Metroid Avenger 2: Pain is a sequel to Metroid: Avenger.


  • Samus Aran - The best bounty hunter in the galaxy. Famous for her accomplishments during her life, she sacrificed herself to destroy the Exterminator.
  • Samus Aran 8 - The eighth of a series of clones of Samus, being the only successful copy. She was created aboard the G.F.S. Artemis along with a Metroid clone of the original Metroid Hatchling.
  • Roy Dane - When he was 16, he joined Samus in her fight against the Exterminator. Now 19, he has become corrupt and wrecks havoc on the galaxy.
  • Ron Green - Another ally of Samus', he helps Roy heal from Samus' death, and tries to stop Roy from ending civilization.
  • Spire - The last of the Diamonts, he along with Noxus allied with Samus when she freed them from jail.
  • Noxus - A member of the Vhozon, he, Spire and Samus were the only three that had evil intentions with the Ultimate Power.
  • Mauk - The powerhouse of the group aside from Spire. He comes from Jamoru, and his race is unknown.
  • Kreatz - His race is unknown, as is his homeworld. He loves a good fight.
  • Chairman Keaton - The now frail chairman of the Federation, he is an old martian who gives orders to Chief Hardy.
  • Chief Hardy - A bald, fat, incompetant, lazy, mustachioed man, he is the one who commands the Federation Marines. He is also quite wimpy.
  • Adam Malkovich - Samus' former commander in the Galactic Federation Police who died to save her. His inner mind and knowledge was compiled into a computer that was installed into Samus Aran's gunship replacement after the X-Incident.
  • Adam Mk 2.2 - A robotic copy of Commander Adam Malcovich of the Galactic Federeation Navy, programmed to be a flawless replica of this esteemed, yet deceased, military genius.
  • Armstrong Houston - A bounty hunter who posesses a bulkier suit than Samus', with weaker shielding. He collects carcasses and has a crush on Samus.
  • Damara - A girl from Jigrad saved by Samus when she was a child, she now attends the Federation Academy.
  • Kim Irene - A member of the mysterious Tallor-Tartarian race, Kim is a fond aquaintance of Ron Green. She bears a heavy resemblance to Samus Aran, due to the fact that their spirits merged.


Prologue: Court HearingEdit

It was December 2087, a month after the Massacre of the Pirate Homeworld, that I ended up here. In Samus Aran Memorial Hospital.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Roy. Roy Abraham Dane. My middle name is from my father, who along with my mother was killed in a Pirate raid when I was just 5. It happened at the same time as the attack on K-2L, the colony of the most famous bounty hunter Samus Aran.


Samus Aran, the most beautiful thing to have ever lurked the universe. With her glistening sapphire eyes, long blonde hair, she truly combined beauty and strength. The two of us along with a guy named Ron Green were all defects of the Galactic Federation, a megacorporation that was running many secret biological weapon creation projects, when it had a law against that. The three of us battled corruption, with my overprotective adoptive uncle, the famous Fleet Admiral Castor Dane, believing I was their captive, brainwashed into helping them escape. Not true in the slightest.

Samus and I had the biggest bond, even stronger than her bond with the Chozo, stronger than Commander Adam Malkovich, stronger than her deceased Baby. She knew me better than I knew anybody else. She, Ron and I were inseperable. The three of us destroyed enemies and went through a lot together. When we were launching the final attack on the asteroid Z-SF761, where our arch-nemesis, The Exterminator, was based, Samus took her life to save the galaxy. Her Metroid DNA posthumously donated from the Baby gave me the weapon that beat the Alimbic Omega Cannon in strength: the Murder Cannon.

Before her death, the two of us shared our only kiss, and she left me her helmet, still in my possession after all these years. Each night, I sit by the window and hold it, hoping that she's watching over me. I can almost see her eyes through the visor, shining like the Widlan seas. It wasn't just her helmet that I retained: I also had her hairband, which she'd discarded before jumping to her death, and her Paralyzer gun, which I'd converted into aa normal handgun due to the loss of the weapon itself, although that was in Ron's possession.

I'd hid on Widlan after the Massacre, doing what I did now in the hospital. I'd grown stronger from her death, but much more violent, and when I heard my uncle was due to make a speech on Samus and how I and Ron were still missing I tried to kill him. I failed and escaped, but a warrant was sent for my arrest and I was brought to court, with Ron and Malkovich to testify for me. In the court room, the judge was Chairman Keaton, and I found Anthony Higgs to be sitting in my side of the room, but I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw who was on the other side. I thought Keaton would be fair in my sentencing, because I'd saved the martian from The Exterminator. He should owe me his life.

An old woman with red hair and green eyes that was an old friend of Samus'. Dr. Madeline Bergman. Why was she testifying against me? I knew Anthony was helping take care of her children and from what I'd heard she didn't want me to contact her, so why was he on my side? She didn't seem too happy. I shot her a glare, but if she saw she didn't do anything.

"Court is now in session. Dane v. Dane, case #9876590 is now before this court for trial. Are all of the parties present?" The prosecutor was Dane himself, and the defendant was Malkovich. "Are you ready to proceed?" I closed my eyes, before opening them and looking back at Ron, who nodded at me. "Would the city like to make an opening statement?"

That was Dane. He rose, protected by two bodyguards on either side of him. "Your honor, my nephew was orphaned at a young age, and I personally took him under my wing. Since then, he has become quite rebellious, and very violent towards me, and ran away just a month ago. He found Samus Aran and Ron Green-" he glared at the latter - "and I believe the two brainwashed him into helping them escape. Aran was charged with the destruction of the Biologic Space Laboratories research station, SR388 and all specimens on both. They have resisted arrest, assaulted police, seized and used illegal weapons and destroyed countless valuable specimens. Even after Aran's death and Green's disappearance, Roy still seems to be affected by them and has completely turned against me. He says that there is corruption in the Galactic Federation and that they are continually breeding bioweapons and attempting to get their hands on more. Thank you. That is all."

My hands were clenched and I could barely restrain myself from lunging at him. "Would the defendant like to make an opening statement?" Malkovich rose. "Your honor, I will have to contest Admiral Dane's testimony. True, Roy did turn against him and attempt to kill him. I do not deny that. However, I have known Samus since her days in the Federation military, and she was always one to abide by the rules most of the time." He chuckled. "I am very against biological weapons myself, and I wrote a report to explain why Project Metroid Warriors should not have been attempted. Although the Supreme Council listened, a small group within the Federation co-opted it and they were able to start the Bottle Ship conspiracy. As I walked off into Sector Zero to have it destroyed, I left my helmet for Samus and my mind uploaded to a computer for her future guidance. However, I lived Sector Zero and met her and Roy again a month ago. My perception of her after destroying the station has not changed. It hadn't even changed when I learned Roy himself was her killer."

After Madeline testified against me (which angered me), I was about to be given a final speech when Keaton, under Dane's influence, thought that I needed treatment and had me confined to a mental hospital. At the last minute I had some hope from Malkovich. "Your honor, and Admiral Dane, may I just make a request?" Both of them raised their eyebrows. "You both know how well I treat my soldiers, especially Samus. Well, I would like to have your permission, Admiral, to adopt Roy. He will still live in the hospital, but I'd like to care for him. I think he would fare better with me." After some time, Dane said "Alright, as long as you don't do anything stupid."

What was Malkovich trying to do? I grew up an orphan, I lived pretty much as an orphan and now that was about to change? Why? Why did I get a true adoptive father now, and not at a young age? "There you go, Roy. You're my son now." He hugged me like that. I was so tired and angry that I didn't bother contesting.

I've lived in the hospital for three years. Now I'm 19 and I have hair past my waist, because I haven't ever cut it. I curl up on my bed with Samus' helmet on the night table and two things I've managed to preserve, Pokey the Pig and Bittie the Bear, old stuffed animals I'd had since I was orphaned, lie on my bed beside me.

Sometimes I'd be curled up on my bed and I'd want Malkovich to go away but he wouldn't. He would show up and bring me my conch shell. Well, actually, Samus' conch shell, because she'd picked it up and played a song on it for me. She called it "Roy's Song". She inked the notes onto the shell and had left it in our gunship. Adam played the song for me and I curled up even further.

"Go away Malkovich. You're not helping me." I would say. "Roy, you need help. I softened your blow. Be grateful." I would look up when he replied. "Yeah. Be grateful. Grateful that I have an overprotective and father-like commander as my adopted father. Just great." Head fall back into knees.

"Stop calling me Malkovich. I let Samus call me Adam, so I'll let you too."

