Slowly coming to, Samus opens her eyes. The light is dim, but she can make out two figures standing in front of her.

"What do you believe happened?"

"There is no way of telling, with this much damage."

Samus' eyes adjust completely. She finds two chozo looking down at her. Shocked, she realizes that they were the exact chozo she saw in her vision.

"Am I in my right mind thinking you are chozo?"

"Yes, but we are much more than chozo, Samus, we are the Awakened."

"The Awakened? I thought all chozo left this planet after..."

"The meteor bringing the great poison struck, and we were forced to seal the crater? That was merely what was recorded in lore. To properly tell the story of the Awakened, we must show you..." Samus' vision begins to blur, as the mysteroius chozo mentally transfer memories to Samus' mind...

Metroid: Redemption Chapter IV: The Awakened (Part II)