't matter.

The tracking device in her gunship was still there, and so I can easily track her down and kill her. All of them. I won't bother to make Roy a slave again, because he will be freed again. By the Federation.

As I walked back to my post, I looked at myself in the mirror. I pulled my helmet back and stared at my ugly face. Samus' face. But blue and without pupils in the eyes. My skin was a sickly dark blue, this was due to my Phazon corruption. My hair was her hair. Messier and blue as well.

I punched the mirror, shattering it. I didn't care how many pieces fell, my luck was bad enough already.

Checking the radar for any nearby ships, I spotted a flagship carrying cargo down to the Pirate Homeworld. It had been taken over by the Federation, and the Pirates had retreated to the asteroids nearby. Rumors stated that the Federation planned to destroy them, but I did not know if they were true. Besides, even if they were, we would evacuate immediately.

I called all of my forces for a meeting. I told them that I planned an attack on Norion, where we would steal things precious to the Federation. Upload a virus through their network, destroy the base beyond repair and... and...

What's this? A message has appeared, saying that Metroids have been discovered on Norion. I would organize troops, and we would attack Norion to destroy the Metroids.

It would begin tonight...

Landing on Norion, the troops split up.

There were indeed Metroids here. However, it was impossible for anyone to find them. They must be in a top secret area.

What now?! My radar was screeching.

Federation Troops were coming! When they noticed me, they screamed in their comms "I've spotted Samus! She has new armor and may be deadlier than before!" I rushed them and grabbed one of them by the neck, strangling him. "If you want to live, flee. Let your commanders know: The Exterminator seeks revenge." They fled screaming.

I discovered the Metroids behind a wall of Jovian Steel. This stuff is so hard, no known weapon can break it. Except for...

The Murder Beam! With the weapon's concentrated energy blast, the wall crumbled right in front of me, allowing me to pass.

The lab was dark, and appeared to be vacant. I saw several Metroids in glass containers. Alpha. Gamma. Zeta. Omega. Clones from Samus' precious Metroid hatchling.

Just then, Jenki came on my comm system.

"Sir, we have found a clone of a giant, dragon-like species that is one of the Space Pirates. Do you know him?" I thought for a second and then remembered. "Ah yes. He is Samus' sworn enemy, yet he keeps getting revived again and again. Send him off to Z-SF761."

As I was about to destroy the capsules containing an Alpha Metroid, I heard shattering and a siren going on. But on the way back to the main chamber, I found a figure that I knew all too well.

Samus! The hunter has found us! With the Metroids on her side, I was finished.

Samus then laid a Power Bomb, setting it to explode in 100 seconds. With a smile, she defied gravity and did a super jump up to the top of the shaft.

Growling at her, I noticed that the Metroids were beginning to come to me. Oh no, I thought. Fighting wouldn't help. They would only get aggravated.

With a deep breath, I Screw Attacked up and out of the breeding lab just as it blew up.

Roy: News ConferenceEdit

I had just woken up from a long nap in Samus' ship. It was about time she came back. We'd tracked Exterminator down here on Norion, and she told me to take a nap while she took a look. My hair was thick and long, and in my eyes. My goatee was longer and curlier. I was still half blind by the time I'd got out of bed. Rubbing my eyes, I found the others discussing something in the cockpit. Samus was with them.

"Hey there, bedhead." she said to me, messing my hair up even more.

Kreatz was in the cockpit wrestling with an opened panel using a wrench. "And... there!" He pulled out a chip, which must have been the tracking device, and allowed Samus to smash it with her fist. "Try to find us now, Feds." she said.

"So what went on with Ex?" I asked. "I found a damaged lab containing dried fluid and membranes. Metroid membranes. But the funny thing is, that there was also a shattered tank. Almost like..."

I looked at her, motioning her to continue. She closed her eyes. "Roy, I think that area was Sector Zero. From the Bottle Ship."

"What? But Commander Malkovich destroyed it!"

"I definitely heard an explosion, but that place really looked like what I thought Sector Zero would be if I'd gone in there. If the sector is alive, then maybe..." She shook her head. "No, no he isn't. He's dead. I have to keep telling myself that." She shook her head before coming back out. "What you may not know, Roy, is this." She was holding a blue helmet with a fading "07" on it. "I went back to a derelict space station for that. A stupid, simple helmet. But it means so much to me."

She allowed me to hold it, and I turned it around carefully.

The ship's computer then turned on. "Samus, I think that a Federation news conference is going to come on soon. Shall I put it on for you?" Samus nodded. In a few seconds, we saw Admiral Dane, my uncle, at a podium.

"About a month ago, my dear nephew, Roy Abraham Dane, went missing after he ran away from me. I found him with bounty hunter Samus Aran later, and I have begun to believe that she abducted him." Samus' eyes were fierce. So were mine.

"He had suffered injuries during a fight with someone. The attacker had fled before we arrived, but perhaps it was Samus, who may have laid on the ground in an attempt to convince us that she was attacked.

"Recently, a dark appariation believed to be Samus was spotted on Norion, that destroyed the Metroid lab that we had. Another one of our experiments was stolen, though nothing else appeared to be out of order."

"If you have any information on Roy's and Samus' wherabouts, or know what the dark appariation really is, then please contact the Galactic Federation. And if you're listening to this conference, Samus, you better let Roy go and surrender yourself."

That was it. "Samus, don't give me back to Dane. I don't want to go back to him." She looked at me funny. "Why would I do that?" She messed up my hair again before leaving.

Ron: Voyage into the DarchnessEdit

Lt. Ron Green, Head Engineer of the Rebellion of Five Log access granted. Welcome back, Lieutenant Ron.

