Metroid: Diffusion has a wide variety of themes.

SR388 ThemesEdit

Overworld Edit

The Super Smash Bros. Brawl remix of Sector 1's theme from Metroid Fusion.

Volcano Edit

A remix of Upper Norfair from Super Metroid.

Escape from the Volcano Edit

Mother Brain's Theme from Super Metroid with sirens.

Slopes of the Volcano Edit

The Red Brinstar Theme from Super Metroid, unaltered.

Omega Metroid Battle Edit

The Metroid Queen Battle from Metroid II, remixed.

Norion Themes Edit

Overworld Edit

Norion's theme from Metroid Prime 3.

Generator Room Edit

Tourian from Zero Mission remixed.

Generator Shaft Edit

No music due to upcoming boss battle.

Ridley Battle Edit

Ridley's Theme from Brawl.

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