Metroid: Mission 1.5 explains how Samus nearly met death on a space station holding an alien species that intended to take over the universe.

Chapter 1: AwakeningEdit

I didn't remember the full details of how this mission started, but I do remember this.

I had completed my Zero Mission when I'd destroyed the mechanical construct created in the image of my nemesis, Ridley, and triggered a five-minute self-destruct countdown that decimated the entire Space Pirate Mother Ship, and I escaped by hijacking a Space Pirate escape pod because I'd lost my ship in a crash.

I began a nice, long sleep in cryostasis for the trip back to Earth. And that was when my ship flew right into a distress signal.

Actually, it wasn't a distress signal, but I'll get into that later. It was coming from a massive starship whose identity I later found to be the Discovery, much more massive than any Olympus-class battleship I'd seen. I mean, it was so much bigger than the size of several star destroyers! The kind I'd seen in old science-fiction movies, anyway.

When my ship landed on the station, my stasis chamber stopped, but I took a while to awaken. My Zero Suit was slightly moist, and I had a headache about just as bad as a hangover. My long blonde hair, which reached past my waist, was messy and also damp. When I finally awoke, I wrung it out before tying it back and reading the status on my ship's terminal, telling me what had happened. The hatch behind my starship was closed, and there was no visible way to open it.

The place was crude, but not so crude to be a Space Pirate ship. I doubted it would be them. Perhaps a whole other alien race? Whatever. Shaking my hair behind my back, I summoned my Power Suit, and the familiar cooled armor materialized over my body as I ran into the ship to begin the investigation.

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