Me,"So where did The Feds say to go?"

Samus,"These coordinates."

Samus sends me the coordinates.

Me,"Hmm...Damn, I have no idea how to get here. Well either way we have to get through this place."

Samus," is life for ya?"

Me,"Small talk? Shouldn't we be more focused on getting out of here alive?"

Samus,"Yeah, your you have a girlfriend?"


Samus,"Interested in anybody?"

Me,"Well to make you shut up, yes. Someone I work with. Blonde hair, green eyes, cute, 16, slender, virgin as she claims, Missions Operative and she is in school, sort of. That should answer any other questions in the future. Can we move on?"

Samus,"Fine...What's her name?"

I look at her.

Samus,"Fine fine, but don't be coming to me when you need advice.

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