The Murder Cannon is a key beam in Metroid: Avenger.


Samus Aran, Roy Dane and Ron Green, all fugitives from the Galactic Federation, teamed up on the aquatic planet Widlan to destroy The Exterminator and Z-SF761. While walking back to the former's ship, the trio noticed a patch of corals more hand-made than natural, and this leads them into a temple, where they discover an ancient prophecy that Samus speculates to be of the Vong tribe. The prophecy states that to destroy "the evil Avenger", a "hybrid woman", a "young runaway" and a "pure-hearted warrior" must combine 28 Sacred Weapons to form "the bane of shadow" that will end The Exterminator.

Samus and her group finds that the Sacred Weapons are all the beam weapons that she has used in her lifetime, and she already has several of them. After Ron returns from the Darch Star Cluster with several Sacred Weapons Samus has never used before, they begin a 48 hour trip around the galaxy to re-obtain her beam items.

Once all beams are in possession, Samus and the group invades Z-SF761, and at the prophesized time, the weapons are fused together, forming a monstrous beam that, to their shock, only stuns The Exterminator. Samus then deduces a plan, to commit suicide by jumping in between the two beams, while leaving behind her Metroid DNA for Roy to absorb and fire back at The Exterminator. The Exterminator's armor is destroyed, but the being manages to survive, though barely.

Required BeamsEdit

  • Power Beam
  • Long Beam
  • Charge Beam
  • Wave Beam
  • Ice Beam
  • Plasma Beam
  • Wide Beam
  • Paralyzer
  • Dark Beam
  • Light Beam
  • Annihilator Beam
  • Volt Driver
  • Battlehammer
  • Magmaul
  • Shock Coil
  • Judicator
  • Imperialist
  • Nova Beam
  • Diffusion Beam

The prophecy does not take into consideration the Phazon Beam, either Hyper Beam, the Grapple Beam, Omega Cannon or Zero Laser. However, Roy uses a form of Phazon Beam in the final battle against The Exterminator, the Grapple Beam ends up in Samus' possession but is not used, the Omega Cannon was destroyed in the explosion of the Oubliette, and the Zero Laser was used by Roy to fend off Terror at the beginning of the game.

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