Necrophytes are various parasitic species that use dead bodies as hosts.


Necrophytes are various species that are for the most part unrelated to one another but are classified together due to their abilities to reanimate dead tissue. These creatures use dead bodies as hosts, and hunt down the living in order to feed and also to breed and thus continue their species. They can and will attack other Necrophytes of other species, and are for the most part considered illegal cargo, though are nonetheless sold on the black market.

On their natural homeworlds they are normally kept in check by the local predators, but can spread rapidly on worlds on which they are not normally found, though they are only able to control species with sufficient neural tissue masses, otherwise they will go into a form of suspended animation, forming tough cocoons, shells, or mucous membranes, depending on the species.


Rin: a species of eel-like Necrophytes with an armored exoskeleton and four pronged jaws when larval, the changes that it causes to its host include armored exoskeleton, elongated claws, and dagger-like teeth. Once they kill and feed, several larval Rin will exit through the chest in order to burrow into the prey and infect it. Their is a queen Rin, which unlike typical Rin, produce genetically diverse young. These young will only produce clones of themselves until the queen dies, and when her chemical scent is gone, one Rin will transform into a queen.

Krul: a species of leech-like Necrophytes with fungus-like characteristics, it attaches to its host chest and will burrow tendrils into it, eventually controling it. To reproduce, it causes several spore like growths to grow and release microscopic young into the air. Mutations to the host include elongated limbs and poisonous skin and claws.

Bloodwurm: a species of eel-like Necrophytes that spends its larval stage in a host. The host appears bloated and is covered in a slimy silk, and are capable of spitting out a highly corrosive digestive acid. When fully grown, a wasp-like creature crawls out of the host, killing it in the process, and flies off in search of a dead body in order to implant its larvae into them, after which it will die.

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