Ooromine IX
Vital statistics
Type XIX Planet
Inhabitants Space Pirates, left after Samus left

Ooromine IX is a planet in Journey to Death. It is visited in Chapter 1: Ooromine IX and The Journey.


In Journey to Death, the Space Pirates placed a bomb in its core and told Samus about it, just in case she didn't believe them. However the Space Pirates had several guards there, as well as Space Pirate Stealth Fighters defending the skies. Samus travelled there and fought the Stealth Fighters. Then she landed in a secure place and went into the core. She saw the bomb and was attacked by Space Pirates. She defeated them and left. The Space Pirates, too left.



There are several mountains and craters. The Space Pirates dug a hole to the planet's core.


There were several Space Pirates there, but they fled.

Things to attackEdit

  • Space Pirates

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