Log#263-1 182 DAY, 0 HOUR, 0 MINUTE A.D. FINALLY! I can LEAVE! After that messup back on Widlan where Roy went missing, I had no chance to get my Gravity Suit data until now. (Between you and me, I hope Samus doesn't mind that I took a Varia Suit and some... other things with me...) I just got out of warpspeed above that station again and I'm ready to delve into the darkness. (landing noises) *grunt* C'mon Hoeg, we- actually, I think it would be best if I go alone this time, bud. (I ventured out into the hangar, towards the hallway) My best bet to find some info is that way... But why not restore power? Alright, I'll do that first; not gonna find any information on a powered down computer anyway, HEH! (footsteps, utter quiet) Hmm... If I'm not mistaken, the Reactor would be this way... *GASP* No... (In front of me was a large damaged vessel, docked in the Hangar Omega.) No... It can't be. *jump boosters**THUD* I can't believe it... It is! The G.F.S. Medusa. Hmm... Wonder if the Federation minds my looting of the vessel. Heh heh heh... I love being a criminal. But... I really should go ahead and finish what I started here first; if the power comes back on, maybe I can move the Medusa out of this hangar. Maybe I can use it... (I pressed on, only to fall into the vessel.) Gah! Ugh... Not my legs AGAIN! Damn. *stuggle, grunt* (I crawled a ways to the wall of the hallway I was in and looked around. The lights were out. Behind me was an energy cell console.) How convenient. (I pulled out an energy cell and powered up this area of the ship. As the lights came on, I looked at my surroundings. When the lights were fully on, I looked to my left, only to forever be scarred...) AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! (It was a galactic federation soldier, just... standing there, looking at me.) C'mon man! You scared me! What the hell happened to you- (when I reached up to grab his hand, which seemed to be extended to me, I touched his hand, and he began trembling. Dust began pouring out of the cracks in his armour. Pieces began falling off, starting with the head, then the fingers, then other random parts. In the end, he was a pile of dust) Oh no... This must be what happened to it... I'm sorry, brother, I shall avenge your humble death. Damn met- (when I turned to my other side, I looked face to face with a gigantic metroid.) *bloodcurtling scream, untypable to immitate* NOOO! NO! YOU WILL NOT GET ME TOO! GAH! (I shot it, only for it to avoid. It crept ever closer and...) *backwards sucking noise* No! Get off of me! GET OFF OF ME! (I felt my legs heal) Wait a minute. Why are you doing this? (It finished and flew in front of my head. It was an SR388 metroid. The kind that are extinct! I looked at it once more. I stood up and looked at myself as well. I was surprised at how resmebling I looked to Samus. Only minor differences here and there. Good thing I took all of those upgrades.) You think I'm Samus, don't you? Wouldn't you want to kill me? (I looked at it once more. It matched the description of the Hatchling, although they all look the same, I could tell this one was different.) You're a clone!

Ron: ReturnEdit

Lt. Ron Green, Head Engineer of the Rebellion of Five Log access granted. Welcome back, Lieutenant Ron.

Log #264-1 185 DAY, 3 HOUR, 23 MINUTE A.D. I've gathered the Lost Weapons from the planets Jukul (in the Ylla ruins on a seperate part of the planet), Pyrodia, Urbia, and Cidia, from the wrecked ship, Medusa, from the Darch Defense Outpost, from the Field, and from the Iahnebyula. I am headed back for Widlan as we speak. I also saved many Metroids from the clutches of the Exterminator and marooned them within the Darch Star Cluster, where they are free to reproduce and live without fear of Galaxy wide destruction, or complete Metroid extinction. Widlan is about... very close, so I should be arriving... now. (I looked upon my new home with happiness. I missed it so. I brought the ship in for a landing on our mountain. It was low tide. When I left the ship, I saw everyone packing up their ships. Even Spire and Noxus.) Hey Roy! What's going on! (He said "We're leaving for the Oormine system. Gonna get Samus's upgrades from Tallon IV back. Than we're off for Aether to get the Light, Dark, and Annihilator beams. Pretty much, we're getting everything we can. Then we're gonna hitch a ride on the Artemis to Z-SF761.") What! But I just got- Oh fine... (I looked out to sea. It was sunset. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. And I couldn't help but think: this may be my last time to Widlan. I shed a quick tear, the first tear I had ever let loose. I turned away and hooked Hoeg up to his cart to help load the other ships.)

Roy: My SongEdit

It was almost time for us to go. Before that, I was going to take a walk down the beach one last time. Kicked off my boots and tredged along.

Samus was sitting on a rock. She looks so beautiful. Her long strands of hair were flailing around in the wind just as they were when we met. She was alone, and she looked sort of depressed. I sat next to her and dug my toes into the sand.

She turned to me and smiled. "Want me to show you something?" she asked. She picked up a conch shell from the beach and began to blow into it. She told me she learned how to play when she was in training. The song she was playing for me was one of her favorites. She hadn't given it a name yet, but decided to name it "Roy's Song". I smiled.

Just as we were about to lean in for a kiss, Ron came in telling us that the ships were almost ready.

Samus: Final HuntEdit

Ron had come back from the Darch Star Cluster. He said he had "business" to take care of, but I knew better.

We turned on the computer in my ship to watch the latest news conference.

"A few days ago, a capsule was found containing the message, 'Prepare for the Massacre of the Pirate Homeworld.' Several Federation members and affiliates had been kidnapped recently during a raid on the Artemis, but other than the kidnappings, nothing seemed to be out of order. We have led to believe that this message means that an attack on the Pirate Homeworld will commence in two nights. Preparations are being made to fly there and fight in the battle. Over and out."

That would start it. We had forty eight hours to get what we needed in the final battle.

I had the Power Beam, Long Beam, Charge Beam, Zebesian Wave and Plasma Beams, Wide Beam and Ice Beam, as well as the Shock Rifle, Battlehammer, Imperialist, Magmaul and Judicator.

We were going to Elysia, where I had stored a small but useful cache of weapons within the chamber of Aurora Unit 217. But before I went there I was going to go to two other planets.

The first stop was Tallon IV. I left my friends in the ship, and stepped out, disabling my helmet and letting the rain soak my hair. This feeling felt good and was something I dearly missed.

I took a left into the corner of the Landing Site and returned to the Frigate Crash Site, which had no more frigate, it had been hauled in for scrap metal. I left the crash site and went up a slope. I was going to visit the Artifact Temple's ruins.

I stepped into the Artifact Temple lobby and then descended down out of the shelter into the rain. The platform had rubble all over it, and the symbols were ruined. The statues overtop of the temple were destroyed. A massive hole had been bored into the temple, analysis by my Scan Visor indicated by local bioforms. But what bioforms? I believed just stupid Federation researchers.

Either way, I dropped inside the surprisingly mostly intact crater. The Save Station in the entry point was damaged and unusable, but the microchip that powered it was not, so I took it out to be used later. The Red Phazon in the connecting hallway was gone, with only ash left behind. Lumigeks, natives of Tallon IV and not brought from Phaaze, were still crawling around on occasion.

The platforms in the Phazon Core were on the ground and broken, but I had my Screw Attack, which I used to get me up to the Missile Station, where I took another microchip.

After I swam for a bit in the Landing Site's lake, I got back into my ship and set a course for Aether. There were three possibly useful weapons there that I had returned to the Luminoth after liberating their planet. I knew U-Mos would let me borrow them again.

I told my friends to stay behind yet again, and I descended into the Temple Grounds.

The GFMC Compound, the Landing Site for the G.F.S. Tyr, was missing the Tyr, which was brought back to Earth for repairs and eventually reuse. All the Marine bodies that were in the Splinter Hive had been buried in the compound, so I manuevered my way around them, before I noticed a blue ship beside me, on a raised ledge.

The sign in front of the graveyard said "This site marks the graves of everyone in the Galactic Federation Marine Corps Task Force Herakles, all murdered while valiantly battling Splinters." The sign also indicated that the hive had been caved in (I'd seen boulders blocking the first entrance).

The door to the Sanctuary Fortress had a golden telekinetic barrier covering it. The Luminoth apparently still were not finished repairing the planet. Back to the ship, it had a design similar to a Space Pirate Fighter. As soon as I realized this, I rushed to the Great Temple, calling out the name of the Sentinel of the Luminoth, the one who had assisted me, U-Mos.