Just an example of one of the many arguments Adam and I had.

A Visit to EliefaEdit

I picked up an extra starship we had towed onto Samus' ship and left Widlan. I flew the ship to Eliefa. This was where I'd been stationed. This was where I'd left my ship in a secret place. This was where I'd met Samus for the first time. Where I'd betrayed Uncle Dane.

I moved through the forests and almost ran smack into a patrol of Marines. They were guarding Dane as he gave a briefing order to the group. "...I suspect that Roy might be here. I want him to be brought to me so that I can possibly clear his mind." Still playing that kidnapped and brainwashed game, huh Dane? I headed toward a camp before I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I quickly turned around, pointing my cannon at the sudden visitor. I then lowered it. A sharp, angry expression. A scar over his lips. Spiky black hair. Blue armor. A helmet with a fading "07" on it. I knew who it was.

It was Commander Adam Malkovich. It was Samus' former CO in the early days of the Federation. She'd left his side and become a bounty hunter after an incident that she said she felt completely naive in. She never told me about it. They'd reunited on the Bottle Ship and she'd fallen under his command once again. He'd gone into a detachable sector to destroy a horde of Metroids and save Samus. He'd left behind his helmet in the command room that he sat in. Samus had returned and got there by the skin of her teeth to save it from the facility's destruction.

Three years ago, Samus had met him again on the Artemis. He was alive, with a scar over his once beautiful lips. Samus had become highly emotional and had returned his helmet. He'd given her a kiss on the forehead after saying he couldn't come with us. He'd regret that decision shortly.

"What do you want, Adam?" I asked. "Hello." he replied. "I wouldn't recommend turning me in, because I can easily send you to the pit of oblivion that the girl we both love and cherish has fallen into." He was puzzled. "What are you talking about?" he asked. "That kiss you have her was the last you ever will." Still puzzled. It took me some time to continue speaking. "I can't believe you. Are you stupid to not know that Samus died three years ago on Z-SF761 to end the threat of The Exterminator forever? I still have her helmet and you haven't been watching the news? What's wrong with you?" Adam was speechless. "Samus... died?" I nodded.


"The Exterminator was an X Parasite, the prey of the Metroids. Since she had Metroid cells in her system, she decided the best way to kill him would be to give her life and supply me with her cells to eat him up. How you don't know this is completely unfathomable to me." Adam held his hands behind his back and tapped his foot as he bowed his head. "Tell them." He looked up. "Tell them what?"

"Tell them that I was not Samus' prisoner. That she and Ron Green didn't hold me as their captive and brainwash me into serving them. I was part of a prophecy from a civilization of mermaids. I was their helper. I loved her. I still do. She kissed me before she died. And you did too." Adam's eyebrows bunched together. I then asked another question. "Do you know the location of either Anthony Higgs or Dr. Madeline Bergman? I need to speak with either or." He pulled out a map of the planet, marked their locations and handed the map to me. "Adam, I think you should come with me. You don't look like you have anything better to do."

He'd agreed to accompany me as a guard. I couldn't afford an arrest at this rate.

Anthony was in a living quarters near the industrialized part of Eliefa. Recently, according to Adam, he had been helping Madeline to take care of her children. Adam knocked on the door and said it was him. Anthony reacted with complete shock. "Whoa! Whaddaya know, the CO's alive after all!" He opened the door. I could see his features again. Bald, shaven head (Houston would be jealous), goatee, normal, casual wear. He looked at me funny. "Fugitive, eh?" Adam told him I was with him and asked if he would allow me in. "Yeah, come in!"

They wouldn't let me near Madeline's children, which was fine by me. I had Anthony and Adam, two of Samus' closest friends to keep me out of Federation hands. I broke the news to the former. Madeline stepped out of a room and asked what was going on when she saw me. "It's... It's him! I have to call the troops!" She raced back in through her door. I stood up but Adam lightly gestured for me to sit down again. "Guess I can't trust her." I said. "Oh no. She'll come to her senses. She's just scared for her children." I rolled my eyes. "I don't want anything with them. I just want to escape. Why don't you help me die? I want to die with Samus."

"Roy, I have never authorized anybody to die under my command. I hereby order you to stay alive. Any objections?" I laughed at his irony. "Hell yeah I object. I'm going to kill myself and there isn't anything you can do to stop me." I stood up and left the house. Adam called out my name, but I only turned around once. "If it will be good for you, here's Samus' helmet." I handed it to him. He stood at the door with it in his hands as I walked off.


The first location I visited was the waterfalls.

As I stepped into the waters without my boots, I remembered.

I ran away from the camp I stationed in after killing a squad of Space Pirates. There, Dane had given me his harshest lecture yet. I ran away. I was pursued, but I escaped. I cooled off at this waterfall. Behind the wall of water, in my cave, I could see a figure. It was a shadow. The mist from the waterfall obscured it nearly completely. I sparked my gun and leapt through the falls. My weapon pointed at the shadow, the mist parted. A figure stood there, not a man, a woman. Her helmet was off, she was wearing a thick armor with an orange layer over another yellow layer. Her blonde hair swung in the wind, locks of it flailing around like tentacles. She would dash away, but I would follow her. We would fight The Exterminator and then our adventure would start there.

Suicide AttemptEdit

Before I lay on my bed, kicked off the shoes I was wearing and just lay there on the bed.

Why the fuck had I gone to Adam in the first place, with him being determined to keep everyone alive, yet failing at all times? It hurts my head thinking about it.

The Phazon made me do all this. No, running away wasn't a charge. I just ditched it on Eliefa, met Samus, and people thought she kidnapped me and filled my head with sick thoughts. Wrong. I knew the Feds were doing things and I was just about to quit. Dane was right. But, in the end, it was me that killed The Exterminator off. I felt, however, as if it were Samus, calling out "Help me...", slowly dying of corruption. Why wasn't she corrupted? For all I know I could have died and Samus would be the one mourning me, corrupted and terrorizing the galaxy. But no.

That doesn't even matter. What matters is, I'm corrupted. I have Phazon cells in my DNA. I know the Feds want me. They want this Phazon cause they want bioweapons and the Phazon is the thing that'll make their fucking gunships and pulse beams better. Well no.

I have no chance at life anyway. I can feel myself slowly coming apart. I felt it since the massacre three years ago. But the Phazon had never gotten to my head. But now it has. And I'm dying quicker. Hell, I'll be dead in just a few weeks.

Do I not want the Feds to get my Phazon cells? Yes. Do I want to end the depression that's plagued me for three years? Yes. What do I have to do?

Die. Simple as that.

I'd jump into the falls here.

I'll just take a dive, hope I smash my head on a rock, and then we have me dead. Unless of course they get DNA or blood samples and use it to clone me. And if they do, then what? I'll be used for their bio-weapons and they won't know a thing about it. Yeah. No. I just gotta hope nobody has my DNA or blood. Cause if they do I can screw dying.

The motel is fairly close to the falls. In fact, it's right next to it, near the edge. Just past a forest.

And here we are... it's in front of us. The Marines stand in front of the fences, guarding, trying to make sure no one dies there. But I will. And if I don't, well then fuck.

I hide behind a tree, then jump on top of the railing. Too fast for the Marines to restrain me. Leap down, and fall... fall... fall...

My head hits something before I pass out.

I'm aboard the Artemis, awaiting my charges. Murder of Dane and Ron's brother and assisting fugitives.

They took me to this lab and lay me down on the table. They said I was going to have surgery to remove the Phazon I had in me. The Phazon I corrupted myself with to finish off The Exterminator. The Phazon that had corrupted me into committing various crimes and being charged. And now they were going to take it out.

What would they do with it? Oh, clone it and use it for universal domination. What the fuck happened to these guys? Why are they doing this? Why can't they understand the truth?

After a while this quarantine officer whose nametag said Eugene Joyce came in and told me to sleep, but I wouldn't sleep, so he threatened to kill me so that I wouldn't resist the surgery. As he was about to stick it in, a bullet zoomed at his hand. He dropped the needle in pain, and it shattered when it hit the floor.

I noticed the guy had a bunch of matches in his pocket. I grabbed them and set fire to the lab. I was going to kill him, myself, and the specimens in here. The Phazon then caused me to lose consciousness. The shooter of the bullet said several words, but I only heard this before I blacked out:

"...oy! ...p.ou..vit...OY!"

Waking UpEdit

I awoke to the sound of muffled screaming. Lifting my head up, I saw that I was sedated on another hospital bed. In front of me, tied to a chair and gagged, was Eugene Joyce. Beside me was Adam, who had Samus' helmet in his lap. He had his armor off wearing civilian clothes.

