This wiki is devoted to Metroid fanon. Have a Metroid fanfic? Post it here! Have awesome Metroid fanart? Post it here! As long as it's metroid and it's it here!

By Becoming a User of this Wikia, you Agree to the Following Code of Conduct:

Code of Conduct

As a result of recent events over at other wikias, a code of conduct will be instated. Here are some rules; they may change depending on discussions by the admins.

Regarding Spam/Vandalism

Spam and vandalism will NOT be tolerated. Do not say you did not receive a warning; this is your first warning.

The following is considered spam:

  • Creating fics do not have to do with the Metroid series.
  • Creating related pages that having nothing to do with a fic/aren't about Metroid Fanon.
  • Sending a large amount of messages to any number of users after you have been told not to.
  • More will be added to the list as the need arises.

Vandalism is considered the following:

  • Adding gibberish/nonsense to a page.
  • Removing content from a page w/o permission.
  • Adding content to a page w/o permission.

Other actions that Constitute a Ban

These following actions will constitute a ban:

  • Swearing in messages to other users. Swearing in fics is okay as long as a warning is present stating that there is use of strong language and to what extent the language is used.
  • Any sort of sexual harassment will result in a year long ban, no exceptions.
  • Copying another user's fic without permission.

Lengths of Bans

The length of a ban will differ depending on the severity of the action/a user's history. However, here are the punishments. The following assumes that someone broke only one of the above rules.

  • First Offense: 2-3 week Ban
  • Second Offense: 1-2 month Ban
  • Third Offense: 3-6 month Ban
  • Fourth Offense: 6 month-1 year Ban
  • Fifth Offense: Permanent Ban

A ban will be overturned/changed if over 1/2 of the active admins decide that the action was not properly punished.

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