As with my last visit, he was in the Main Energy Controller. All the other Luminoth were missing. A garbled sound came from him, which my visor translated as a greeting. "Hello," I replied. "U-Mos, I need your assistance." Another garbled sound, "Yes, Samus?"

I calmed down, then replied, "I am going to face my enemy off in a very intense battle, and I would like to know if I could once again borrow the beam technologies that I used when I saved the Luminoth." He nodded, and then produced three symbols, the Dark, Light and Annihilator Beams! I gave him a thank you. As I was about to turn and leave, I asked him, "Where are the other Luminoth?"

He replied in his language "Half of them are replanting the Agon desert, a third of them are repopulating the species in the bog, and the rest are repairing the fortress. I am overseeing the operation." I nodded.

As I returned to the GFMC Compound, I saw two individuals. One was a stocky male with buzzed brown hair and cocky sideburns in Federation Marine armor. I zoomed in on his ID, which was simply "Drake". The other seemed vaguely familiar to me. And then I realized who it was.


An android on the Bottle Ship made from Mother Brain's intellectual data that was created to form a motherly bond with the Metroid specimens, inspired by the baby and I. She went rogue, and all scientists but Dr. Madeline Bergman were murdered by the creatures on the ship. MB wanted revenge on the humans and posed as Bergman to me, sending me to my almost death in Sector Zero, but Adam had taken it for me.

In the final skirmish, Federation vs. her, all that clouded me was anger. MB had caused this all, and just as I was about to kill her, the real Madeline froze her to stop the fight, and unknowingly allowed the Federation to destroy her. I hadn't seen the damage to the android, apart from tattered lab coat, so I don't know how but this Drake person was able to reactivate MB.

Her hair had gotten longer, and darker. It was no longer the light shade of blonde, it was much more yellow... like... like... me.

Anger was flooding my thoughts. This was Mother Brain, an ugly, homely Chozo computer responsible for so much destruction, glorifying herself, in my image. She'd killed the Zebesian Chozo. She'd killed the baby. She'd killed Adam. But she wouldn't kill another person as long as I was alive.

I jumped into the air, higher than she ever could. Charging my Arm Cannon until all Missiles were selected, I fired a practically Ultra Missile at her. The ship was destroyed, but she walked out of the destruction. Drake wasn't so lucky, his bloody corpse was being dragged by her out of the flames. She kissed his cheek and held the corpse close to her as she turned to me with an angered expression.

"WHY, SAMUS?!" Artificially generated tears leaked from her eyes. "WHY WOULD YOU KILL THE ONE LOVE I STILL HAD, AFTER MY MOTHER BETRAYED ME AND MY CHILDREN WERE KILLED?!" She threw off her heavy lab coat and took Drake's freeze gun. "WHY?!" She approached.

"Because you killed my commander. You should have told me the Metroids were unfreezable! Now he's dead, and I didn't even get a chance to tell him how much I loved him!" I could feel my eyes turning red as she stopped. "You took my love, and so I took yours. And now I will take you, once again. Mother Brain."

Evidently enraged, she rushed at me, and threw me back at a rock wall. I morphed midflight and boosted at the wall, bouncing off, straight at her. Like a cannon ball. The impact created a dent in the ground, and she recoiled some. Her hair was a bit singed, but she responded by firing at my cannon, freezing it over. I banged my fist on it, getting an opening to the main controls, which I pressed to get the cannon to warm up. In the meantime I forced my Power Suit to disappear around my right thigh, so I could whip out my Paralyzer and use it.

It had quite a bit of effect. The ice around my cannon exploded, so I put away the Paralyzer and resumed firing as normal. I then froze her and laid a Power Bomb, thus destroying her once again. As with my final battle with the original Mother Brain, I said, "Mother! Time to go..." before I killed MB. Melissa was no more, but I wasn't done yet.

She summoned an army of Darklings. Darkling Splinters, Darkling Preeds, Sandiggers, lots of Darklings galore. It seems as though some Ing managed to survive in the form of what Darklings I had not killed. Now was my chance to eradicate them for good.

Fighting the creatures was no trouble at all, but I still had Melissa to deal with, in a way.

Equipping a damaged piece of debris from their ship, I lit her body on fire and watched it burn through the human skin, and then leave nothing but metal. I stomped on it again and again until it was beyond repair, before I smashed the parts some more, specifically the limbs and then the chest, before I twisted the head and crumpled it up like a pop can. I then threw the mangled metal over the ledge, into the long abyss, and spat.

When I returned to the ship, Roy knew I was angry. "Samus?" I sighed. "Catfight." I said. "Care to explain?"

"I ever tell you about MB?" I said. He shook his head but said "I know who she is. I was in the audience when you gave your report." After a pause, he said "What, you re-encounter her? But she was killed."

"Androids can be rebuilt." I said, sitting back in my pilot seat and observing Roy buckle himself into his.

The next stop was Elysia, where I had left Space Pirate technology, the Nova Beam, stacked with Ghor's Plasma Beam and one of my spare Power Beams. I had made sure Aurora Unit 217 had stored them safely, and would give them to me if necessary.

We noticed a few Elysians inside the SkyTown fortress, though they ignored us. Their Phazon corruption had been undone, and so they worked to maintain the fortress once again.

I found the Aurora Unit's chamber and interfaced with it. The unit appeared out of the liquid in its tank and spoke to me. "Hello, Samus. You wanted us to give you the weapons?" I nodded. "Here you go." Out from the floor came an orb, the Planovawer Beam (horrible portmanteau, but whatever). I also was given back my Wave and Plasma Beams from Tallon IV, which I had brought back here.

With only 2 hours left, we flew to the Artemis through a secret entrance. Mainly using our Alt-Forms to navigate, we took a little bit of a spare breather, because there would be no turning back once we got to Z-SF761.

Samus: ReunionsEdit

We were moving fast and carefully, almost running into a Marine on patrol. However, that Marine turned out to be my old friend Anthony Higgs. He had a new beard. "Hey, princess!" he said as he trapped me in a huge bear hug.

After he'd crushed my bones, he let go and asked, "You got a boyfriend princess?" with a grin.

I stammered. "Well, I... uh -"

"And he's Roy Dane too! Sup' brotha?" he asked, giving Roy a manly hug. "You two know each other?" I asked.

"I was his partner back in my early days." Roy explained.

"Hey, Roy. You her prince now?"

"What?" he asked back.

I decided to explain. "I guess I moved with such grace in training back in my days that Anthony decided to start calling me Princess. Although, I was the hockey-playing, rebellious kind of princess."

"Prince Roy of the Pirate killing kingdom. I like it." he said. We all shared a laugh at that.

"Alright, well, whatever crazy mission you're about to go on now, good luck." Anthony tapped both of our shoulders and walked away.

