"Lady, what's happened to you?!"

Adam was still installed on the gunship given to Samus for the BSL mission, and the Federation was reasonable enough to let her keep it.

"Huh?" Samus wasn't improving.

"What happened for the past 48 hours? Why didn't you respond? And...I've noticed you've obtained your old really need to tell me these things, and that's an order!"

"Ugh..." Samus was getting extremely nauseous at this point. The world spun around her head and she blacked out.



She's not responding...Get me a defib unit!

Samus was on the brink of consciousness, for seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks. Then she came to...

Samus opened her eyes, slowly, as the room she was in was flooded in white light. Regaining her senses more thoroughly, she looked around, and took a deep breath. She was in a hospital bed, where exactly, she had no idea.

"Good morning Lady." Samus could recognize that voice anywhere.

"Umm...good morning, Adam...Wh-where are we, exactly?"

"Currently, we're on the station Ethereal, in the medical ward. You took a hell of a beating on Tallon, Samus, did you realize that?"

"I...guess not, I didn't think the chozo would do anything to hurt me..."

"What chozo? I've confirmed from you and GF databanks that chozo are nonexistent in the explored galaxy. But more importantly, I detected quite a large energy source near the location in the ruins where I picked you up."

"What could cause that in an abandoned area like the ruins?"

"I'm still crunching data on that, but I narrowed the source down to wavelengths caused only by artificial generation, meaning that a generator was fitted in the ruins, and quite possibly recently."

"What have you concluded from this?"

"...Do you really want to know, Samus?"


"You were being experimented on."

End of RedemptionEdit

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