Samus has another vision, she sees chozo meditating, not by a fountain or grove. But by machines. Not understanding, Samus attempts to move closer, but is stopped by a huge noise. She realized what it was: the sound of a falling meteor. "The Leviathan!" she cried out, but no sound came.

Now do you see our story?

Samus' vision stopped, and once again saw the two chozo.

"What do you mean?"

You do not realize what you have seen? The Awakened were the only chozo left on Tallon IV when the meteor struck, and like our bretheren, we found enlightenment, but not through nature. Instead, we found it in our own constructs. It was the Awakened who stayed to seal the crater and leave lore entries, as instructed by our bretheren.

Samus is somewhat in awe, but thinks back to what they said about her...

"What do you mean by 'The mighty have fallen'?"

Your suit Samus, I've never seen anything so butchered before. I cannot help but wonder what caused this horrible damage.

"The Fusion Suit? The Federation..."

Of course, the fools. They do not realize what danger there is in modifying a warrior's suit without their approval or knowledge.

"But this has happened before..."

That now-useless expansion they called the PED? That was different, it was hardly as drastic as this...Fusion Suit!

The chozo's sudden anger startled Samus, she would have answered, but a strange feeling crept over her, it was cold, numbing, unlike any other injury she had sustained.

Now do you know the risks? This abomination of a suit is interfering with your nervous system, unless properly removed or repaired, it will control you Samus. Especially due to your new Metroid DNA. It is this DNA that is begining to control the suit; it has it's own will, it's own thoughts, but are likely unnoticed by you...

Samus does not hear the rest, her vision blurs, and she begins to feel a strange nausea, rising up through her...

Metroid: Redemption Chapter V