The reunions didn't stop. I ran into a red-haired woman in a green lab coat, holding the hand of a little girl. "Oh! Madeline!" She smiled. "Hello, Samus." She let go of the girl's hand and we hugged. "I see you've gained a new look." she said, noticing my suit.

"I'm sorry about the loss of your Chozo suit." I nodded. "It's not really much of an issue. So, what's been going on?" I asked. "I'm the new science teacher at Federation Academy. And it's all thanks to you." Both of us smiled. I looked at the little girl. "Is this your daughter?" She nodded. "Her name is Melanie."

"Can I hold her?" I asked. She nodded. I picked up Melanie, who appeared to be at least 5, and held her in my arms. She wore a hairclip with Metroid nuclei. It made me recall Madeline's other daughter.

Yes. There was a time when Madeline had a much older daughter. It was MB. She'd taken her hairclip, ruined by the foot of a colonel, but fixed it, and now her new daughter wore it.

Madeline sighed sadly. I put Melanie down and she walked over to her hand again. "I-I'm sorry." I said. "It's not your fault." Madeline said, shaking her head.

I felt ashamed, but Madeline suddenly perked up when she saw Roy. "Oh, hello." she said. "Hi." he replied.

"Oh, Madeline, this is Specialist Roy Dane of GFMC Task Force Achilles." I said.

Roy saluted her. "Samus..." she tried not to smile.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Are... are you... dating him?" I groaned but Roy chuckled. She held her hands up, still trying to hold her smile in. "Just wondering." I smiled then, and she let loose. "Maybe." Madeline said goodbye to us and walked off.

I rolled my eyes and grinned. We ran into Ron, who had seen the entire thing. "Awwwwww...!" I pushed him away. The station was nearing the asteroid. Spire came back. "Hey guys, I've found some steaks, and they're pretty awesome." The four of us walked back to my ship and we had a steak and whiskey dinner. After I finished my steak, I stepped outside for a little walk.

At the very second that I took another step, I felt a cold hand touch my shoulder. My visor flashed and and I whirled around to see my attacker, but my eyes widened quickly after, and I got out of battle stance.

No. He was dead.

I'd seen him walk off into the very sector that would give him death. The very sector that I should have gone into. I had his helmet and a computer with his personality.

I shut my eyes and opened them. The man was still there.

He was older than the last time I saw him. If I recalled correctly, he was 38 during the Bottle Ship mission. So he'd be 40 now. His face showed it.

Apart from the new wrinkles, the man had blue eyes. Like me. Like Roy. His black hair, normally with volume in it, was greying and messy. He hadn't had a shave in a while. There was a scar over his once beautiful lips. The armor on his left arm was gone, and part of his chestplate was also gone, and the shirt underneath was torn open, exposing his well toned stomach.

I think you know who I'm talking about. Yes, you do.

"Adam?" I asked in a hushed whisper. "Is it really possible?"

Adam looked me in the eyes with his his own, much kinder than the harsh expression he usually played on me and those who served him. He knew me better than anyone else, and until today I'd found a new Adam in Anthony, and then Roy. Just to make sure, two of my fingers touched the scar on his lips.

When I touched real flesh, I jumped and tried to pull it back.

He held my same hand, very gently, as he wrapped it around his neck before he took me into his arms. The first time he'd ever done something like this to me. It was completely odd.

"How?" I asked.

Adam's fingers had motioned to my helmet. Somehow he knew very well where the button to turn it off was. He did so, and his lips opened but made no sound.

"Why not?" I asked him. "Why didn't you tell me you were alive?" He was silent, so I suddenly got angry. I asked again, my voice cracking. "Why not?!" His hand touched the back of my head, taking me in again after I'd detached for a second.

"I heard an explosion." I said. "I heard an explosion, you should be dead! How are you alive, Adam Malkovich?! HOW?!" I paused. He gave my shoulder a squeeze before he finally spoke.

"Calm down, Samus. Give me a second."

A second later, he and I were sitting in the living quarters of my ship. I'd removed the rest of his armor, bandaged up a few wounds and given him his extra clothing, which I had taken when I was tasked with clearing out his desk.

"The explosion you heard was MB." he said. "I destroyed her."

"No you didn't." I said.


I explained, because somehow he didn't know about MB's new body even though he knew pretty much everything else. "The scientists felt that a motherly bond needed to be created with the cloned Metroids, inspired by..." I couldn't go on. This was because of the baby. I'd brought it back against protocol and he would be very against it.

"What, Samus?"

I gulped. "During my Metroid extermination on SR388, I found a lone Metroid egg. It hatched right in front of me, and the poor thing mistook me for its mother." I said. "It thought I was its mother, me, the one who had slaughtered its entire kind to bits. I was no better than the Space Pirates." He didn't say anything. "So I said screw it, called it the baby and I took it with me back to the Space Science Academy to hopefully be used for the purposes of good."

"Ridley attacked and stole it, and I pursued him to Zebes where I ultimately saw the baby being killed by Mother Brain. Of course, I killed her in retaliation." A tear was coming out of my eye, which he wiped away. "Fragments were used as you know by that group on the Bottle Ship to make their Metroids. And then the Biologic Space Laboratories research station. I got sick with a viral infection from the X Parasite, and was given a vaccine with the baby's cell structure to both cure me and turn me into a human-Metroid hybrid."

"I then discovered that a secret research lab was being conducted on the BSL to produce Metroids. That poor Queen, and all those Metroids. Now, I had an empathy link to them, and they told me to escape when the sector was detaching and self-destructing, much like Sector Zero. A computer with your personality-" I pointed to the eye-like mechanism in front of my pilot seat - "told me the Metroids were to be used for peaceful applications, but since the Federation wanted the X Parasites for bioweapons later on, I took it with a grain of salt."

I shut my eyes. "Well, Samus. That was mighty kind of you, sparing it." I turned to him.

"So, you aren't mad at me for bringing it back?"

"A little. The corruption in the Federation is partly your fault."

"Anyway, back to MB. They wanted to make a connection between her and the Metroids like me and the baby. She had a particular attachment to Madeline Bergman, who is still alive today and I just met again here."

"MB was given a human form to have her motherly bond with the Metroids. They used my likeness for her and she bonded with all of the scientists, telling jokes, playing chess, doing lots of stuff. As she studied, she began to develop emotions, a result of her interaction with the Metroids. It got out of hand, she started contradicting everyone, until they deemed it necessary to alter her AI program. She was restrained by the scientists in front of Madeline, who could do nothing to help her. Her presence that day caused her to become rogue, and she commanded all of the specimens aboard to revolt and destroy all the scientists."

"She felt that all humans must be judged. She was planning an attack on the Galactic Federation when you, the platoon and I came. I found her in the warehouse of the Cryosphere and she pretended to be a woman reduced to much fear. She told me there was a traitor among the platoon and we were attacked by a soldier piloting an RB176 Ferrocrusher. MB ran away while I fought it off, and I didn't see her again until I'd lost contact with you. She pretended to be Madeline and told me about MB, but not that she was actually MB of course, or that the Metroids were unfreezable. You were right, Adam. She was no ally."

