Prince Alain
Alain necrom
Species Ganma
Homeworld Ganma realm
Parents Emperor Adonis
Gender Male
Height 204 cm
Weight 99 kg (100.5 kg in Grimm Damashii)
Main Weapon Mega Ulouder
Alt Form Grimm Damashii, Sanzo Damashii
Hair Black (with Blonde highlights)
Affiliation Ganma
Voice Actor Hayato Isomura
"Allow me to do the honor of destroying you, Samus Aran!"
―Alain, during his encounters against Samus.[src]
Prince Alain is Kamen Rider Necrom. He comes from a heritage of supernatural beings called the Ganma, phantasmal supernatural creatures who wreak havoc in human society unnoticed. He is the commander of the Ganmas, as Kamen Rider Necrom, he uses his henchmen as his personal protectors, and they compensate as energy for his Rider Form.

When Alain is banished from his own kingdom after his brother assumed the throne, he ends up with Takeru Tenkuji and his friends as he fights the Ganma to protect the treasures of the human race, going as far as becoming an ally to Samus and her friends too.


To find out more of the canonical background of this character, go to Alain at Kamen Rider Wiki.


Alain initially appeared to be hostile towards humans, especially Samus considering his Ganma heritage. He believes that humans deserved to be judged for their imperfections. Until when he is regressed into a full human after being banished from his own world by his brother. It was only a matter of time that he grows into living a full-fledged human, not only befriending Takeru, but also Samus and then Mitsuzane Kureshima.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

to be added


  • Initially, Alain's name was spelled as "Alan" (romanized as Aran), for some reasons before the name Alain was revealed, the aforementioned romanization might provide confusion to the bounty hunter with the same surname of the Metroid series.

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