metroid prime 4: virus is a video game concept from fans that a new game in the metroid series will be developed for the wii u and 3ds

Synopsis Edit

The events of Metroid Prime 4: Virus take place minutes later when Samus is pursued by a mysterious ship that almost succeeds in destroying the Samus ship, but Samus ends up beating, leaving a damaged turbine of her opponent. But in that moment her opponent activates a sort of "a vortex of space and time" causing Samus's ship to be dragged by the force of the vortex and ends up, yet again, crashing on a unknown planet. After recovering consciousness after the impact, She discovers that she isn't wearing her Varia Suit, so she deside to explore the area to find out where she is. After walking aimlessly, she heard someone screaming and she decided to go where the screams were heard, but when she arrived, she saw at that time that person who yelled was similar to her. At that fight with Samus Cradon (the first boss the game). After defeating Cradon, she was unconscious because she had been poisoned by a strange green sustanica. At that time Samus fights Cradon, an insect-dragon like can spit fire from its mouth and can attack with its tail. After defeating Cradon, she was unconscious because it is poisoned by a substance that emerged from the green queue Cradon. Later, Samus awakes in a recovery room an she sees a Metroidian (a metroid able to speak with great knowledge with arms and a tail) who explains that she almost died by the Nova phazon (An neon version of the original phazon) of Cradon, but also explains that because she has been exposed to large amounts Nova Phazon, they could not remove all the poison from her body, to prevent the poison, they had to give her Metroidian DNA to one of their suits, that is why they gave her the "Mecron Suit", and then the king of Metroidians asks Samus to meets the 12 hunters of Aura to eliminate "Dark Samus" and the Nova phazon Virus that is destroying the universe. I think that it will continue from prime hunters thow cause the ship that follows her is syluxs ship so I think that it could be connected to this in some way

Music Edit

It said it have been created some soundtracks for Metroid Prime 4: Virus, but not save if they are true or false.Template:Metroid games