"God I hate that bitch. I should have killed her right then. I found the real Madeline as you ordered me to and MB confronted us. The Federation Marines invaded the station and killed MB."

He took it all in. "So, how did you live?"

"I managed to trap the Metroids in a room where they couldn't escape, and then I navigated the sector to Norion." he explained. "That must have been the small lab I'd been in. It's gone." I paused.

"Everyone in the platoon but Anthony is dead. An X Parasite mimic of my Power Suit, the SA-X, has been corrupted with cloned Phazon. He calls himself 'The Exterminator'. I'm soon to go and destroy him."

Adam thought for a bit. "It sounds as if The Exterminator is just as much of a threat as MB. As your old commander, I'm inclined to authorize you to kick his rear end into submission." Both of us smiled as I remembered something.

"Adam, you walked into Sector Zero without your helmet. The Bottle Ship has been since destroyed, but," I picked up the helmet from my bookshelf and gave it to him. "I saved this for you." He took it from me, and examined it. He looked at me. "Thank you."

Brushing a bit of hair out of my face, he said, "Samus."


"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For not telling you I was alive. I just couldn't get a hold of you after BSL."

Adam said, "Samus, did I ever tell you that I think you're beautiful?"

I was unphased by the compliment. "No. Thank you?"

"And also... I've been meaning to tell you that I love you. I was just never able to say it."

As he pushed in a little closer, I pulled myself back.

"I'm sorry, did I?"

"No..." I said, smiling. "It's just... We don't follow the same path anymore, if you know what I mean. I've grown on someone."

"Who? Care to share?"

"He's a real charming guy. A lot like me. Hard life, hard career. Really hot."

I heard a chuckle from behind me. Whirling my head around, I saw it was Roy.

"Keep talking, Samus. Don't stop."

Rolling my eyes with a half smile, I threw a pillow at him. "Go to hell." I said. He laughed again.

Adam snapped his finger. "Oh my god, I know you! You're Roy Dane. You know, I really appreciated your charity work on Solairon 12. I'm Commander Malkovich." he held up his right hand and gripped Roy's.

Before I knew it, he was leaving the ship. "Adam?" He turned and walked back to me. "Don't leave me again."

"I can't come with you, Samus, but I'll still be here when you get back. I'm not participating in the war. I am with you, however. Your computer."

Gripping the sides of my head gently, I felt the caress of his lips on my forehead. "If I may do that." he said, and left.

Samus: Prison BreakEdit

The Artemis was headed for the Homeworld. It was time.

Running back to the ships, we left the Artemis and flew to Z-SF761. We landed our ships in the Pirate Docking Bay and ran into the asteroid as if we were Marines.

Before we invaded the Exterminator’s stronghold, we would have a mass prison break. Several Federation members and affiliates had been captured during a raid on the Artemis, and it was up to us to free them.

When we had finally reached the jail cells, I had Mauk and Spire take out the guards. There were a bunch of Marines here too, so I had Kreatz go and free them and then bring them down to the Homeworld in his ship.

First cell on the right had a green alien creature. Chairman Keaton. Years ago I had saved him during his election ceremony, when Mother Brain attempted to assassinate him using a bioform called a Mimic. Freeing him, he called my name and we had a short hug. He didn’t look any different, although his hug was very frail.

The second cell had Chief Hardy, a gross, short, fat, bald, incompetent guy who was supposed to command the Federation Marines. His fatness comes from his constant eating of some sort of sandwich. His mustache was gone. When I freed him, with his mouth full of food, he asked for a hug. Chunks of whatever that was flew onto my suit. Instantly, I responded “NO!”

The third cell on the left had a tall figure. An old friend of mine. Sighing, I opened the cell and got caught in a rib crushing hug. It was Armstrong Houston, who was terribly desperate to be my partner. He didn’t look much different than the last time I saw him. He wore only a pair of white briefs and he had no hair or beard. “Am I still your partner?” he asked, smiling. I nudged him. “In your dreams.” I said, grinning.

The fourth cell took a bit of time to find. I mostly got to it by hearing moans. They were familiar sounding, but I couldn’t remember.

As I approached however I saw a girl with dark hair. “Damara!” I shouted. I unlocked her cell, noticing that she had my Rabillis Pyonchi in her arms. I held one arm around her and stroked her hair. “What happened?” I asked her. She filled me in on all the details of the Artemis raid. Nothing was severely damaged, though she, Hardy, Houston and Keaton were of course kidnapped.

Then, I heard more cries from Cell Block Two. They were familiar… I didn’t know them all too well though. Wait a minute…

Johnny and Junior!

Ugh, those guys! Why were they crying for help though? I decided I’d investigate. Turns out that they were indeed Pirate slaves. They forgave me for stealing those fuel cells a while back, and I freed them.

Just then, Kreatz dashed in hollering that some Pirates were approaching. Ron, Roy and I quickly grabbed weapons from the Pirate corpses. Arming the jailbirds, the Pirates came in, and we began the fight.

Samus: SkirmishesEdit

Roy, Ron, Spire, Noxus, Mauk, Kreatz, Keaton, Hardy, Damara, Pyonchi, Houston, Johnny and Junior were all armed. We should be able to take these guys on easily.

The first few waves were very easy. However, soon commandoes started to come in and whenever I tried to pierce their armor with the Nova Beam my visor filled with static.

Ron, using his new Gravity Suit data, did a large somersault over one of the commandoes and then landed fist-first into its head. The gun was about to go off, so Ron grabbed it and threw it at the other Pirates. He then set an Electron Bomb on the corpses and threw them at another few Pirates, killing them.

The waves of Pirates that we were facing were difficult. Roy and I looked at each other, nodding. Both of us went into Morph Ball and tripped the Pirates, all the while laying Bombs.

I noticed Hardy in a corner eating, and not killing Pirates like the rest of us. I fired a Power Beam shot right above him. It startled him, dropping his sandwich. I gave him a stern look. That did it.

More Pirates were coming in through vents near the ceiling, so I jumped in the air, morphed, and laid a Power Bomb. Quickly unmorphing, I grabbed the bomb with my Grappling Beam and twirled it around, destroying all the Pirates nearby.

A few were ganging up on Keaton. I knew he was much frailer than I remembered, so I took them down for him.

Houston wasn’t too bad, but he wasn’t good either. One of the Pirates was mangling him, so I let out my Lethal Strike on them. He gave me a thumbs up as thanks.

Damara was getting backed into a corner. Rushing at the Pirates, I charged my beam, and then somersaulted in front of them – “Jump Damara!” – And morphed, performing a technique called the Five-Bomb Drop.

As we were just about to leave, air conditioning systems that looked a lot like Mother Brain's turrets activated and started flooding the chamber with gas. I quickly turned my helmet on and ordered Roy and Ron to do the same. As everyone choked, I crawled over to one of the air conditioning systems and smashed it. Some of the gas cleared away. I fired a Missile at the other one, and the gas cleared up.

