This is a list of music in Metroid Prime: The Hunter's Return. Prepare your eyes to see a lot of the word "remix".

Area MusicEdit

  • Norfair-Same music as Brawl's remix of Norfair.
  • Brinstar-Same music as Brawl's remix.
  • S4 300-A remix of Brawl's Sector 1 theme.

Cutscene musicEdit

  • Boss appears-A remix of Metroid Prime's Boss Appears Theme.

Battle MusicEdit

  • Quadraxis 2.0's Theme-A remix of Megaleg's theme from Mario Galaxy.
  • Battle Theme-A series of fast notes in a slightly creepy tune.
  • Ridley-Clone's Theme-Brawl's Ridley remix.
  • Parasite King's theme-Remix of Parasite Queen's music.
  • Dark Metley-Ing's theme-Remix of Metroid prime's core and exo music, emperor ing's two different themes, and Aurora Unit 313's themes.

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