"Why?" I asked as he saw me wake up.

"I have never wanted to let anybody under my command die ever since the incident." he said. "What incident?" I asked. Pause. "Did Samus ever tell you about an incident that made her feel young and naive?" I nodded. "Did she tell you what it was?" Head shake.

"Many years ago, I was on my ship, the Federation Army Special Ops Battleship Vixin IV (a mouthful, isn't it?), towing a civilian starship with a malfunctioning drive unit. My little brother, Ian, was in there, repairing it when it suddenly went critical. I was ordering its detachment, but Samus insisted that she save him. That was the incident that lead to her defecting from the police."

"So what happened?" I asked.

"We had it detached, and it blew up somewhere above Earth. Ian was still in there. It was the right decision, but it cost me my brother's life." He cleared his throat. "That's why I tried to keep her alive. Failing that, I'm trying to save you, Roy. So, can we shake on it?" I sighed. "I'll think about it."

He nodded. "As long as you're alive, I'm fine."

I rolled my eyes. "Adam."


"Why do you act so much like a father figure?" I had to ask that question.

"What do you mean?"

"You understand me as much as Samus does. I don't know if she wanted you to know this, but she thought of you as an adoptive father. She still wonders to this day why you never gave her a less cruel goodbye, asking her if she had no objections and apologizing for getting rough with her. Why not a hug or a kiss on the forehead like in your reunion?"

He picked the helmet up and whispered her name. "I always thought of her as my adoptive daughter. She was an orphan, and you are too, right?" I nodded. "Dane wasn't much of a guide. Just being overprotective. You are too, but at least you're not so extreme." Another sigh. "Why can't you let me become a martyr to the galaxy, by dying and ridding it of Phazon? Right now I have it in my system."

"Not anymore."


"We took it out of you."

I didn't respond, because I was speechless. Here was the bioweapon-hating Commander Adam Malkovich, telling me he'd extracted the Phazon from me. Despite the fact that I was sedated I ripped clean out of my tubes and tried to lunge for his throat. "What are you planning to do?!" I shouted. My life readings were going up high.

In rushed Madeline Bergman, formerly content to keep me away from her children, now trying to save me. She grabbed my shoulders, and so did Adam as they tried to get me back into my bed. When they did they put on the Jovian Steel sedation equipment and stuck a needle in my arm to calm me down. I shuddered. "Here you are, Adam, a commander who strongly hates bioweapons, and yet can't resist to take Phazon out of me." He shook his head and stammered, "I didn't do it."

"Then explain - " Madeline. "Oh, no. It wasn't you, Adam. Instead, it was a certain Development Director that was behind the entire Bottle Ship incident, survived her 'daughter''s rampage, signed a report that authorized the creation of bioweapons there, was prosecuted and is now a medical doctor. And she is treating me. So, Dr. Madeline Bergman, I assume that you just couldn't resist taking my inner Phazon out and using it for whatever experiments you've got going on here. Believe it or not, that was my ticket to death. I would have died in a couple of weeks, and I would have shortened that had my suicide gone well, but no. It was all thanks to you two."

She didn't speak for a while. "Look, I know this is hard for you - " I sat up. "Hard for me?! What, you losing that Mother Brain-in-a-girl's-body wasn't hard for you?! Look at you! Why aren't we both in hospital beds being treated?! Why wasn't Samus in a hospital bed every time she lost somebody? Her parents, the Chozo, those butterflies, the baby Metroid, Adam for the first time... Why do I get the feeling Ron Green isn't in a hospital bed because I killed his little brother?! And why aren't you in a hospital bed for Ian or Samus, Adam?! You think this is hard for me, just think about what you've lost!" She started to cry and ran away.

Adam sighed and spoke. "You're right, we should be. You are because you can't control yourself. Apparently you've murdered Ron's brother and caused many other crimes."

"So, are you now going to authorize me to die?"

"No, I am going to authorize you to start taking antidepressents, even a memory wipe if you need to. You'll forget this has all happened."

I stuck a thumb up to indicate I objected, but he said "I do not care about your objections. God, you're as feisty as Samus was. Please?" And then he did the last thing I could take. He hugged me like I was his own son.

When he let go, I said, "You're just trying to make me more miserable, aren't you?"

"No, I am trying to save a life for the first time!"

Even if I did feel a little jealousy, I stormed out of the room. "Roy," I turned. He held Samus' helmet out. I took it and left.

Suddenly, a large crashing noise rumbled throughout the ship.The kind of noise you hear when all hell breaks lose in the void of space. We were under attack!


Ron plummeted to the ground in a great silence with a gun shot hole straight through his visor.

Adam had shot him and he had a huge hole in his visor. Blood began to bleed out of his helmet, and sobs were heard echoing out of his helmet and out of his comm, yelling things such as "Why Roy! Why'd you do it!" He stood up and tried to limp towards me, his entire right side paralysed. He staggered towards me, then fell to the ground crying. Kim suddenly entered thrugh the locked door, despite it being locked, and saw me, and was about to go after me when Adam lifted his arm before me. "Don't touch him." I groaned. "Adam, stop it!" He looked at me. "You are ordered to not die, okay?! Cut the attitude!" he yelled. I stepped back.

"The guy killed Ron's lil' bro, stripped Ron and now ya want me to not kill em'?!" Kim asked. It was my turn to speak. "Listen, Kim..." Adam was about to do something when I knocked his arm away and approached her. "There are two reasons why everything is happenin-" She'd grabbed my throat. I flailed my arms and legs and head at her, struggling to escape her clutch... Damn she was strong... But then she just seemed to freeze up, her left eye twitching in slight disgust. I'd touched something soft... Her boob. Uh oh.

Ron completely ignored the conversation and continued crying and whying. Kim's face, if pure anger didn't scare you, then this DEFINATELY would. She sweep-kicked me to the floor, and fell on top of me. She held my head to the ground. "You... my good sir... have touched... my boob..." This is where it all got fuzzy... I felt a couple pounds on my facve... They were probably kicks. As my nose started to bleed, Adam pulled out his handcuffs. "Whoever you are - " he spoke. "Kim Irene." she replied. "I will arrest you if you continue to assault Roy. He is clearly under my protection -"

"Against my wi-." "SHUT-UP YOU NASTY LITTLE PERVERT!" Kim interrupted as she kicked me in the neck so hard it stood me back up as I tried to object Adam's attempt at stating his self-proclaimed authority. He ignored me. "- and anyone, especially under my protection, is not to be harmed unless you want to be arrested. So, one more kick like that one you just gave him, which I am going to pretend I didn't see, and you'll be in jail. Got it?" Kim stammered. "But - but..."

"No buts." He dangled the cuffs like a father would dangle lost allowance. Fatherish Adam at his best. She sighed and retired her painful attempt at revenge.

"No, go ahead Kim. Beat or even kill me. I want it, and I deserve it. I need to die. I need to join my partner in heaven or forever be cursed on Earth." She brushed her hair out of her face. "Who's your partner?" she asked.

I gulped. "Samus Aran."

She raised an eyebrow. "Listen here, Roy... you know what a Tallor-Tartarian is?" I shook my head. "Stupid. Anyway, we can merge with the spirits of the dead and keep them, for future use, for wisdom, and for guidance. And you'll be happy to know this. Gimme a sec." Her eyes glowed pure gold, even though they were gold before, now they looked as bright as the sun, as fine as spun gold. The light showed me her true appearance... Samus..?


Eugene Joyce came screaming into the room (I don't know how he got freed, but anyway) about something that got free. I grabbed his shoulders and shook him. "What?!" I asked. He continued to panic. "SA... SA-C... 8." he fainted. "SA-C8... what does that mean?" It took me a second to realize that the first two letters stood for Samus Aran. So what was C and 8 for? He mumbled something that I couldn't make out. "Useless little..." Kim's eyes faded to the way they used to be.

We ran into the hallway and saw a huge walrus-like slug-beast emerging out from the other room. "A Frondana... but how does it survive?" asked Ron. The shadows it emerged from were too dark for me to see what else was there, but I did hear a bullet. And it wasn't from Ron, Kim or Adam.

Everyone aimed their weapons. "Show yourself." said Adam. "You don't need to be afraid." said Kim. "Why?" I asked. But I didn't have to.

The girl exited the blackness and exposed herself to all of us. It didn't take me any time to figure it out. No one spoke. The sexy body, clad in boots, shorts and a halter top... the sapphire glowing eyes that locked onto mine. The long blonde tresses that hung below her ankles. Even she stopped when she saw me. I examined her.