The area clear, Roy ran over to the door, but jumped away just in time as Mauk demolished the door with his fists. The door flew through the next one up ahead, and crushed the Pirates that were coming to attack. Roy looked at him nervously, and Mauk put a finger on his chin.

More however were coming. Kreatz jumped in, throwing boomerangs at two commandoes. He blew off the steam on his boomerangs when they came back. All of us rushed in, firing all our weapons (Hardy shot frantically and in different directions, so we all had to kill the Pirates while avoiding his attacks). Ron enabled his Nano Mistles and fired them, the projectiles eating the oncoming troops. He then hacked the door systems – “Everybody grab something!” – which opened the doors leading out to space. This caused more Pirates to get sucked out, lowering the amount we had to kill.

Ron charged forward, only for me to pass him while speed boosting, with Roy hanging on my back for dear life. He laughed and kept going, the others right behind him.

Having felled all the troops, we kept moving into the next cell block, which appeared to be vacant. It was, in fact. I noticed a yellow-green and black figure morph and slither away.

Impossible! I turned to Noxus and Spire. “You lied to me!” They looked confused. “Don’t play dumb with me! You know what you saw!” They still appeared to be surprised. “Ugh! Kanden! You said he died in an explosion,” I panted, “Even though I just saw him turn into the Stinglarva and flee!” “Really?” Noxus asked. I rolled my eyes and we moved forward.

Kanden had unmorphed and had started to run. He stopped when I yelled out his name. “How are you still alive?!” I demanded. In a raspy, gruff voice that reminded me of Rundas, he said “Just before my ship exploded, I set a bomb to escape in, and floated inside the base.” My angered expression got calmer and I put my hand and Arm Cannon behind my back. I was about to take the last of the Affinity Weapons and kill the last of my rival bounty hunters.

I secretly configured my Arm Cannon to the Battlehammer, before I quickly took a shot at Kanden. This weakened him severely, and I took several more shots before his armor exploded, revealing a creature not unlike that of his Stinglarva. I snagged the Volt Driver before the creature died.

The next room we entered was the Bioform Containment. Apparently, this was where all experiments were kept. I looked at each of them, but only one experiment caught my eye. It was a cat-looking creature, but very big, with a black coloring, and winged. I looked to the sticker at the base of the containment tube; this was a 'Gronkat', the pet of a Pirate named Shaakti. I remembered reading about Gronkats once.

Then, Roy began to seize up. "What's wrong?" I asked. He ran over into my arms and turned his head to a brown-colored creature in another stasis tank. "T-That's a Scarp." he said. "That was the beast that the Pirates had let loose on my colony. I saw it eat my parents alive." I remembered seeing the Scarp too. "I saw one of these on the Pirate Homeworld. It was dead and the Pirates had tried to make it look like a failed experiment, but I knew better. I think the Federation's disposed of it by now." Roy still trembled. "Roy." He looked up at me. "Face your fear. Destroy the Scarp right now." His face hardened, and he nodded before proceeding to destroy the creature in its stasis tank.

Then a tail fell from the ceiling. Looking up, I saw a familiar shadow. Much too familiar. His eyes glowed before he emitted a wild roar. “I don’t believe it!” I cried. Ridley. Ridley had come back from the dead… again… I put a hand up to my face as I shed a tear. Why couldn’t he just die? I’d killed his X mimic on the BSL, yet, he was still here, on Z-SF761, alive. I shook my head. I was going insane.

“Allow me to explain myself. After the attack on Norion, the Federation was able to get my DNA and clone me. They made several clones, few of which survived up to adulthood. One was sent to the BSL, where it was frozen and infected by X, and another example is me. I have been more enhanced than ever before, Samus. I AM NOW KNOWN AS DESTROYER RIDLEY!!!”

Scanning him said that we had to use Nano Mistles to eat away at his armor, allowing me to pick off shots with the Annihilator Beam. When he was halfway destroyed, I saw him slam his tail into the Gronkat's stasis tank. It fell out of the glass shards, and lay on the ground. I realized it was dead. Roy studied it as I incinerated Ridley's body parts with my Flamethrower, a Charge Combo that was installed with my Tallonian Plasma Beam.

“It’s time,” I said, looking at my friends. “I must ask you to guard the area and make sure that I settle this undisturbed.” I told everyone.

Motioning for Roy and Ron to come with me, I had a look of determination on my face.

It was time to end this.

Samus: ShowdownEdit

Squeezing Roy's hand, I took a deep breath, and then jumped into the chamber. I was at full power. My eyes were clear, as was my objective: finish the Exterminator off once and for all. Before the battle began, I tied my hair back and reactivated my helmet. It was only a matter of time before my enemy appeared.

A bright flash then quickly occurred, with a dark shadow emerging from the smoke, landing on the ground. Whispers of “Huntress…” could be heard. Then, the Exterminator began to laugh.

“It’s time,” he said, aiming his gun at the three of us. “Yes… this will mark the night where I wipe all traces of you from the galaxy!” I replied, aiming my gun at him as well. I then heard a faint whisper from him; “Oh, it’s on…”

Roy turned on his Scan Visor and read the results to me: Morphology: The Exterminator. Phazon-infused X Parasite bioform. An X mimic of Samus Aran, the Exterminator is now enhanced with Phazon, seeking to spread corruption and save his species.
The Exterminator is invulnerable to all weaponry – save at certain points. When the Exterminator begins to charge his deadly Murder Cannon, all weapons equipped in the inventory must be fused together to form a counter-attack capable of damaging the Exterminator.

Simple enough: Wait for him to charge his cannon, and then fuse the weapons to fire at him. I just barely noticed his Super Missile shot, which almost hit me, had Ron not pushed me out of the way so he could take the hit for me.

After a long while of shooting and dodging, I saw him rise into the air, aiming his cannon directly for us. Now was the time.


All our beams: the Power, Long, Charge, both Waves, both Plasmas, Ice, Spazer, Wide, Dark, Light, Annihilator, Nova, Battlehammer, Judicator, Magmaul, Volt Driver, Shock Rifle, Imperialist, Diffusion and Paralyzer as well as Ron’s weapons floated into my Arm Cannon, producing a black exterior with a strange shape.

The beam meant business.

Before he fired, I blasted. Slow moving, but it reminded me of the Omega Cannon, which the prophecy opted out since it was too powerful. But, as soon as it hit, it failed! The prophecy failed! The Exterminator took little to no damage from it, he was only stunned.

I looked at Roy nervously, getting him to scan the Exterminator again.

Morphology: The Exterminator. Corrupted X bioform. A shot of all weapons currently equipped in the inventory is not enough to kill the Exterminator, rather, he is only vulnerable to attacks from his predators.

But there are no Metroids left in the galaxy. Except... except for...


I realized that my battle with The Exterminator would be my last. If I wanted to kill him, I would have to die too. Tonight was the night I would give my life to end the Space Pirates forever.

