RoyboyX, an admin on Wikitroid, and non admin DarkSamus89 are working together to bring you Metroid Fusion Beta, a new hack of Metroid Fusion that restores all the cool elements that did not make it into the final game.


Similar to the original, though with some extra storylines.

The Quarantine Bay is larger, with more enemies than just a Hornoad. The SA-X is encountered here, and it destroys Samus' Fusion Suit, leaving her nearly defenseless and having to run from the SA-X until she can get to a Data Room. Then she talks to Adam about it and admits she's scared about the mission.

Sector 1 now has Skrees as enemies. There's a Sector 7 that is visited before going back to Sector 6, where Kraid is fought amongst acid and junk and the Spazer is rewarded. Then you go to Sector 6. Oh, and the Wide Beam is scrapped.

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