She was beautiful... but what was with the 8 on top of her left breast? I approached, and she approached. I was about ready to pull her into my arms, when she turned away from me and walked away...

It was the most painful thing I'd ever felt... Beating even seeing her die...


I was on the floor right now begging to be killed, because there were two Samii, and both had rejected me. I could understand the real one was a spirit and would be hurt on contact, but the clone was completely ignorant of me. All she did when I kissed her was compliment me on my skills.

Ron punched in a phone number. He called everyone in, and in at least a half hour, everyone in his army, had arrived. There were a lot of prisoners, including the panicking Eugene Joyce and Madeline Bergman. Those two were given to us. While Eugene just panicked, Madeline cried hard. "Madeline!" cried Samii 1 (the spirit). She rushed to her friend's side and undid her bounds. "What is this all about?" she asked. "We were told to arrest everybody on board. So here we go. These two know you all, I think." Samii 2 (the clone) asked "Who's the ginger?" Samii 1 glared at her duplicate. "An old friend of ours. Saved on the Bottle Ship? You'd know this if I were still alive."

Samii 2 rolled her eyes. "Just shut the hell up." said Ron. Both of them glared. While Madeline quivered in Adam's arms, finally holding someone other than me, I looked at Eugene Joyce. Goddamn, he was having a lot of stress-related hair loss. I found this funny despite me begging to be killed. "Again, KILL ME PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!" The Brigadeers, Kim and Ron once again aimed. Adam was too busy. Multiple guns charged as I stood up against the wall, ready to face death. But then, I saw the explosion occur somewhere other than on me.

Samii 2 was in front of me, coughing and gasping for air. She took the hit, but why? "Damn you! Shoot me!" Once again they aimed their pistols, but Ron and Kim were handcuffed a second later. "Adam, goddammit, stay out of my trouble!" He growled.

Madeline cried further, I demanded to be killed even more, Joyce lost more hair, and blah blah blah...

"ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!" screamed both Samii. Everyone shut up. "Alright. If we're going to survive, we need to work as a team, alright?" Most groaned.



(*sliiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrppppp* *sigh* *CRASH*) Urp...... (I was extremely drunk at the time... I think I was just finishing my drink.)

Two men walked up to me. They started talking to me.

"Mr. Ron Gre-"

"Call me... *urp*..." (I threw my next drink at the wall, as I did with the first one.)

Well, Mr. I-Don't-Care... You're under arrest."

That sure sobered me up, because as soon as he started saying arrest, I jumped over him and put him in a half nelson choke, shooting the other man in the spine (non fatally of course.) And said:

"Do you really wanna mess with me, bub? I can take that whole group of yours that I know you have stationed out back."

He looked at me as if he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"That's right, I've been on to your plan the whole time you've been planning to arrest me. Now, what I want you to do, is take your sorry ass posse and get this sad excuse for a man to the hospital, or you might have one less man to gang up on me next time."

Screaming, he escaped my hold and picked up his friend, hightailing it out of the bar. Everyone in the bar stared at me, slack-jawed and in astonishment. Streching, I responded:

"The hell you lookin' at? Go back to your fucking drinks!"

I picked up my last drink, scarfed it down, and slammed it against my head, breaking it. I then cracked my neck and left the bar.

The Rest of My Day Edit

I walked out the bar with a content little smirk. I knew what I did was right, and I did it the best I could've ever done it. Some people, you know? I'm on Daiban right now. Looking through and through the streets, this place is PACKED. Everywhere you look, fifty freakin' people inch themselves past their own asses. I personally prefer to walk around... My OWN way.

I took one more step out of the bar, and instantaniously, my suit materialized and my cloak was stored away. Using my er... Enhanced Gravity Booster, I flew above the crowd, and hopped onto the side of a building, on which I stuck. People are so oblivious here, no one notices what's going on. Using the... Other enhancment I've gotten over the years, I climbed up the tower to the top. I have my arm cannon deactivated at the moment. It sort-of looks like a backpack while it's like this. (Note to self: Get a REAL missle launcher. Lately the Mistles haven't been doing the trick I've wanted 'em to. Probably gonna have to steal it from the 'Feds. Meh, their loss for inventing it. Heh heh heh.)

I reached the top of the tower, where I stood looking over the edge for a moment. I turned my Gravity Booster (really it's a jetpack with how powerful it is now) and plunged myself downward. When I was a second away from hitting the ground, 'bout 10 meters, I did a flip and turned. I flew that way for a time until I reached the edge of this tower. That's right, the bar is on top of an even bigger tower. Right there, my ship was speeding by. I landed right on the open hatch! Awesome, that's 3 times in a row! I flew down to the spaceport where I was told to meet somebody for a certain... urm pickup, yeah that's it.


Without landing, I ejected out of my ship, and landed in an alley between the buildings. I deactivated my suit, stretched, and walked casually out of the alley. Most people thougt I was a hobo, I guess, because they all looked at me funny. I promptly flipped 'em off. *sigh* Some people.... I swear, the people on Daiban are so freakin' snooty and ignorant... Anyways. I walked through the main door, hood up, cloak covering my clothing. All people could see was the bottom of my head and a hooded figure. Both of which were me. I made my way to yet another bar, next to the main hangar.

Now I know what you're thinking; "Why'd you leave a bar to go to another bar?" Like I said, I was coming in for some Jo- I mean a pickup. My assosciates have been helping me kick-start my bounty hunting career. Man, I've been on this dead-weight planet for WEEKS! I want to go home to Widlan. But, that would waste my time here. Everything I do is for a reason.

I found who I was looking for. She was sitting at the bar in stiletto style boots, a mini-skirt, and a bikini. Her name was Kim Irene. She reminds me of Samus sometimes, but I know it's not her, cause she's Tallor-Tartarian. They look like humans, except with just a little bit darker skin; like a person in the dark during the day, golden eyes, short brown hair in a pixie cut, and a thinner build. They're also known for being beautiful. I don't really think so though. I mean, she's an alien! I'd rather have a Human babe. But enough stalling, it's time for business.

I ordered a drink, which, by the way, was delicious. I'll have to remember that one. I sat next to her. She rested her elbow on the bar, leaned over, and smiled, ordering a drink of the same flavor. She crossed her legs, and waited for the drink to slide down the bar, catching it. She slirped it down and wiped her mouth off with her gloves, which extend all the way to her elbows. She put her drink down and acknowledged my presence, finally.

"Been waitin' for ya for awhile, don'tcha think?"
"I've been... Busy." I smiled at this comment.
She squinted her eyes and smirked "Well, took ya' long enuff'. So, the cops gave you trou-"
"No! You think the Fed's give Me trouble? BAH HA HA HA HA! I gave THEM trouble."
We both laughed after that comment. Her eyes twinkled, but I ignored it.
"Well, le's stop wastin' time an' get to bus'ness, huh?"

We walked slowly out into the hangar, to her ship. We spoke casually, catching up on our adventures together. She blushed several times during our little walk. All I did was smile and smirk.


"So Ron. I hear ya opened up your own Bounty huntin' bus'niss, huh? Heh, good foh ya. Word on the street is people are after you though..."
"I know. Which is why we need to get done our little passoff quickly. We're both in danger, and without the package, all our efforts would be in vain. Which is why I'd like to get a moveon!"
"Sheesh, party pooper."
"Alright, alright, I'm moving! You know, of al-"

A scream curdled from beside me. The victim fell immediatly, blood pooling beneath her. It was Irene.


I turned and looked in the direction of the shooter. I shot a Dispator Beam bolt at them. They lifted their shoulder plate and somehow blocked the effects. They were wielding not an arm cannon, but a gun. A beam gun. I dashed pursuing them. They were on a shady balcony above us, about 50-70 meters in distance. I shot him a few more times. But the crowd soon got in my way, trying to catch a glimpse of who died. Those bastards! I roared out in anger and started attacking them all, trying to nudge myself through them, cursing the killer all the way.


But I was soon aprehended by G.F. Marines for killing Irene. The last thing I saw was the killer stop at the corner of the balcony, salute me, and set off a jetpack to make his getaway.

"No! NOO! I'm not the one you're looking for! He's getting away! Look!"

But my screams were in vain. No one would hear me. No one. No one...


My only chance to escape this was going to be using the Speed Booster data I'd borrowed from Samus. I pulled free from the Marines' grasp and darted away fast.

I fled into an alley five blocks away, carrying Irene. The weird thing is, she was breathing! She was alive!

