Samus' journey is a story about how Samus is being tracked down by the galactic federation because she is about to uncover some very dark secrets. It takes place after fusion.

Chapter 1Edit

I was being chased by the galactic federation. i had uncovered some dark secrets about the federation. I don't know how they kept appearing behind me but they were everywhere i went. Let me tell you about how it lead up to this through some flashbacks.

Chapter 2Edit

I was hired by the federation to destroy a space pirate space station. They said that if i did this for free i wouldn't have to go to jail for blowing up that space station. I said okay and then went to my ship. I went to the space pirate station and shot down a bunch of pirates and went inside. I shot down all of the pirates in their. Suddenly some commandos appeared and i fought them. I killed them after losing a energy tank and found that they had some in that they were guarding and some missiles. I took everything and then i went out into the core and shot it with missiles. then when i was ecscaping i found something very weird.

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