Several hours passed before Samus awoke. Lying on a stone floor, with the sound of trickling water, she realized her power suit had been removed.

Damn She thought those "Awakened" have done away with the Fusion Suit, leaving me to a bleak fate.

Analyzing her surroundings, Samus vaguely remembered her infiltration of the Space Pirate's ship, years ago. She then realized her entrapment could easily be a test by the Chozo.

Right, the first thing I need is orientation

Samus' first goal was answered swiftly; she realized exactly where she was: the Sunchamber.

The Sunchamber...Flaagra, Artifacts, Ghosts, Lore, Prophecy, Water, Fountain, Poison...

The realization of her location sent chills down her spine; she recalled after the defeat of Flaagra, she regained her Varia Suit at her exact location.

This is why they brought me here...


The sudden sound caught Samus' attention, and she gazed towards the face of a Chozo.

"So, you realize why we brought you here? To cleanse your body of mutations: Your Metroid DNA will be removed, stopping any negative reaction to your suit."

"You've repaired my suit?"

"Certainly. It has been repaired to a prior state, that in which you will be the most familiar with..."

Metroid: Redemption Chapter VI

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