"Uhhhhh..." She felt her head as I put her down. "How...?" I asked her. She responded back,

"I didn't die.... I have strong, resistant skin. It can keep me away from death, but it can't protect me from injury. You wouldn't believe how much... it hurts..."
"You know, you've got us in trouble now... they think I killed you."
"Least I'm alive. Soon as they see that, won't matter anyway. They don't care, you know the Feds."

Before I could respond, she grabbed me and shoved me deeper into the alley.

"They ain't gonna find us down here... now, I have to tell you somethin', and you have to promise you ain't gonna tell anyone but Roy."
"Roy? How do you know about - "

She put her finger over my mouth. "Shh..." I nodded, not saying anything.

"The Tallor-Tartarians carry out a tradition of merging their spirits with others. My case... I merged with your friend Samus."

She then closed her eyes for a second before they glowed pure gold, even more so than gold coin, thread or the purest golden hair. Speaking of which, her hair was extending below her ankles and changing to blonde. It was Samus!

Her image, however, horrified me. Her hair, usually silky and like tentacles in the wind, was tangled and filled with debris. She had a scar over her eye and her Zero Suit was torn. She could barely stand. "Ron..." she moaned.

"Samus!" I was, believe it or not, tearing up. I reached out to her, but she made me stop with a quick "Stop!" It was supernaturally commanding.

"If you touch me, you'll attack my spirit. Which, obviously, isn't good, is it?" I shook my head.
"Kim found me when I was floating through space. She heard about my death, found my spirit and got it. I've explained everything to her, the trouble you're in. She's fully ready to help you."

Irene then reawoke. "Let's go."

Escape from DaibanEdit

"Where? There's nowhere to go. They probably have my ship covered by now, and your ship, you were killed inches away-"
"You're not think'n! Remember your wrist command module? Call it to us! If anyone's onboard, we cen take 'em."
"Erm, sorry, got... sidetracked."

At this, she threw her head back and cackled involuntarily. She caught herself a bit late, too.

Some of the new Marine Mk2 Class troopers were walking by. Of course, with a man as strong as me, no one could hold me. Except them. They march in giant suits meant to outmatch an Omega Pirate, a Berserker Lord, and a Phazon Elite's strength put together. Of COURSE I'm not gonna get away from them using brute force.

I glared at Kim as I kicked in my speedbooster, picked her up, and began running. Suddlenly, as with most alleys, a drop point came. Just what I was looking for. The tropopers were right behind us. They couldn't see the trouble ahead, because the alley was so narrow. I suddenly crouched, turned back, and waited a split second for the troopers to catch up just a little bit. I jumped down just as they reached the edge at such a speed, they almost toppled over the edge. I Shinesparked back up just as the GF Marines ejected and pierced right through the suits. They went crashing down to the Factory district, which, might I add, is the most criminally populated area besides the Pirate homeworld, and hotest place on Daiban. I doubt those suits will be much use after that fall, the heat, and my Shinespark, either. I win once again!

As we started to slow down, I turned on my Gravity Boosters to guide us safely to a balcony. My ship came to a halt right at the time I expected it to. We entered it and left Daiban for Widlan. The package would have to wait. Kim told it to leave the crime scene and head throughout the stars, sending the Feds, thinking I'm piloting it, on a wild goose chase.


We landed at Base Katrina.

Normally a very lively spot, it was my base of operations for the Typhoon Mercenary Brigade, the criminal organization I had been building up with the help of Roy, Armstrong, Damara, Hardy, Keaton, Spire, Noxus, and my old friends from Typhus Squad, whom I saved.

But today was different. No sound. It was quiet there, but never this. No one was scrambling about either. Normally, I would be greeted by Captain Quin, or Lieutenant Green; my brother. But not today. All that greeted me was the soft, sea breeze. Which is a bad thing. The hangar is airlocked. If I feel a breeze, something has gone terribly wrong!

I activated my suit and locked my ship. I reactivated the Base Defense Systems and the Cloaking device as well. Strangely, nothing responded to my code. Except a swarm of Halberd Class Patrol Drones! I had to destroy them all, despite their extreme price. A pity. No matter, I can regain the cash later.

I opened a blast door using manual protocal operation alpha. Most basic Engineer/Demolition maneuver in the book. Yet, one of the most useful. But had I known what I was to see, I never would have even landed in the hanger.


Demise of my BrotherEdit

I blinked my eyes twice, and didn't see it again. Just an illusion, Ron. You're makin' yourself crazy.

I found a note from Captain Quin left on the blast shield. It said:


Some guy came and attacked our forces. He seemed to be a hobo, and had really long hair with a fairly trimmed beard and old clothes. He kidnapped Ricky and brought him to Eliefa where he wounded him. We followed. Come immediately.


That "hobo" had to be Roy. Irene was still in my ship when I got back. "Eliefa, and step on it!"

Rushing out into the obvious crime scene, I noticed the bloody body of my brother Ricky. His head was dripping blood, and his arm was weak. His skin was pale. Losing a lot of blood. Oh god.


"Ron..." he moaned, before his hand got weaker and weaker. He held my arm for a long while before it dropped limp, and his eyes shut. "Ricky... Ricky? RICKY!!!"

Roy... I am going to kill Roy. He's corrupted. But he killed my brother. I won't let him go unavenged.

Suddenly, Roy fell out of a tree. In the distance, you could hear Marines looking for Roy.

"Sorry, Ron."
"What the fuck man! You just killed my brother and that's all you-"
"Sorry, Ron."

Roy suddenly lunged at me. I picked up my gun to shoot him, but he moved so freakin' fast! It was... inhuman! He punched through my helmet and knocked me out.


Next thing I knew, I was on the ground and...

Where are my clothes? What happened to me? What the hell is going on? Next to me were some really old, dirty clothes. Roy's clothes. Did he rape me? Doesn't seem like it. At least I still have my underwear. If he had taken that then I'd be embarassed.

Okay, Ron. You're okay. Try to remember some stuff.

Ow... my head hurts... oh! Now I remember Roy knocked me out, and probably took my clothes after that. Maybe it was just to get away. Maybe he was trying to rape me. I dunno. Irene was with me. Did he do somethin' to her too? She wasn't in sight. What a little bitch... This is unlike Roy. Somethin's up. I told him he should start taking antidepressants...

He didn't take my equipment though. I still had my comm system. I tried to talk to Irene. She wouldn't answer. Oh wait, there. She's incredibly slow sometimes.


"Irene! Where are you?"

"Trying to track down Roy. He took almost all your clothes as a disguise; trying to find him and kick his ass. Wait a minute. News broadcast."

"Marines are on the search for Roy Abraham Dane, the fugitive who has now brutally attacked a store clerk after she made a remark about him. He escaped through the skylight and disappeared. If you have any information, or you think you saw him, contact the Federation Marine Force immediately."

Irene repeated it back. She said there was more, but it was just a history of him and I already knew that. "I think I can track him. Gimme a sec."

She paused for a second before she said, "He's at this obscure motel. He arrived there just before the news broadcast. They don't get the news there."

"Alright, time to take em' - "

"No. You let me handle this."

Grabbing Ricky's helmet and holding it, I stormed back to my ship. As I prepared for takeoff I started cryin'. I couldn't hurt Roy. He's been like a son to me! But he killed Ricky. On the other hand, he used to be my ally. Not only that, but family.

What the hell are you supposed to do when your own best friend betrays you? I can't hurt him!

Irene piloted the ship to fly to Mondrevas, a magma planet where she'd told the package to fly to: Grade-A Pure Jovian Steel, worked to perfection. Irene was repairing the ship while I went to bed.


With the death of my brother, my mind went blank; all I felt was... nothing. Without my brother, I WAS nothing. It was him that kept me going. He was the reason I joined the Galactic Federation. That poor, little boy.

My brother and I were born into a poor family, with but a slab of metal to live under. A slab of metal that would save our lives. Our parents lived with us. We weren't orphans. We were evicted. Damn Federation taxed us out of our very homes after the raids on the Earth colonies. Samus, Roy and I were on different ones. Without the Afloraltite sales, revenue hit flatline; the Feds needed cash. And so there we were. Sitting ducks in the pirate raid. My father was the first to die. Mud in water; spreading throughout our homes, killing us all. Up against 5 pirates, our father died in a brawl to the death. They clawed his arms off and shot him. They then pointed their guns toward us. Our mother jumped the bullet. She saved us. In a blind rage, and with tears in my eyes, I weld our humbleized home and shoved it through the head of the leader. I then whacked another across the head. But it was in vain. One of the pirates grabbed the slab and snapped it. He shot me, but I redirected his arm. He scarred my head. I picked up one piece of the slab and stabbed him with it and threw the other at the remaining Pirate. The last one had run away. Ricky had watched the entire thing. He looked up to me as if I was a god; horrified and amazed, all the same. I picked him up and ran to the evacuation point, which was about to be cleared for lockdown. We escaped with our lives, but not with all of them; we lost the most important things to us; our parents. I joined the Federation to avenge my parents.

