Vital statistics
Title the shadow hunter
Gender male
Race metroid-chozo hybrid
Faction his own
Health lots
Level high
Status Alive and hunting
Location not far from samus/ the XT system eating X parasites

omacron is the universe's second metroid bounty hunter.

He is best known for his deadly plasma cannon


(I don't have a wikipedia acount yet and ill add a pic as soon as I get one)


power suit similar to samus' but is black exept for the torso and shoulders which a membrane similar to that of an omega metroid and spikes on hands and where samus' breathing tubes are. also s\has 2 long barals attached to his armcanon that fire dual bursts of plasma


still keeps hemet ,gloves, and boots. rest is covered in spikes. main weapon is two blood red plasma swords.


born on SR-388 and is the only survivor of the SR-388 explosion and was found by a chozo and was given a power suit and a mission to destroy the X- homeworld XT -455 where mutated forms of X exist eventually he meets samus and tries to kill her as revenge for murdering all the metroids however a very large and very angry zestar burstsout of nearby cave and tries to kill omacron. Samus, felling sorry for him, saves him. Omacron is thankful and decides to tag along with her.


WHAT!! ONLY METROID BOUNTY HUNTER IN THE UNIVERSE!!! Obviuosly this hunter guy hasnt heard of me!!


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