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Outpost is a fanfic by Cod1337. It takes place 5 Years Later After The Events Of Metriod Fusion. This fanfic Is Rated R for Violence,Dismemberment,Blood,Gore,And Strong Language

In it,The Space Pirates Get Their Revenge On The Glactic Federation And Samus Aran, I Was Just A Private In The Glactic Federation Marine Corps And Samus Got Her Armor Back For Her Varia Suit And My Mission Is To Retrive A Breifcase To Locate Where The Space Pirates Are, At Planet Tallon IV.

I Got To Planet Tallon IV And On My Way, I Killed 24 Metriods And 65 Space Pirates And Finding The BreifCase In A Pirate Bunker.

   * Prologue
   * Chapter 1: Recruitment
   * Chapter 2: My Mission
   * Chapter 3: Locate The Breifcase
   * Chapter 4: Surrender
   * Chapter 5: Betrayal

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