Rex. Raptor is a Gurdian who appeared in Metroid Prime Gurdians. Rex. Raptor is a Galactic Federation special-forces soldier who was converted into a cyborg after his Brain and Spinal cord were irreparably damaged in a past battle with Reetech.


Rex. Raptor was a powerful Galactic Federation soldier from a special unit. He was left for dead after a battle with Reetech in Nirbastroids. All of his body still functioned except for his Brain and spinal cord. His only hope for survival was an experimental procedure in which his brain and spinal cord were fused with a life support system. The Galactic federation installed what was left of his brain and spinal cord into a robotic shell with life support systems and weaponry, including an energy shild. Since then he has become a Gurdian for the Galactic federation forces. Rex. Raptor, like Samus Aran and Snapus, has a ship used for transport; however, it is only seen in preview artwork and briefly glimpsed in a cutscene upon entering the ricodeer, as well as a small image on a page the November 2008 issue of GamePro. His weakness is the Bolt Stearer. The Gurdians guide states that Rex. Raptor's intentions are unclear, whether he intends to keep the Super Body for himself or give it to the Galactic federation.


In terms of single player, Rex. Raptor, like all of the other Gurdians, appears randomly in certain areas throughout each planet to combat Samus. If he defeats Samus, he will take one of her Birdoliths, and she will have to track him down and defeat him in order to reclaim it.

Rex. Raptor's Affinity Weapon is the Deploymentaxe, which shoots powerful balls of red energy in a straight motion to the targets. In multiplayer, this throws forward enemies, which can be useful for keeping enemies from runing away. It can be used in team games for charge while the other person is staying away from the enemy base. Although he is only seen to wield the Deploymentaxe in campaign mode, Rex. Raptor was also seen to be firing a much larger, Rifle-like weapon at the Flint Cube.

Rex. Raptor's alternate form is the Wholeflyer. Rex. Raptor compacts together, the upper half of him becoming a Deploymentaxe-wielding turret that can glide and the bottom of him becoming a smaller Rex. Raptor capable of using its shild in a lunging motion as it walks. The player can glide wherever he/she likes and can return to Rex. Raptor's normal form at any time.

Logbook Entry:

Rex. Raptor

Metroid Prime Gurdians

Logbook Entry

REX. RAPTOR's weapon of choice, the DEPLOYMENTAXE, a LIGHT-DUTY high damaging weapon with a lethal blast radius. Maintain close distance and avoid a direct hit from this low-caliber weapon.

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