Logan (Overdrive)
Overdrive (Metroid- The Untold Story) image
Logan in Overdrive Mode, with a "silhouette" of an Omega Metroid.
Vital statistics
Title N/A
Gender Male
Race Human / Metroid Hybrid
Faction Metroid
Health 9999
Level  ???
Status Temporary Mode
Location Anywhere

Overdrive mode is when Logan becomes enraged and unleashes his true Metroid power against his foes. He grows two additional armfangs and an extra tentacle in his other hand.


Information not available at this time...


Logan uses Overdrive to defeat Reno in their first battle in The Untold Story.


Best to just run as strength is increased and agility is harshly raised. Extreme caution should be taken.

QuotesEdit will all burn in hell, after I slice you a new one...


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