Moormey image1
Planet Moormey.
Vital statistics
Type Fractal planet.
Level Bordering on a meta-reality .
Location Unknown. Last seen in Sector 52.
Inhabitants Wise ones.

Planet Moormey is a strange planet. Home to a group of Fractal beings called the Wise ones, Moormey has undergone many physical shifts to become a suitable habitat to the Wise ones. Moormey has undergone so many changes that it now borders on meta-reality. Moormey is capable of "falling" through space into another region. This can be triggered randomly, or by the current inhabitants.


Moormey was only another planet before it became home to the Wise ones. Since then, majestic spires have formed where there were once green plains. Sapient life took over the system and altered Moormey. Normally, were a regualar race to do this, they would be held accountable by the Galactic Federation and extinction of that race would be brought about, however, because the inhabitants are mighty Fractal beings, this development is overlooked.


Moormey has not been mapped for many generations by the greater Galactic community.


Most of the structures on Moormey are sheltered, anything that is not will be ripped apart upon entering meta-reality. The planet itself is large enough to support quadrillions of entities. Moormey is much larger than any colonized world to date. (Outside of other Fractal worlds of course).


Things to attackEdit

The planetary defense system is far beyond any "normal" sapient colonized planet. It is extremely unlikely that Moormey could be attacked.


Most natural resources were cleared when the Wise ones took residence in Moormey.

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