Ch.5:Phazon Edit

After the fight, Father got my army prepared,and I put my now ashamed brother in my ship. Thanks to space pirate scientists, he has a new wing, but he is still my servant. Then Father came to see me."Son, I have discoved a unusual substance. Perhas you know what it is." He described it as a blue, gelatenus, moving liquid. When find it, I couldn't belive what I was seeing. "Phazon... but how?!" Suddenly, the Phazon jumped on my arm! It grew over it like a glove,and there was a eye on the back of my hand. I left to my ship so the scientists can examine it. They were as suprised as I was, but detected nothing wrong other than my arm being stonger. descideing to futher expand my army, I directed my ship to SR388. There might be some Metroid DNA lieing around, maybe even a few Metroids. That night, after I fell asleep I had a dream. Everything was covered in Phazon. A chilling female laugh came from my left. I looked there and saw... Dark Samus. Anger flew though me. This creature took control of my mind, and made me defend that disgusting Leviathan. She will pay. I lunged at the monster, but it snaped it's fingers and suddenly, my Phazon hand grabbed me by the neck. "As you can see Ridley, I control you completely." The fiend's voice sounded exactly like Samus's but somehow less human. Stuggling to regain control of myself, I let loose one last burst of fire. It engulfed Dark Samus, and she screamed endlessly as she slowly disintegrated. I woke up and looked at my Phazon hand. It was still there, but the eye had closed.

Ridley's Revenge:Ch.6:Hunter

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