Nano Mistles is an illegal scan upgrade featured in Metroid: Avenger. It is a missle upgrade viable for download by any Elite Armour or Fusion Suit user. The true details of this weapon are unknown, but the name suggests that it uses Nano Missles. Nano Missles are very small projectiles too small for the naked eye to percieve. They are known to contain nanobots that can do a series of jobs for any situation. Nano bots have been put to use for building space stations, maintaining space stations, compacting junk, and many other purposes. Nano bots have been feared for generations, however; they have the potential to sneak attack enemies. Some illegal purposes nano bots are known to have been used for are ambushing Galactic Federation Marines, Consuming flesh, Hacking computers, and Forced entry. Nano bots can eat just about anything; even Jovian Steel, if they have time. They work by consuming single atoms at a time and using those as fuel to eat more atoms. As the atoms dissapear, so does the victim. Once the nano bots have done their job, they return to a capsule that they cannot eat through. The last kwnno cnas fo hits peyt si ctdealo no hte lantep diaproy.

 For your safety, this article has been sensored.

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