Samus: SacrificeEdit

Would I do it? If it meant the safety of the galaxy, then yes. If the prophecy really was a failure, would my sacrifice have been pointless? The one obstacle to the galaxy's ruin, myself, would be gone. The Galactic Federation would continue their foolish plans, and I wouldn't be here to stop them. It didn't matter.

I stared into Roy's eyes. "He's vulnerable to attacks from his natural predator."

"Meaning...?" Roy asked.

"I have a plan, but you might not like it." I replied.

"What is it?"

Cocking my head to The Exterminator, I said, "He's getting ready for another shot. When he fires, I want you to fire a counter shot. I'll give you my Metroid DNA and you can finish him off."

"Okay, sure - wait, what? Give me your Metroid DNA? In case you didn't notice, Samus, we're in the middle of a battle. I don't think now is a good time for cosmetic surgery. And what do you mean, I can finish him off?"

I bit my lip and looked down. "Here's the thing. Three came into the asteroid. Only two will go back." I stared into his blue gaze. "I have to die, Roy. I have no choice."

He lowered his head a little, and said, "I'm not doing it."

"You have to."

"No... no... Samus, please... no..."

I wiped a tear away and pulled him into a rib crushing hug. "Samus... I love you..." Roy whispered. Upon releasing this, I put my fingers in his hair and pressed my lips to his. When he felt my kiss, he grabbed me and continued the passionate lip slamming.

"This sickens me." I heard The Exterminator say, but neither Roy nor I paid any attention to him.

We crushed each other's hand bones with our grip and finally pulled away. I took a chip behind my ear and pressed it, bringing up my helmet. I handed it to Roy and then turned to Ron.

I stuck out my hand for him to shake. I walked backwards, looking at the two men that had helped me, one last time, before I turned and made a run for the middle of the chamber. Crouching down, I deactivated my Power Suit, for the final time. Slowly standing up, I undid my hair and dropped that worn red cloth, for more of my memory.

As I stood there, I saw my life flashing fast before my eyes. Three years old, on K-2L. Witnessing my mother and father dying because of Ridley. I destroyed the Mother Brain. Defeating Metroid Prime and losing my Phazon Suit. Fighting Gorea in the Oubliette. My final confrontation with Dark Samus on Dark Aether as the planet collapsed around us. Then the real final struggle against her on Phaaze, ending the life of Phazon forever until now. Next, the Metroid hatchling exploding out of its egg and mistaking me for its mother. Coming face to face with Mother Brain and seeing her kill it. Seeing Adam walk on to his death in Sector Zero, and then me escaping clutching his helmet. Seeing the Adam computer type "Any objections, Lady?" in his final mission order.

I would give my life for so many names. Ion-Faeria. Grandpa. Grey Voice. Mom. Dad. Adam. The Metroid hatchling. Damara. Pyonchi. Anthony. Madeline. Roy. Ron. Spire. Noxus. The Dachoras and Etecoons. There were so many people I would never get the chance to say good bye to. My life had taken a dark turn; the Space Pirates had shaped my life into what it was now. Losing everyone I loved, ultimately to come to the time where I was going to die myself. But, I would give my life to exterminate the Space Pirates. I barely noticed the shot of the Exterminator’s murder cannon, heading straight towards me.

I jumped and felt the pain of the two colliding shots, letting out a final scream before I felt myself die. I slipped from existence, from the universe, and shut my eyes forever.

Roy: VengeanceEdit


My scream was useless, unheard by the world. My pain was not felt by anyone. Only me.

Her scream was her final. It was shared with me. The last scream of Samus Aran was to haunt me forever.

My eyes were shut, to keep back the tears and sobbing that were trying to escape. I would have let them out so easily, but I struggled to not fall to the floor bawling my eyes out. I hugged Samus' helmet and glared at The Exterminator, who was laughing in victory. He said, "The fool! How lucky I am to have finally succeeded in my goal, to destroy Samus Aran!" He laughed. But it was me who was going to have the last laugh.

I felt like Samus herself when she saw the Metroid hatchling explode over her. Her adopted child, slayed by Mother Brain. The hatchling's death had cost Mother Brain her life, and she was eradicated from the universe, never to be resurrected again. I set the helmet down on the ground. "Rest now, Samus." I said as I reactivated my own helmet and assumed battle stance. "Your death will never be in vain." I charged up energy to gain the power of the Metroid. The energy being focused into my beam grew even more enormously when the Metroid and Samus was fused with it. "NEVER!"

I fired.

I saw a huge impact, with the Exterminator dissipating. His armor crumbled, and shattered, revealing a body in Samus’ likeness. The skin was sickly blue, and covered in scars, with empty eyes. He was nude, though no spots were shown. He slowly crawled over to me, before standing up and revealing to me its tall frame. It then burst into particles.

I disabled my entire suit and clutched Samus' helmet again, making my way over to where she stood and retrieving her hairband. I tied the red cloth around my free wrist and then picked up her Paralyzer gun, which now had no beam, because it had been used in the Murder Cannon. I could turn it into a gun later. I tied it to my leg and continued to hold the helmet.

Roy: EscapeEdit

"Come on Roy. Let's go home." He helped me up, and wrapped his arm around me as he boosted up, back through the chamber.

When we arrived, Keaton, Damara, Hardy, Houston, Pyonchi, the Dachoras and Etecoons, Johnny, Junior, Spire, Noxus, Mauk and Kreatz were waiting for us. "You did it! He's gone!" exclaimed Noxus. Everyone cheered.

The cheering was broken when Houston’s smile faded after he noticed that I was holding her helmet, had her hairband around my wrist and her Paralyzer tied to my leg. "Where’s Samus?" he asked. The question I dreaded.

My face went serious as I answered with a simple "She's dead."

Damara's eyes watered, and she buried her face in Noxus' chest. He comforted her. Everyone bowed their heads. Pyonchi, the Dachoras and Etecoons looked up at me with sad eyes. I petted them, but Pyonchi had better ideas. He bit my finger, but the Dachora pecked him in punishment. I stood up again and held the helmet even closer.

Suddenly, Ron's comm. system came on with news from the Federation on his radio connection. "The GFS Artemis has concluded the war, and emerged victorious. Now, they are headed toward Z-SF761, the main asteroid orbiting the Pirate Homeworld, to fire a powerful piercing laser which will destroy it. All personnel, 10 minutes to evacuate immediately."

Everyone looked at each other, then bolted for the door.


The Exterminator: One Last ChanceEdit

I had no time to lose. All the X had been drained out of me. Only a strand of my DNA was with the Phazon particles that I burst into when I was defeated. That needed to have been enough.

I was desperately trying to make it to SR388’s remains. I knew that there a dragon very similar to Ridley named Terror lived. I was going to absorb Phazon from him and run back to Z-SF761 to block off Roy’s escape and challenge him one final time.

Almost there… there, there is the species known as Terror… I will sneak attack him and steal some Phazon from him.

