Phantom Suit
Featured in:
Kamen Rider which the suit is themed after:
Kamen Rider Ghost Ore Damashii
Grants the user intangibility.
Optic Camouflage.
Detects any undetectable presence such as the Ganma.
Obtained via
Ore Ghost Eyecon
Finishing attacks
Ore Omega Drive
Power source
Ghost Eyecons, Takeru Tenkuji

 The Phantom Suit is a Rider Suit upgrade for Samus Aran's Power Suit. It is themed after Kamen Rider Ghost's Ore Damashii standard form.


The Phantom Suit is a recolored version of the Phazon Suit, but the color scheme of the body is entirely black and orange - with the latter color on the helmet and upper torso, and the helmet's visor is entirely a dark charcoal black tint. The most distinguishing feature of the suit is it has Kamen Rider Ghost's Wisp Horn attached on the helmet just right above the visor, and the color scheme for the Morph Ball is that of an eyeball, or that is the color scheme of the Ore Ghost Eyecon.


As the name implies, the Phantom Suit acts as an optic camouflage and simultaneously grants the user intangibility, allowing Samus to phase through solid objects such as walls or on the ground without the need of changing into her Morph Ball form. The only way to activate the suit is for Takeru Tenkuji himself to possess Samus, given the fact that he is currently deceased and now reanimated as a ghost. When the Phantom Suit is activated, Takeru is also given an option to control Samus' body whenever he needs it.

Also, an apparent side effect of this suit, except being possessed by Takeru, is Samus also says Takeru's in battle catchphrase, "My life is burning bright!"


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