Metroid Dread is a game that was released in June 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS. It is set after Metroid Fusion. A sinister group of executives within the Federation have been creating a top secret project, an army rivalling that of the Space Pirates for their own nefarious desires. A few years later the same group slowly gained influence with the Galactic Federation spreading paranoia and fear of Samus going rogue.

After the destruction of Bottle ship and the BSL Labs, various valuable life forms and illegal Bioweapons were lost forcing the ring leaders into action. They had managed to hold sway over most of the representatives of the galactic federation and were able to put a bounty on Samus's head declaring her a rogue and free to hunt down. Now Samus must fight her former allies unable to trust anyone as she is wanted dead or alive...

Features Edit

  • Duel screens and classic side scrolling gameplay.
  • Labrythian planets and galactic federation research facilities full of nightmarish beasts and treacherous members of the Federation.
  • All of Samus's classic weapons and abilities including brand new ones!
  • Classic bosses like Ridley and Kraid as well as brand new monsters to fight!

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