Mykell Nolastname
Image caption
Vital statistics
Title Hunter
Gender Male
Race Human with Metroid DNA
Faction Faction
Health Perfect
Level Level
Status Alive
Location Currently on SR388 searching for a metroid that survived


Mykell has a strange storie, at the age of five his parents were powerful researchers of the Galactic Fedaration, his parents went on SR388 to study the Metroids but he was infected by an X, he was dying…but his parent found a cure, a metroid DNA culture, they putted as much as they could find, saving him, put permenently changing his body and celullar make up… he would never be the same. His parent were infected by the X while saving him, they blacked out and they did not survive… That was the first time Mykell saw a metroid, a metroid had entered the research center, the metroid killed the X and Mykell followed him. The Metroid detected only a strange metroid with a curious smell, not quite metroid but not food ether. Mykell ended up in the metroid’s colonie were he raised by the metroid for 4 years, at the age of ten the Galactic Fedaration finded him and wondered how he survived. He was brought on the space colonie 388, otherwise SP388. For 5 years he studied at a incredible rate learning wath he had not learn for the 4 years before. Now at the age of 14, he went away, he searched for Metroids across the universe untill he stumbled on the ruin of SR388…he tried to find his colonie.


Lived with metroids on SR388 for 5 years, studied on SP388 for 4 years. Currently on the ruins of SR388.


His parents were human, but he has some metroid DNA in him.(70% human/30% metroid)


The abillity of a human and a Metroid, although he can control Metroids.


-"Metroid are cuuute right!?!"

-"The Hell for man is the paradise for Metroids!"

-"Ooops! Was that your friend?"

-"Sucks to be you!"

-"Why do they always run?"


Did you know that:

-John Adam Fission was his teacher for 2 years?

Message of X-Killer64Edit

This is one of the characters of my futur fiction, I hope you liked him!

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