Planet Zebeth is a long-running, popular sprite comic run by James Harder under the pen name "Kabutroid".


The comic is a branch-off from Metroid, and starts off after Samus kills Kraid. Samus, Kraid, Ridley, Mother Brain and all of the latter's minions were transferred to Zebeth. They then began to have several misadventures.


  • Samus Aran - Obsessed with killing and powerups, she usually goes on expeditions for powerups or to kill minions or Metroids.
  • Kraid - Very stupid and gullible, he has a crush on Samus and has a large collection of pogs.
  • Ridley - Owner of the bar, he's more intelligent than Kraid.
  • Mother Brain - The Space Pirate leader, she tries to plot schemes on the gang.
  • Kabutroid - The leader of Zebeth, and a mix of a Kabutops and Metroid. Often called "Metroid thingy".
  • Crocomire Hunter - Looks like Simon Belmont from Castlevania. Very fascinated with minions and hates it when Samus kills them.
  • Geruta - A one-armed Geruta who lost an arm when it was ripped off by Samus/Kraid. Seeks revenge to this day.
  • Boxy and Unspawny - A Dessgeega and half-spawned Moheek trapped in a crate. Their only wish is to die.
  • Gronky - A sprite glitch that Crocomire Hunter tries to keep as a pet.
  • Metroid Queen - Taken from ZR388, she is quite heavy and lives in the bar. Her real name is Ophelia.
  • Simon - A Space Pirate sent to Zebeth to find Samus.

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