Success! Now, I can survive at least as an unstable Phazon energy form.

Roy: Final ConfrontationEdit

Running like crazy, we reached the first cell block, but before I could make it to the door (the others had escaped), a wall of Phazon was created. I turned around and found several particles reforming into the Exterminator. He was armorless, and he looked like Samus. He had the same messy hair and body proportions. Though he was Phazon-blue in color. My mouth dropped open. "How?" I didn't have to ask. I figured that Metroid wouldn't work on him, because he looked exactly like a Phazon being with no traces of X.

I turned and looked behind me. The Phazon wall. That was my chance.

Knowing nothing of the pain I would suffer, I quickly undid Samus' hairband from my wrist and unhooked the Paralyzer from my leg before I stuck my hand in the wall (I didn't want to potentially taint them), and felt burns coming up my arm. I screamed in agony, but didn't stop absorbing. Again I set the helmet down.

I could feel my skin being covered in veins of Phazon, and more coming up on my face. My right eye blinded, but my other remained unchanged.

Being half-blind, I got hit by many of his attacks, but I dealt equal damage to him.

Soon, he was very weak. His hair slowly receded up from all ends (the bangs and the ends) and came up to a point on his head, before it faded. He let out a growl and dissipated, as did the wall. Suddenly, I felt seriously sick. I threw up some Phazon and then lay on my back, gasping for air. The Phazon was being sucked dry from me. It was killing me.

My friends rushed back to me. Apparently they stole a Phazon vaccine from one of the nearby labs. My vision blurred, and I saw a girl stick the vaccine into my hand. I held my other hand up to her cheek, crying. "Samus..." The girl tried to smile. It wasn't Samus. "Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm Damara." It was hard to stand up, but I did. And I wanted to fall down again. Samus was gone. Forever.

I gathered her treasures and rushed with them to the docking bay. All of us made a break for our ships. As we reached them, I threw her treasures into the ship's cockpit and then exited. I stood defiantly on the docking bay. They were screaming at me to join them. If Samus wasn't going to leave alive, neither was I.

At the last minute though, I heard her voice in my head.

"Roy... you wanted to avenge me. You want to kill anyone that opposes me. Well, if you were to die along with me here, I would despise you. Leave the asteroid, Roy, and avenge me, by staying alive. Please?"

My stern expression suddenly went soft, and I rushed to the ship, jumping in as the door closed, and we flew at top speed out of the asteroid's path as it was obliterated in the blast.

That night, I wasn't about to go to bed. I picked up Pokey the Pig and sit on her bed, and played my song on her conch shell. I cradled Pokey in my arms and spoke to him. Her helmet, hairband and gun were beside me. A tear rolled down my cheek.

Ron: Unfinished BusinessEdit

Ron Green, Galactic Fugitive RG255433.IWU.KNP.MRD.

Log #1. 1 DAY, 0 HOUR, 0 MINUTE A.E. I am now a Galactic Fugitive, wanted for 3 offenses I did not commit. Well... 2 offenses... I am an Illegal Weapons User, a KidNaPper, and supposedly a MuRDerer. I can't believe this! How could they think I was such a bad person! I risked my life to save their troops and kill the Exterminator! UGH! Some people... I'm thinking of going into the Bounty Hunting business. I mean, I was on par with that of Samus... Poor Samus... Had to kill herself to save the world. And did it without a second thought. Terrible fate, being crushed by two beams.

That aside, I have some unfinished business to attend to. That bastard Terror will pay for killing my friends. Let's see how he likes my new weapons and armour. Heh heh heh. Hoeg, I want you to stay here for this one. It's gonna get messy...

(I landed on the asteroid, which was a good few miles away from Zebes asteroid field now. Those engines weren't doing shit. Hah!) Here... Terror. Come on. FINISH ME! I DARE YOU! (a dark shadow flew by me. I knew exactly what to do this time though... I shot at the ground, revealing Terror himself. I charged all of my beams and fused them. I fired some Nano Mistles to eat away at his armour, and fired a couple Faze Dispater shots at it to not only finish off his armour, but eat away at his inerds. Then, I charged up the Hell Cannon and Pulse Beams to make the Pulse Cannon, which is a highly volatile concentrated mass of energy which explodes with great force. This made him fly away several feet. I jumped on his chest, which was dissappearing now, and charged up a final combo; the Void Blaster. It opens up a black hole effect inside the enemy, which implodes them, burns them on the inside, dissolves them, and finally explodes.) GOOD NIGHT! YAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! (I punched the energy right into Terror's face as he roared for the very last time of his life. I was so angry I continued firing everything I had at the heaps of gore until they were all but a scorch mark.) THAT'LL TEACH YOU TO KILL MY BROTHER! (I picked up his skull and hurled it in the air, only to shoot at it once more. I caught it as it fell and made myself a trademark; collect helmets and mark them with a single hole trough the forehead.) Huff... (I salked back to my ship, and found all of the GF Troopers, alive and well, sleeping on the ground.) They're alive! It's a miracle! Hey! Come with me guys! (With some moans and groans, the group got up and walked to my ship. When they regained consiousness, I told them the whole story, and they defected as I did. We turned off the engines of every ship once more and left in all of the ships. As we left:) Whoa! Look! That asteroid was so big, it's pulling all of the asteroids of Zebes together around it! Look! A planet in the making! (And with that, we all smiled. I turned the ship, and warped back to Widlan, where we made plans for our own army, called the Typhoon Mercenary Brigade. We built a Base, named Katrina and began our criminal organization with the help of our little Squad we made on the Pirate Home-asteroid...)

Ouros: Awakening Edit

Somewhere, in the dark reaches of space where neither the tendrils of civilization nor the light of the stars permeated, something beeped.






Something breathed in the dark. Something shifted. Moved. A light blinked and then died. Gears turned. A mighty ship hummed, and came altogether to life. It slowly began to live once more, and from the dark reaches of space a mighty hum emerged.

The ship was already underway, towards a fledgling galaxy and a fledgling civilization when the monstrous ship's captain stirred in his chamber. Encased in a thick, viscous liquid, the captain awoke.

He patiently awaited the procedures which would release him from his crypt.

He patiently awaited his return to the galaxy which had wrought upon him nothing but setbacks and failure.

He waited, and though to his plans for that galaxy, to the future, as his mighty ship hummed across space.



  • The story has some similarities to the fanfiction that RoyboyX wrote for an Alien 5 film.
  • The stories both are both the long awaited sequels to the then currently last chronological installment in the respective franchises.
  • Both stories involve the final battle of the female protagonist, Samus and Ripley.
  • Both Samus and Ripley develop relationships with a male character, Roy Dane and the Corporal Hicks clone, respectively.
  • A final battle takes place between the enemy of the female protagonist.
  • Ultimately, the protagonist chooses to sacrifice herself at the end.
  • Both Johner and Houston lose their hair as a result of a fire.
  • Johner and Ron have a cocky attitude and personality.