Metroid The Frightgate Chapter I: The Creature’s Tale

Somewhere in an asteroid field in the Nebular System, there is a wormhole; in that hole there is the planet that the creature knew as a home. The creature’s father was a half-human and his other half was presumed a radioactive alien race. In other words explaining why his father and him could resist extremely radioactive substance and the father’s glowing green hair. His mother was another race that could change forms, his mother changed form to seduce his father, but she died at his birth because her central nervous system was infected and almost destroyed by his radioactivity. He lived for at least 10 years with his father on that planet until the Chozos discovered the planet and they leaved with them. They went on various planets with them and assisted the creation of the Elysian’s, the Metroids and Mother Brain. Unfortunely, his father died on SR38 when he was infected by the X-Parasite’s. From that day the Creature know as John Adam Fission cracked, he had managed to create a powerful anger toward those creatures and he was going to find a way to kill them himself! He studied with the Chozo, the Luminoths and even the Space Pirates to get a way to know all forms of technology. The Last target was the Galactic Federation…. He went to hire him to be able to access secret data, if you were there…this is how it would have looked like:

-Hello I would like to hire myself in your regroupment of puny humans! He said

-O.K. Mister err…John Adam do you have any experience in Field Work? Said the spoke person

-No I have no experience in this « Fieldwork » of yours, but I can handle a gun and Kill a lot of person for you! John Adam answered

-Err…. O.K. Mister do you have any experience in Mechanoid Manipulation? She asked

-Huhhhhh? John Adam said

-Can you handle mechanics? She asked in a desperate tone

-Eh…………………..well………. he answered


-Yes! Yes! Yes! He answered in an excited tone

-You will get hired tomorrow, now please go home and leave me alone! She said angrily

And that is how the creature known as John Adam Fission got hired.

To be continued next chapter…

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