This is the prologue of Metroid Rebirth.


The battle was over. Samus was sent flying backwards as the corrupted Aurora unit 313 crashed into ground. A crackling sound could be heard just before it began to implode into nothingness, revealing the entity known as Dark Samus. Its body began to contort before exploding, sending a fury of glowing blue particles of phazon everywhere. After which, Samus herself contorted in pain as the phazon that had infected her vanished.

Suddenly, the arena began to shake and the surrounding landscape was falling apart as the planet Phaaze began to destabilize. Samus got up from the ground and quickly retreated back to her ship as her surroundings began to crumble and massive phazon explosions began to occur. As her ship began to lift off, the ground where it had just been on moments before collapsed, vanishing into inky blackness.

As she escaped the planet’s gravity, her ship narrowly dodged an exploding space pirate ship. Up ahead, Samus had just noticed that the Federation fleet was retreating back through a newly opened portal, when suddenly a massive shockwave nearly caused Samus to crash into the side of the Leviathan.

Behind her, the planet Phaaze had just exploded, causing a massive wave of pure phazon to be sent out in all directions. Already the space pirate fleet had been vaporized, and the wave was dangerously close to destroying her too. Samus managed to get through the portal, just as the Leviathan disintegrated as the wave caught up with it. Safe at last, Samus quickly reported to the Federation that the mission was complete… or so she thought.

A few hours after Phaaze had exploded, something strange was happening. All the phazon particles that had recently been sent flying in all directions were slowly being pulled back to the location in which Phaaze’s core had once been located, and already a shape could be seen being formed… it was Dark Samus.

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