Ch.6:Hunter Edit

Finally, we arrived at SR388.

Several Space Dragons flew about, prepareing to set up a base. Soon, the planet will be ours."Master, I found something." "What now, Zeta?!" "A strange,floating glob creature. It killed one of my troops and then it turned into clone of it."Fasinateing. If he was telling the truth, it was a very useful creature to enslave. Me and Pesimus went to where he saw the thing. Suddenly, a Space Pirate attacked! It's lasers couldn't even pirce my skin. "I looked at the other pirates and said,"This is what happens to those who disobey."I grabbed him and crushed him with my Phazon hand. The crumpled corpse suddenly mutated into a floating blob. Curious, Pesimus approched it. The yellow blob flew at Pesimus and vanished. Instantly, Pesimus roared it agony and collapsed." me." Ignoring his plea, I chuckled.A fitting death for him. Not killed by me, but by his own stupidity. Abandoning him, I left to a new underground tunnel. I found several dead Pirates, and a cowering Zeta shakeing on the floor. I then saw the source of his fear. A Metroid with a yellow color, six mandibles, and two tentecles was floating above him. Ignoring me, it started talking."Zeta, it's been a while.I know what your thinking. You should have disected me when you had the chance. I was hired to find you and kill you. Which means... To me your not a bounty. Your just FOOD!" I would have just let him die. But then I saw the blood sample in his hands. He found Metroid DNA! He couldn't die now. I breathed fire at the Metroid to distract it, grabbed Zeta and flew off.

Ridley's Revenge:Ch.7:Invasion

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