Ch.7:Invasion Edit

"Well, that was easy." I chuckled as we put our first victory behind us. Now we move to the next world."Sir, we are approching Norion." I looked at Zeta."I can see that, you idiot! Your going to led our forces this time, so don't screw this up!" Of course, thanks to our new mind-controled Metroids, even Zeta couldn't mess this up. I looked at the other pirates."Well?! don't just stand there, you fools! Start firing!" Instantly, lasers came out of the ship, makeing small red specks on the planet.Soon, ships flew at us and fired. About 10 seconds later someone said the ship was taking damage. These pirates can't even get this right. I flew out of the ship and looked around. There were about 20 of them. Grabbing one of the ships, I tore it in two. A few fireballs later, all that was left was dust. Then I flew to the planet.I landed rather dramaticlly, crushing about 10 Federation troops in the process. Then I saw Zeta running away from the massacre. I grabbed him by the neck and said,"What happened!?" He didn't say much, just "We're all going to die." Then I saw the reason for his fear. Samus Aran. Rage mounting, I flew at her and tried to bite her. She jumped out of the way and fired her Ice beam at me. It froze my mouth shut. Then I grabbed her and threw her at Zeta. She landed in front of him and he started shooting. She then rolled out of the way and dropped a Power Bomb.It blew him about 20 feet into the air.Then she fired her Plasma beam at him, melting him into a puddle of goo. I realized she was distracted and breathed fire at her. She changed to her Morph Ball and Boosted into my leg.It didn't hurt but it did make me fall.I stabbed at her with my tail, but she rolled out of the way, changed back, and started blasting me with her Plasma beam.I hit her with my Phazon hand, sending her flying. I pinned her to the ground with my tail, causeing her to scream."Finally, after all these will die." But she was laughing! I then saw why. Her arm cannon was glowing."oh sh-" The blast hit me in the gut, making me howl in agony.They called it the "Metroid beam". When I got up, She hadn't moved. I looked her in the eyes, and said, "nice try." It makes me happy to know the last thing she saw was a roaring inferno.

Ridley's Revenge:Ch.8:Revenge

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