Planet Zebeth is a long-running, popular sprite comic run by KatieLynne Harder under the pen name "Kabutroid".


The comic was a branch-off from Metroid, and starts off after Samus kills Kraid. Samus, Kraid, Ridley, Mother Brain and all of the latter's minions were transferred to Zebeth. They then had several misadventures.


  • Samus Aran - Obsessed with killing and powerups, she usually goes on expeditions for powerups or to kill minions or Metroids.
  • Kraid - Very stupid and gullible, he has a crush on Samus and has a large collection of pogs.
  • Ridley - Owner of the bar, he's more intelligent than Kraid.
  • Mother Brain - The Space Pirate leader, she tries to plot schemes on the gang.
  • Kabutroid - The leader of Zebeth, and a mix of a Kabutops and Metroid. Often called "Metroid thingy".
  • Crocomire Hunter - Looks like Simon Belmont from Castlevania. Very fascinated with minions and hates it when Samus kills them.
  • Geruta - A one-armed Geruta who lost an arm when it was ripped off by Samus/Kraid. Seeks revenge to this day.
  • Boxy and Unspawny - A Dessgeega and half-spawned Moheek trapped in a crate. Their only wish is to die.
  • Gronky - A sprite glitch that Crocomire Hunter tries to keep as a pet.
  • Metroid Queen - Taken from ZR388, she is quite heavy and lives in the bar. Her real name is Ophelia.
  • Simon - A Space Pirate sent to Zebeth to find Samus.