Metroid Destruction: Federation Chapter 1Edit

The Federation was in ruins. It all started with a meeting on Earth: Space Pirates had stolen three Aurora Units from the Federation. Samus and a new bounty hunter, Hunter, had been sent out to find the Aurora Units. Before they even started their mission, the Space Pirates had attacked Earth, with five Leviathan Seeds, and their entire armada. In a desperate attempt to stop them, Admiral Dane crashed the G.F.S Olympus into the Pirate's Mothership, only managing to weaken it. Unfortunately, Samus had been in the middle of the collision, stuck inside a dogfight, and had barely made it out alive. The last thing she remembered seeing before she blacked out was Hunter's rusty ship heading straight for her...

Screaming, Samus jumped upwards, out of her cockpit's chair, and started to strangle the only person inside her ship. After a few moments, she recognized the being as Hunter, and released her.

"Jeez Samus-" he paused for breath "-What the heck was that for?"

Samus apologized and got back in the cockpit. "I have no idea what's wrong with me, Hunter." Samus looked over and saw Hunter looking at her with concern. Samus immediately intercepted the feeling that came up from her belly, and inwardly struggled with it to keep it down. She kept having this feeling whenever she looked at Hunter, and she had never felt it before, so she didn't know what it was. It annoyed her.

"Well, we might as well start on our mission." Hunter stepped onto Samus' boarding ramp and it slid downwards, locking Hunter back inside his ship. A second later, the ramp slid upwards, without Hunter, and Samus went back to work. She plotted a course for the Space Pirate Homeworld. If there was any chance for the bounty hunters to find any information, they would probably find it there.

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