Metroid Prime 2D is an unofficial Metroid fan game developed by a group of enthusiasts, originally led by Kellan "MetroidHandler" Stover. The concept of the game is to take all elements of Metroid Prime and do them in the traditional 2D way. The project was heavily affiliated with the fan site prior to the site's closure.

Currently, the game is at a beta stage; many sprites and backgrounds and a rudimentary version of game engine exists, and the current "build demo" demonstrates them. On June 16, 2006, a playable demo was released of the game.

As of June 2009, a small portion of the community has started over on the project, running it on the Super Metroid engine as a rom-hack using SMILE. This has met with some resistance from purists, however, due to the lack of the Scan Visor and difficulties rendering some features in a decade-old engine.