I promised Rick that day that I would never let anything happen to him... I let him down... And now he's gone. Gone. I have lost the will to live.... *enlongated exhale of death*


Now all I felt was nothing... It was like I was within my own mind... Wait, I see something... It's steadily getting clearer... *gasp*

Right then and there, I was standing, staring at myself. I was standing next to my bed. I was hazy, but I could see my body nice 'n' clear. Suddenly, Kim walks in and stands exactly where I am with what looked to be a delicious breakfast; a french muffin, dunkable in a hot chicken noodle soup with carrots, chicken, thw orks. It also came with Jasmine tea; my favorite. She saw my body and gasped, dropping the tray of delctibles and covering her mouth with both hands. She sat down and burried her face in her hands. She cried so sincerely, that I now truly understood her feelings for me; she loved me.

I had never before felt what I had right at that moment. I had never seen Kim cry. I had never known how she felt. I had never known. And I would never know how it... would've been. I took several steps back in disgust, and then ran away, out of the ship and into the abyss of space. And I thought Daiban was crowded. So. Many. People. All lost in the endlessly vast area of space. I collapsed to my knees. So much... I then understood what was going on. I was dead.

Then all went away. I was.. warped away. I saw nothing but one figure, standing in front of me. He had no looks; just a blob of shadow. I never saw what it looked like because it was nothing. It was both everywhere and nowhere, right there, and over there. It was everything I saw. And I didn't like it.

Suddenly, it engulfed me, and the pain... so much pain. But my will stood strong,. Somehow, I defeated it. This was no battle of balistics. It was a war of wills. We stood there for not only a moment, but for eternity, but not forever, but for an instant. We stood there for both forever and never, for we wee in the spirit world; the world of the worlds. Everything that is anything and everything that is nothing exists here.

The black all disappeared, and the world came flying back. I was on Mondrevas. But something felt strange. I was 18. Just like Kim!


I suddenly just started walking out of nowhere. I heard a voice. I knew it. It was the Darkness! I fought it, and with all of my might, I destroyed it, utterly. I had taken control of my body. But... I was dark-skinned... I then knew what I had done. I had destroyed the spirit of a Tallor-Tartarian. I had at first, taken control of the bodily structure, like Samus. But I had forced the control out. Now I am truly me again... Just... Different. Barely. I had the same looks I had when I was 18, except just as ripped as I was, and sleaker. I am no longer human. I am Tallor-Tartarian. And I loved it!

I walked endlessly, somehow not knowing where I was going, but knowing I was steadily getting closer to my objective. Me. I wanted to tell Kim how much I loved her. And so I walk.

I arrived at my ship to find that the modifications were complete. I walked up to my ship and opened the hatch. I was in. I walked to my room. Kim was in there, sleeping with her head rested on my lifeless chest. I put my clothes on and turned to her. She was more beautiful than I remembered. She had lines of tears coming from her eyes. I woke her gently.

When she woke and sat up, I turned her chair around and kissed her. She woke up and screamed. I had terrified her. Nice one... She grabbed the chair and beat me with it. I turned the lights on and she stopped. She dropped the chair and collapsed to her knees.

"But you're dead..."
"So was Samus, Kim."

She was speechless.

"Kim, there's something I have to tell you."


"I love you."


After that day, I felt more powerful than I had ever been. I don't know if it was my love for Kim, or my new body, but I felt extreme. I felt I could do anything; including kill the Exterminator all over again; by myself!

We returned to Widlan, where Quin had fixed the base. Good. Our operations can resume. Suddenly, I had a flutter of light. I blacked out and fell on the floor of the hangar.


I was back in Base Katrina again. Except, it was still destroyed. I was in the spirit world. In the past...? Nevermind that. I got up and to my surprise, there was phazon; everywhere. I walked forward, mouth wide open. I stepped through a crushed blast door. I found Roy's armoursuit, blacked out with a crack. Suddenly, it lit up again. I could see his lifeless face.

He had no pupils. No Iris. All that was there were phazon growths and blood. Blood leaking from his mouth, blue as water. I stepped back in horror. Roy was my best friend. Just laying; lifeless in that corner. I turned my head to the right. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Him. The one who I wished I would never see again. The Evil Avenger. He was back.

Suddenly, He shot me, and I had a heart attack. They managed to fix me up, but I still had a wound in my spirit. Only Kim could fix that. I limped back to my ship, as if with a gaping hole through my chest. I wanted to cough up blood, but I couldn't. It wasn't my body that was hurt.


I stumbled back to the ship. I tried so hard to walk upright, but failed. I realized now that Tallor-Tartarians are spirits with physical forms. They can't withstand wounds through their spirits. I was hoplessly dieing. Kim rushed out into the hangar, where I had collapsed. I didn't like being powerless. I hated not being able to fix my pain. I hated not being able to do anything. I was but a lifeless husk by then. Kim pulled me into the spirit world again, where she mended my wounds. It would not be the same as before for a very long time, however. I lost control over parts of my body. And I remained like that until I was given artificial muscles I could control from other parts of my body that did about the same job. I wouldn't be able to fight, though. Leaving me vulnerable. I was plagued with nightmares of this event for years. In fact, I never forgot it.


The Road to Recovery wasn't exactly peach trees and apples. It was more like limes. Fruit that didn't even have the decency to be a lemon. Sweet, succulent lemons. Limes were the plague of the galaxy. Disgusting.

Finally, however, I stood up with an extremely loud


Then, I activated my suit and told Harry to look after that base and to make sure Kim's ok.

I hopped aboard my ship and began to lift off when I hear a bunch of loud thuds on my loading ramp.

"Ah What the Hell!?"

I got up and ran towards it, aiming carefully. I activated all of my defenses; they did not respond.

"Oh jeez guys, don't do that."

With his usual comedic attitude, Kreatz said "Well Green-boy, I don't think you'll be getting at Roy that easy. He's our pal, you see? So we can't go shooting his brains out, you know?" In response, Mauk laughed hard.

Kim walked up, kissed me on the cheek, and said "'E don't deserve mistreatment like that, Ronny."

At this I blushed, simultaneously expecting a quick zinger from Kreatz "Ooh, "Ronny", looks like you got yourself a girlfriend!"

I aimed at him and charged my gun "You say one more word, KREEPZ, and this will knock you cold for the rest of the trip."

With a hilarious expression, he backed off and shut up. Wuss.

"Harry! Did you lock up?"

"Affirmative, General."

"Look, Harry, you don't have to call me General anymore. We're friends. Comrades. Call me Ron."

"Sure thing, Ron."

"Alright. Pretty much kick back for a couple Z's. We're headed back to Eliefa."

"Sounds Good." "Ok." "Yup." "Wheeee!" "Sure thing, Ron." "Cool!" "I'm down." "Out of here." "Night." "Yeah, you too."

"Spire, Noxus, keep an eye on things for me, will you?" They nodded.

I smiled and veered the ship into warp-speed.


We had been en route to Eliefa to find Roy. Apparently he was arrested, so we're headed his direction to intersect. The Brigade is prepped for immediate boarding of the Artemis. I've taken the liberty to swap my escape pods for tanks of Nano Mistles, which I've dubbed Macro Missiles. They will eat a hole into the enemy vessel, big enough for us to land and commandeer the ship.

The Alarm woke us all. "All personel report to the Boarding Ramp. We're 5 minutes away from target and closing. All personel report to the Boarding Ramp."

In less than half a minute, everyone was assembled except me; because I was prepping the Macro Missiles, Spire, and Mauk. Spire and Mauk were lugging another invention of mine which I dub the Ventilater. The hole created by the Missile will cause Blast Doors to close off the area. Spire and Mauk will blast open these doors, sucking out all interferance, and open the way for us to get in, download a map, get what we came for, and get out. In this case, we wanted Roy. It's called the Ventilator because it sure'll VENTILATE the air within. TO OBLIVION!

We came out of warp speed 2 minutes early and deactivated all of our systems besides the Missiles and Auto-Pilot. We were in the middle of a nebula, where they would have to come out of warp-speed ad fly through old fashionably; the straight forward approach: fly through and hope you live.

