This is the story of what happened to Ridley after Super Metroid. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Rebirth Edit

I,Ridley,was alive again. My newly redeveloped eyes dimly saw Space Pirates working on computers, attempting to make my newest rebirth a success. When it became clear they had brought me to life, one of them approched. He said,"Commander Ridley, welecome back. I am Pirate Commander Zeta." Zeta. Who named him that? I replied, "I assume you are under my command, Zeta?" "No,YOU are under my command, Ridley." "WHAT!?" "When you failed to kill Samus, Command figured you don't disurve to be a commander, so..." Bursting out of my rebirth tank, I pinned Zeta to a wall with my tail, pirceing his chest. "Lets get something straight here, Zeta. YOU obey ME. Understand?" "Perfectly...Master." I freed him, and he stumbled off to get his chest fixed. Then a scientist explained what happened after I died."So, Zebes is gone... which proves you Space Pirates are worthless!" Everyone trembled with fear as I said that. I needed new troops, and I knew were to find them. Then I said, "Set a course to my home planet."

Ridley's Revenge:Chapter 2:Pyra

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