We were at an advantage, because my ship is faster anyway, and their shields would also be deactivated by the ion-field. I use plain old armour, so no worries there.

The battleship came out of warpspeed at exactly the moment I planned it to at the exact spot. It passed into the nebula. Once the engines passed in, I flew the ship towards the bottom of it; where the least cannons were. I launched the Missiles and flew straight into the spot they opened. Alarms rang throughout this bubble of existance. Just as I suspected, Blast Doors closed up the hole. Mauk and Spire, using my jet-pack tech, flew over with the Ventilator and blasted open the door. Several Marines were sucked out, but grappled by my ship within. I don't want to cause death like that to my brother humans. They only do what is told of them. They aren't the guilty ones in the Feds. Only the Federation itself. We moved onward. I downloaded an interface from the nearby terminal so we all knew what to do.

Spire was told to go to the Engines and deactivate them.

Noxus was to commandeer the Bridge.

Mauk and Kreatz were to capture everyone aboard and put them in the mess hall.

The Brigadeers were to arrest the Scientists.

Kim was to look for prisoners.

Harry was to take control of the hangars.

Houston was to take control of the medical wing.

And I was to find Roy.

We all set out to perform our duties.


Upon fallout, I rolled into the diamont across the room, unmorphing to fire three power-beam shots at a squad of Marines and crashing into the wall, bouncing my way down the hallway into the rest of the group. Behind me, I could hear everyone else rushing to their destinations. I could hear Ron shocking the Marines aboard out and leaving them to go find Roy.

The Engines were to lthe left of where I came in, so knew I had to go that way. I took the first left I saw and headed that way, bursting through every Marine I saw. Hopefully that doesn't hurt...

Before long, I saw a large door ahead. But standing in front of it was a platoon of AMA Troopers. I darted left to avoid their heavy missiles. In response, I charged up the magmaul and burst several of them back. But they just rose again and charged forward... What now?

Just then, I saw a dart of electricity hit the Trooper i the front, causing him to immdiately fall over. His missile pack also malfunctioned, causing the missilies to hit every trooper in the room. I looked back to the hallway and saw nothing, but I figured it was Ron... But DAMN he got fast!

Anyway, I took a couple missile lauchers the suits and blasted my way through the door. nce inside, I put everyone in the room down and set the engines to turn off. Then I input a USB Drive that Rn said would keep em off until he puts in a code or something like that. I don't really know. Anyway, then I was set on my secondary objective; collect the Marines and Technicians... Damn, I should've had more fun before...

I dashed through the hallways vcarrying a whole bunch of Marines and technicians and rounded them up at the ship. I also went back to grab the suits and such; I figured Ron'd want 'em.

Now to watch 'em and wait for orders... Maybe I'll have a bit more fun than I thought.

I grinned at this idea, and walked over to the mob of unconsious Feds.


En route to the Bridge on Deck Delta, I ran into numerous groups of Marines. All of which were no match for me.

On the bridge, I encountered but little resistance. Mission Success.

Kreatz and MaukEdit

Kreatz: So we went on with our round 'em up duties. We nabbed all the leftovers and grabbed all the casuaties and put 'em in the Mess.

Mauk: Pretty much.

Kreatz: Yeah... Not much to say here.

Mauk: Wonder how The Brigs, Kim, Harry, ad Ron are doin'?

The BrigadeersEdit

Go! Get to the labs! I'll cover you! *shots fire*

Yes sir! Move move move!

Get that door open!

On it! *blast noise*

Clear the hallway!

Open fire! *repeated gunfights over time*

Hostiles terminated, move on!

On it!

Covering the rear!

Forward clear!

Labs just ahead!

Open that blast door!

On it! *pause, beeping noises* Clear out!

  • BLAST*

Move in!

Get your hands up!

Hands where I can see 'em!

Take us to the lab!

Lock the door!

But our friends are in the-

I said LOCK IT UP!

  • door turns red*

Now Get on the ground!

  • sound of people dropping to there knees*

Hands on your heads!

Yes sir.

  • comm noise* Mission Complete, Ron.

Ron: Affirmative. Good work, team.

Noxus IIEdit

Disengaging pod jettison.

Emptying waste depositories.

Raising shields.

Opening blast doors.

Securing decks alpha through kappa.

Comm: Mission complete. Ron: Good job. Stand guard.

Noxus: Affirmative.


I ran directly to my target without much effort. The others really cleared the place. I imagine Kreatz and Mauk have gott'n a bit packed down in the Mess'.

Me, I pretty much kicked the hell outof those guards back there. That cartwheel roundhouse kind snapped his neck... maybe just a little... Hoping that helmet of his protected 'im... Poor guy... Anyways, nobody in 'ere.

Ron: Well, then take that guy to the Mess Hall and guard there. Kreatz and Mauk need help most likely.

Kim: *blushing, speaking with flirtatious dialogue* Are you stalkin' me?

Ron: *silence*

Kim: Ron..? Ron..?!

Ron: *silence*

At this, I ran whole heartedly to Ron's location.

I called in Kreatz and Mauk to get the guard.


I entered the lab with no problem. The Brigadeers secured it just as planned. I unlocked the door and walked it, locking the door behind me.

When I turned around, however, I was speechless...

It was Him.

A sudden rage pulsed through my body. I aimed immediately at him... but then... A light filled my eyes with its glowing aura as I lay weakening on the ground. A certain silence rushed over me, and I felt nothing.


Attempted Man RapeEdit

We landed back on Eliefa; we were look'n' for Ron's brother, Rick'. I told him that if he want' to do it, I would too. We found 'im dead.

I loved Eliefa, the lush plants left me in awe. 'Just wish I had time to enjoy it without bei'n' on the run. But bei'n' a dead pers'n' is a lot more fun than just looking at nature. You can get 'way wit' anyth'n' when you're dead. No one suspects you.

Sooner or later, a thing dropped from a tree. Long hair, beard, ragged clothes. Ick, was this Roy? Obviously.

Ron got all furious. "ROY! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU KILL MY BROTHER?!" Roy stood still there. Unafraid. Wow. What a loser. He' gonna get whooped.

"Sorry, Ron."

"No, you're not sorry! When you kill someone, you can NEVER be sorry! You killed my fucking brother!"

"Sorry, Ron."

"Wha - "

Suddenly Roy rushed Ron, and knocked him out. Then he took all his clothes (except his underwear, THANK GOD. Leas' 'e' still got 'is Suit case som'n' happ'n's.) and left his near naked body on the ground. I didn't see the whole thing, I just left. I shot Roy a couple times, curs'n' his fat ass away. I chased after him with anger.



I awoke to quiet squeaks and squeals.

Who am I? What am I? Where am I? Why am I here? All these questions buzzed through my head. I looked above.

A baby... thing. What was it?

...... What was it? I seemed... Drawn to it... As part of myself... It was crying specifically for me. "Mama... mama..."

I felt the strange urge to call it my own... Tears rolled down my cheeks as I held the baby up to me.

"What happened..?"

Then some geek in a lab coat came in. The quarantine officer, Eugene Joyce. "Okay 8, everything's normal." "8?" I replied.

"Samus Aran 8. You're the eighth clone of Samus Aran that we've made, and the only successful one."

"I-I'm a clone? Who's Samus?"

"That, you don't seem to need to know other than she died about three years ago. We cloned her using blood samples and DNA samples from her Power Suit, creating you and seven other unsuccessful clones. We cloned you to extract the DNA of that creature there and create Metroid clones. This particular one," he pointed to the baby, "Has the memorites of the hatchling you so adored in your past life."

"So you cloned me to make something else?"

"Not only that. I'd like to keep you alive so we can study. The other scientists have agreed, but the main focus of the study is on the Metroids."

A while after he'd left, I pulled on some clothes next to me. A tank top, shorts and boots. Tied my hair back with a ponytail and told the baby to follow suit. We were going for a walk.

We caught up with Joyce. "Where am I?"

"Space Vessel G.F.S. Artemis."

The name somehow seemed familiar.... I don't know how...

*Ahem* "Samus? You're not permitted to leave the premises. You are now our property."

I turned around, confused and angry "Property?!"

Joyce grinned happily, stating quickly "Indeed."


I was taken to the mess hall. I was handcuffed, and we were eating breakfast. Some weird chewy collection of food. I simply stared at it. The guy sitting next to me said, "Eggs." He demonstrated eating some. Then he pulled out some spiky object. "Fork." He said. "Fuck." I answered. "No, fork."

After some eating, and him telling me what things were, he unhandcuffed me and brought me to a room with a basketball net up on the wall. "Do you know how to play?" I shook my head. He explained to me the game, handed me the ball and left. Heh, this would be fun.

I was good at this. Scored every time.

In floated the Baby. It chirped, "Mama..." I embraced it. It said, "What are you doing?" I told him what basketball was. He said it sounded like fun, but was disappointed cause he couldn't play (because he's not human). So I had an idea. I took one of my earrings and gave it to the Baby. I told him he could carry it and drop it in the net.

This was fun.

As I was walking away, I walked right into the officer, who grabbed me by the shoulder. I then passed out.

Oh... my god... My head hurts... SO bad...

So where was I? Hmm... I was covered in sheets of white fleece, and I was in the basketball room. Where was the baby?

The basketball was near me, and so I simply decided to just play a bit more.

The officer came in after about ten minutes. "Samus, dinner." Dinner was steak, potatoes and broccoli. I noticed a TV at the dinner table across from us. News was on.

The officer was calling me. He was going to take me for more studying.

"Samus... Samus?"

The News Broadcast then showed a picture of a young man who allegedly killed himself in a lake. "Today, 19 year old Roy Abraham Dane was discovered dead at the bottom of an Eliefan waterfall. He was pronounced dead on the scene upon discovering his body. More news at 11."

I stared at the TV kind of funny. Who was that? What a familiar name...


I responded quickly, bounding up and following the nice officer.


Who was that guy who tried to approach me? He seemed familiar. Was he Roy Abraham Dane? I don't know why I was just compelled to approach him either. I'd been so close to him when I'd suddenly come to my senses.

I'd killed a Frondana, some walrus thing, and then he approached me like I was some kind of god. If he was Roy then why was he still alive? I'd seen him jump off the falls and die. So why was he here now? Standing behind him was a tall figure with black hair, who also seemed familiar, and beside him, another person who looked about my age with a badass stache and a muscular tone. He was also familiar.

Black-Hair had his arm around the boy who'd approached me, looking angrily at the mustachioed guy and the girl whose hand he was holding. I simply stared at them curiously, trying to figure out why they were all so familiar. All except the girl.

I grabbed the shirt of Eugene Joyce, who was scared out of his wits. "Who are these people?" I asked. "Wow..." he stammered. "N-Not one... but... but three... outlaws, and... it's HIM!"

"Who's him?" But he ran off.

Black-Hair approached. "Samus, I - " I glared. "How do you know my name?!"

"I was a close friend of the original Samus Aran." I raised an eyebrow. "I was her commander, an officer in the Galactic Federation army. She defected from me after an incident that resulted in my brother's death. She always felt young and naive since then, and left my side. Many years later we were forced to work together on the Bottle Ship, a space facility breeding bioweapons. She fell under my command again. However, I saved her from a dangerous sector filled with unfreezable Metroids. I detached it and kept the destruction under control. I met her again three years ago, here on this very same ship, and she returned my helmet, a treasure she'd saved, and walked off to her death. And now she's here again."

"Hm." I looked behind him. "Who are all these people?" He turned and I saw the boy try to approach again. I whacked him upside the head with my fist and threw him on the ground. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" He backed away and Adam picked him up. Then I had a bunch of pistols held at me by everyone except the boy. "What is this all about?" I asked, laughing. "Samus, I order you to stop. This boy is under my protection, and I can arrest and have you killed if I want, though I don't wish to."

I growled. "Who do you think you are?" I asked the boy. "I'm not a hooker!" Heavy breathing from him as he gulped. "I'm Roy... Roy Dane... you... your partner?" Confirmation! "Why do you keep trying to kiss me?"

"I was the love of the original Samus. I thought that... maybe... you would remember me. Samus, I've been in depression for three years over your death. I've been trying to die after I was infected with Phazon, but Adam here has 'ordered' me to live. I'd be perfectly fine with it if Ron and Kim killed me right now." More bell ringing, but I was still not so sure.

Even though I hated what he tried to do, I thought he was sort of cute. His eyes were blue, like mine, and they glittered in a strange way in the dim lights. Dark blonde hair that fell to his shoulders. Like me, he was a child, always with something to prove, a chip on his shoulder. Speaking of which, I held them. "I sort of remember you." I said, "But don't get into any funny business, ok-" He slammed his lips into mine.

Every time he gasped for air, I wanted to rip out his tongue. I barely restrained myself from attacking him. I hated it, but I also liked it. His lips, so ragged, rough and torn were soothed by my tender lips. His face brushed on mine, and I felt the urge to get my fingers in his hair. I also giggled silently from the brush of that goatee.

"Nice kissing." I managed to say. I then turned to Ron. "Do I remember you?" I asked. "Probably not." was his reply. "Do I remember you?" I asked Kim. "Maybe. I have your spirit." She made her eyes glow pure gold, even purer than spun gold, gold itself or Rapunzel's hair, and then her appearance changed. Lighter skin, hair as long as mine. She was becoming me. Why?

She was clad in a ragged blue catsuit and her hair was messy and tangled up. She had a scar running over her eye. Roy gasped. I'll admit too, her image was fairly horrifying. It took her a second for her to open her eyes.

"...Adam? Roy? Ron?" Before she saw me. "Me?" she stepped back. "Apparently, you're a clone. The damn Federation must have cloned me and made more of those Metroids. So where am I now?" Roy came up to and was about to kiss her, but she said "Don't touch me!" he fell back. "COME ON! Which Samus can I touch without getting hurt?!" Samus, or 'I' gasped. "You don't really understand, Roy. I'm a spirit, and if you touch me, you'll hurt me. Do you want that?" Headshake. "Hug her." 'I' said, pointing to me (the real me).

"So, you're the original Samus?" I asked. "Uh huh." Roy's face became pale. "Oh my god, Roy! What happened to you?" He fell to his knees on the floor. I heard urgent screams: "KILL ME! KILL ME!" His once Phazon-blue eyes - where did I remember Phazon from? - were now white and had no pupil.

Ron held his guns to him, saying "Gladly." Kim spoke through 'my' voice and restrained him. "Stop it. He needs to stay alive for the original Samus." Adam pushed them aside, shaking Roy to calm him down. He stuttered, so I grabbed his hair and slammed his face into the wall. "Me?! What are you doing?!" 'I' asked. "Why are you hurting my partner?" I turned. "This perverted kid? He's a juvenile." 'I' gasped. "What?!"

"He killed someone, ran away, and everyone thinks I, or you and Ron and maybe Kim abducted and corrupted him. Did you?" 'I' stammered. "No..."

"So, let me get this straight. Adam is my former commander, Roy is my boyfriend, Ron is a friend and Kim is someone who just randomly showed up?" I asked. "Yep, pretty much." 'I' said. "THEN WHY THE HELL DON'T I REMEMBER ANY OF THEM?!" I yelled. "Listen to me, um... me. We match. I'm you, and you're a rebuilt me. If I become one with you, then you might be fully resurrected, and then you'll remember these people. Okay? But we can't fuse right now, it's a dangerous facility."

Roy curled up into a ball and found himself in Adam's arms. "It's all right." He struggled to get free, and approached Ron. "I'd really love it if you killed me right now." he said. Gun to head. Adam was about to move when I caught up and twisted his arm behind his back. "OW!" he cried out. "Let the kid die." Again, the other Samus stumbled to Ron. "NO! DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE!" Too late, the gun was fired, and Samus was in the way. She collapsed, and her spirit flickered.

"GODDAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shrieked Roy, who lunged for Ron's throat. The spirit left Kim's body and she returned to normal. "Dammit, Ron. Now you messin up Sam! She gotta stay alive!"

All of us were arguing, but we had to cooperate to get off safely.


  • Kim Irene is based off of a book TerrorDactyl had to read in his 7th Grade English Class. Dark they were, and Golden Eyed is a book about how humans colonize Mars so that they don't have to deal with the nuclear war down on Earth. They slowly were mutated, and became Dark skinned with golden eyes. They moved to old Martian Villas and lived for decades there. When the war ended, people came to retrieve the colonists, only to find an abandoned town and some dark-skinned, golden eyed natives, whom they thought responsible for the disappearances. They recolonized Mars again, only for the colonists to suffer the same fate as their predessecors.
  • The Tallor-Tartarian tradition of merging dead spirits with their bodies to survive was inspired by the conciousness transfer used by the Na'vi in James Cameron's Avatar.
  • The scene where SA-C8 is born is a reference to the resurrection of Ellen Ripley in Alien Resurrection, where she is cloned using blood samples from Fury 16, on ice, and Xenomorph DNA.

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